Gran Turismo 6 Mega Guide: Earning Credits Quickly, Fastest Car, Customization & PP

A complete guide for Gran Turismo 6.

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PlayStation 3’s last major exclusive Gran Turismo 6 is now available and it’s pretty good game. Using this guide you will be able to earn more credits or money easily and quickly, learn tips and tricks to save money, learn about customization and tuning, the fastest and the best cars, racing gears and how you can change PP [power points] of cars.

How To Earn 19,000,000 Credits:

This glitch will save you about $140 in transactions. You need to have patch 1.01 installed and buy the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo. Then make sure you save the game and quit it. Delete the patch and launch the game but don’t re-install the patch again.

Now since the patch was uninstalled/deleted the game won’t recognize Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo and it will be simply be named as [2055] in the garage. Sell it and earn a cool 19,000,000.

How To Earn 50,000,000 Credits:

This glitch will save you about $360 in transactions. You need to make sure that BMW M4 is not your active car when you reboot the console to uninstall the patch. The entire process of getting the credits is simple and is explained in the video below.

How To Save Money And Buy Expensive Cars:

If you don’t want to use the cheats and instead prefer grinding then the guide below is for you. Buying the right car, participating in all the events and earning 100% stars i.e. Gold trophy is the way to go.

Earn 1,000,000 In 1HR:

You can now earn a million credits using the guide below.

The fastest and best cars in Gran Turismo 6:

GT6 features the world’s most exotic cars and as such there is always an eagerness about the best and fastest cars in the game. The guide below features the top 20 cars in the game.

The video below features Bugatti Veyron which can attain speeds up to a whopping 560 km/hr.

Tuning, Customization, Racing Gears:

Tuning and customization are the biggest parts of any racing games. The customization and tuning is a step above compared to what we have seen in GT6. The videos below will make you aware of what kind of customization options you can expect in the game.

Changing power point/PP:

What if you have a powerful car and want to race in an event which only allows vehicles that have lesser PP? You need to go to car settings and select the Power option and reduce the Power limiter. Check out the full video below.

Note: This guide will updated once we have more information about the game.

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    This does not work and all your stuff will be gone thanks alot

  • Banana Nose Maldonado

    After doing the 20,000,000 credit trick, should you re-download the update 1.01?

  • Common Sense

    You don’t need tricks to get easy money. Just log in for the consecutive days. Farm the Like The Wind race with the viper SRT or something of the like and you get 140k$ every time you run the race. Each race only takes 4 minutes. In a matter of 40 minutes you already have 1 mil. It does not take alot of effort to do either.

  • Nathalie

    Can you redownload the update 1.01 after the 20,000,000 trick?


    I bought the game through the playstation store and now there is no GT6 in Game Data Utility…..


    Buy car: 120,000
    Never use car, Sell: 36,000 WTF

    • Paula Takington

      its called depreciation and it happens in real life and remember days go fast in the GT games

  • Paula Takington

    must of deleted the wrong game save. its the MB game save you needed to delete. stay away from the GB save

  • Jason

    It is more fun to just play and get the CR’s, this is the best GT so far and I am writing this in March of 2016. I have even learned how to avoid going off the track, which is not that hard to do with the controllers that come with the PS3, I earned the bronze (I know room for improvement up to gold) accident prone trophy in less than a month. Next the walking disaster area trophy, bronze should be ok, right? But hey each to his/her own right.

  • Dorian Dilmore

    I have patch 1.22.

  • Stop trying to cheat and just play the game.


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