Grand Theft Auto 5: ENBSeries Dev Says Modding Is Impossible In The Game

“Rockstar did everything to prevent modding of GTA5,” says Boris Voronstov.

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Anyone that has ever created or used a mod in their games has most likely heard of the famous ENB series of mods that can drastically alter the title you’re playing. Created b Boris Voronstov, the ENBSeries is used to modify the visuals of numerous games including Mass Effect, Skyrim, Fallout and more.

Boris Voronstov has spoken out about just how “moddable” GTA V is. “I was wrong. Rockstar did everything to prevent modding of GTA5, so at this moment [it’s] impossible to do anything via editing game files,” he stated. Of course this does not mean that GTA 5 won’t be moddable at all, Boris won’t simply be able to modify it according to the standards he has set with ENB. “I don’t see much potency to modify the game, just a few minor changes without “wow” effects, so better give it some time and see, otherwise the game will be dead very soon.”

This kind of goes against everything that Rockstar have been saying about the game and just what players can expect. Hopefully this changes soon so we’re not just limited to FOV mods. It would be a shame to have waited for so long to get so little.

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  • d0x360

    He is right. Gta4 shipped on pc with rock stars mod tools which is why we saw so much cool stuff. Gta5 didn’t and rockstar is being silent on the topic on if it ever will. I think they are worried about mods messing with GTA online so they are preventing them altogether.

    There might be some config file tweaks and maybe editing values of weapons and cars to make them more powerful or faster but we won’t see the same level we saw in gta4. Not unless rockstar releases the tools.

    As for this article…how does it go against everything rockstar has said? They flat out stated they weren’t releasing mod tools. They haven’t misrepresentated anything here

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    that screenshot..Trevor almost looks too real, he’s pointing into my soul

  • Ivan Zana

    They dont want you to mod it because you will realise that there is very little next gen about gta v and gta 4 can and does look better with minor tweaking, Tweaking can reveal what gta 6 will look like

    Check out my mod and tell me what you think

  • Remiliary

    Well to rockstar games mods bring unstability to the game, plus ruins the multiplayer, games like skyrim doesn’t have multiplayer mods flourish in them, especially when creators helps the modding community by releasing modding softwares


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