Gran Turismo 7 Not Currently Planned

Current focus is on Gran Turismo Sport and DLC afterwards.

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Polyphony Digital has been working on Gran Turismo Sport for a long time, which is interesting considering Gran Turismo 6 released in 2013. The title is meant to be an off-shoot of the franchise with Polyphony CEO Kazunori Yamauchi blatantly stating that it “marks the beginning of a new generation or era.”

Which is fair enough, given the increased emphasis on competitive racing. In fact, players can outright earn a real racing license after fulfilling certain conditions. However, regardless of how Gran Turismo Sport continues in the coming days – and how future-proofed it will be for the coming Sony consoles – what does Yamauchi think about Gran Turismo 7? Finder inquired about the same and whether any work had begun on the next sequel.

Yamauchi replied that, “Gran Turismo 7 is not currently planned. All our studios are focused on Gran Turismo Sport and, once it is out, the DLC that follows afterwards.” Which is pretty much expected when you look at how much work has gone into GT Sport.

Gran Turismo Sport arrives on October 17th for PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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  • LifeOnMars

    2020 on PS5 would be my best guess for Gt7

    • Fweds

      After seeing Forza 7 they have finally realized the game is up.

    • LifeOnMars


  • Fweds

    ‘Which is pretty much expected when you look at how much work has gone into GT Sport.’

    Err, removing weather, removing day night cycle, only 170 cars, poor backgrounds !.

  • Mr Xrat

    That’s because GTS is GT7.

    Nice to see another GT comments thread full of scared Xgimps damage controlling hard for their naff, irrelevant little racer.

    • SJ777

      Not sure what fantasy world you have had yourself locked in for the past 10yrs, but Forza has been the racing king for a long time. Gran Turismo has been handled terribly by Sony for years.

      Actual 4K HDR rendered game videos are scarce on youtube. There are only about 6 or 7. You can find plenty of game videos of someone playing a game in 4K HDR that are 4K rendered, but are not 4K HDR rendered. To my knowledge, right now Chromecast Ultra is the only consumer device that makes recording in HDR possible. Anyway, here are a couple Forza 7 videos rendered in actual 4K HDR.

      To anyone out there with a 4K HDR screen, this channel has all of its videos rendered in actual 4K HDR, including some beautiful footage of The Last of Us.

    • Mr Xrat

      Wow, it looks worse than Cruis’n’ USA. Looks like those 1990s kids CGI TV shows. Dat 4K 60 tho.

    • SJ777

      I see Ive found a meatpuppet. Gotta pay those bills right?

    • Fweds

      No it’s not, the GT series is finished as in no more, only this cheap cutdown arcade spinoff is all that remains


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