Gran Turismo 5 versus Shift 2 Unleashed: Screenshot Comparison

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A lot has been said about Need for Shift 2: Unleashed on how it will be better than Gran Turismo 5 and be ‘the most realistic racer’ ever. So how is the game shaping up to be? To check that we have compared screens from Gran Turismo 5 and Shift 2 Unleashed.

The screens from both the games do not belong to the same cars because that is not the point of this comparison. We have compared to see how the two games stack up against each other in day, night and dashboard view. Check it out.

Please click the image to see it in full screen.

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  • Ari

    The nfs u2 grafics are worser then gt5.

  • In my honest opinion, GT5 looks much better. The images are sharper and have better contrast. Shift 2 seems to be using motion blur effects to hide some of the imperfections, but it still does look great. There’s no reason you can’t buy both!

  • ofc shift 2 tries to look better by using too much lighting effects such as bloom, where GT5 has a much cleaner, more realistic look. I wouldnt compare those 2 graphics wise as they both target a different audience (no, shift 1 was no simulation) with probably a different sense of aesthetics

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  • You realize you are comparing “bullshots” with screenshots? Shift 2 isn’t using some phony bologna “photo mode” which adds about 1,000,000 polygons to the image that aren’t present during gameplay. (Not to mention AA, AF, etc…) Shift has a vastly superior lighting system (headlights cast dynamic realtime shadows from other cars / objects)

  • rak33n

    personally i bieleve that gt5 will be way better they spent like 5 years making it and shift only spent maybe 2 years

  • noxtics

    I am not sure how accurate the comparison here is, sure these are both racing games and yes they both have similar themes when it comes to the types of cars. Really the only basis for a comparison here are graphics, sound and maybe handling physics?

    But the experience in gran turismo 5 is tailored to a very different type of race fan then shift 2.

    From looking at the shots lighting is handled better in shift 2 also it seems the shadows look better.

    Obviously gran turismo is going to have more cars and should have more customization.

  • aquaman22

    Well I know i’m a ps3 fanboy and all, but if you look at pic 3 the dashboard looks a lot more realistic in GT5 as opposed to shift 2, granted GT5 took an eternity to complete, BUT it was completed nonetheless. all shots are impressive for the time they’ve spent working on the game, but GT5 does look better, NOT holy crap MUCH better, but i think in my opinion you can see things here and there. I was disappointed in how GT5 was received, i could of sworn this racing simulator would of gotten a 10 for sure.

  • Thatruth86

    hmmm looks well compared to each other but its not about graphics and we all know GT5 is a win win compared to NF but i have to say NFS2 look pretty good .. And as for the GAme nfs1 is wack and boring hopefully the next one is going to be better

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