Gran Turismo 5 vs Dirt 3: HD Screenshot Comparison

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Take a look at this comparison as we pit Dirt 3 and Gran Turismo 5 under gravel and snow tracks. Also pay close attention to the lighting and shadow effects.
***Please note these are gameplay images.
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • foo

    those GT5 images are NOT gameplay

    • No they aren’t, dude photo mode only lets you take pic’s in show like areas not out on the track plus photomode looks WAY better

  • Dirt 3 i can say thats its game..its looks brownish and some plastic’ish, were GT5 i can not tell is it game or real life. color palete is realistic in GT5 that makes lot difference. just GT5 has not so easy and fun driving on rally courses, were dirt2 at least was lots fun. u should make cockpit views compare just Dirt3 is not yet released so thats problem to compare.

  • Yup.. I have to agree with foo.. this is defenitely photomode in gran turismo which adds AA, high quality shadows (as opposed to the shitty low res in game ones), and post effects like motion blur etc..

  • Use pictures from flickr and you are going to see a hhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeee difference in the GT5 Pics, though I agree that GT5 needs more detailed evieroments but in car modeling, physics is a difficult game to be beaten

  • Wes

    I dont see what they’re actually trying to prove here.. The one looks Arcadey (D3) ,and the other one looks better rounded off.. despite the lack of trees and shadows (GT5)

  • I’m sorry but if you can’t tell the difference between GT5 and real life you have serious issues, it doesn’t look great, photomode or not. I think the point of this article is to show how much better Dirt 3 looks than GT5, which it does, so that’s that.

    • @ Rob. give your head a wobble please. bloody stupid idiot. GT5 pisses all over it. too much blur in the d3 clips. GT% looks alot better SO THATS THAT.

    • I think you’re right , Rob!
      It’s too bad that some of these people are bias as well as blind. The still images alone show that Dirt obviously looks better, has more going on, and does not look Flat and lifeless like GT5 does. C’mon people!

    • Will never be able to convince a fanboy their game isn’t the bees knees i’m adraid Adam 🙂

  • Turismo 5 is quite an odd game graphically. On some tracks the graphics look ace, on others they look outdated, or a mix of both. As for gameplay, Turismo 5 just doesn’t do it. After playing Dirt 2, Forza 3, and Shift, it falls short by a mile. Turismo 3 has yet to be beaten. I can’t wait for Dirt 3 next month. With it being a dedicated rally racer, no racer out there beats it.

    • Dirt 2 was apalling u were correct bout some tracks looking outdated in GT5 but forza 3 is boring as hell, shift is unrealistic as hell and dirt 2 car handling was atrocious. GT5’s Gameplay and variety kills the competion for gameplay, karts, rally, licences, Nascar, F1 cars classic group c cars. i could go on and on but my point is… NO OTHER CONSOLE RACING SIM HAS MORE VARIETY THAN GT5. END OF.

  • Dirt3 – A bit yellowish and more contrast like old photos. A little adjustments could have made them look more real. They were lines of blur, meaning the cars were moving fast when the shots were taken.

    GT5 – Looks like the cars are either moving slow or standstill. Winter setting seems cooler, and overall colours made it look almost photorealistic. But too bad the backgrounds are lacking.

  • I’ve got Dirt 3 and GT5 Prologue. I know Prologue is not the full game obviously, but I can at least say I’ve played each.

    I’d say both games look great. GT5 has the edge on some of the car models, although a lot don’t look great either. Dirt 3 car models still look brilliant in any case.
    Apart from a few tracks in GT5, I think the tracks, environments and overall look of the game is definitely better in Dirt 3. As you’d expect, the less urban tracks in Dirt are much much better. (No flat trees for one!). However, the urban tracks aren’t as good. Although not like for like, comparing Monaco on Dirt to London on GT5, it’s clear to me the latter is far better – cleaner lines, more detail. The textures don’t look great on that monaco track in DIrt.

    The other big thing is damage modelling too. I think the Dirt games are easily the best for this. GT5…not so good. Which is strange when it’s supposed to be a sim.

    I think if you really know cars and how they handle, then I’m sure GT5 is way better. I’d suspect most people won’t, and I personally think Dirt 3 is more fun, better paced, overall better looking and overall the better game.


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