Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Vs PS4 Graphics Comparison Show Dense Vegetation And Better AA On The Former

With better hardware comes better visuals.

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Well as you’re most likely already aware, it’s more or less the end of March, and that means only one thing for the PC gaming community. That’s right, Grand Theft Auto V, the allegedly definitive edition of the game, is so very nearly here. So what better way to get you needlessly excited than to show you some more comparison screenshots between the PC build and the PS4 build which, while being very impressive, simply can’t compare.

I’m just going to reiterate that the PS4 and Xbox One builds of the game are extremely impressive in their own right, but once again, you need only look at the screenshots below. Not only is the world absolutely packed with new added details, it’s positively hiving with life.

There’s also the obvious expected boosts in visual fidelity such as enhanced AA and even denser flora scattered about, which all blends together nicely to create quite the stunning game world. Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC launches 14th April, 2015.


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  • Guest

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  • Bobby

    Consoles do great for what you can fit inside of a $400 sale price. They don’t cost as much as a $600-800 gaming pc. Wouldn’t sell many $700 consoles even if they had intel cpus and an gtx 680 equivalent processor (780 were not around when the x1/ps4 were being developed). Just look how poorly 3D0 faired with their far superior hardware and a $700 price tag.

    • RadicalElation

      Absolutely. Consoles have their place for people who like them, and PCs have their place for people who like those. Some can like both, or neither, but there are pros and cons to all.

      I love all gaming and would have every system if I could. I tend to have one console and my PC for any gen. Looking to upgrade my PC soon, but it lasted well considering it was mid-range when I built it. It still looks better than PS4/XB1, but the real issue for most PC players is power envy. Even if my games still look better than current-gen consoles, there’s so much more power available…and I want it. If we were restricted to a generation cap, like consoles, I’m sure this whole PC v. Console issue wouldn’t exist, but there’s something new to push the system further every month.

      Gotta get a PS4 soon as well… even though I’m going to set up a PC in the bedroom, I still want a PS4 to game on in bed anyway.

    • justerthought

      Exactly. You cannot claim a family road car is no good just because an F1 race car can beat it in a race. Different user type, different purpose, different price range. If it does what its designed top do, then it’s good.

      But the XB1 is a separate case because it’s designed to perform as well as a PS4 within the same target user base price range, but it fails. Why buy a lower quality product when it costs the same price as the superior product, unless you’re a locked into a sacrificial loyalty to the brand.

    • RadicalElation

      Yeah, the biggest case for Xbox One is some of the media features, Kinect (if you really dig that sort of thing), and exclusives that keep seeming to jump ship to at least PC anyway. None of that is really enough to make it worthwhile.

      Microsoft needs to drop the price to be the serious budget console and get set up in peoples homes. Eat the cost of production as much as it can, like Sony did for PS3 for the longest time, and make it up in game sales and great exclusives. As of now, the XB1 just isn’t cheap enough to justify a lesser experience with third-party games, and doesn’t have major exclusives.

    • Karl

      I’m interested in what the cons of PC gaming are.

    • Nawnp MCPE

      You don’t get the real feel of a game, with a controller and TV experience(of course assuming you don’t have your PC rigged up to be a console).

    • Karl

      Well some games are better with keyboard and mouse, like FPS and RTS, and for the others you can use a controller with a PC anyway. As for the idea that you don’t get a game feeling if you’re not several metres away from your screen, I can only strongly disagree.

    • dedknedy

      Plus PCs have dual monitor support. I have a 30 inch LCD and a 60 inch 4k hooked up to mine. Consoles are like a gamer starter pack, you get a taste of what’s possible.

    • RadicalElation

      In that regard, many games on PC support controllers. Someone can use either a Playstation 3/4 or Xbox 360/One controller, and Valve is coming out with a controller that will be compatible with pretty much any game, completely re-mapable in almost any way.

      Consoles, you get what you get. No major choice in the matter.

    • Nawnp MCPE

      I should have been more clear, generally it looks different on a TV then computer monitor. In consoles, controllers allow for more feedback: vibrate, etc. with some consoles you can move around for feedback. Then there’s the joy of a controller by pushing its joystick, better designed controls. Again a good PC+Game+Setup can do better then that. In any way, A PC has better graphics to make up for loss of feedback, which I think it’s worth.

      Again comparing normal console connected to TV vs a gaming Laptop. Another advantage to PC is better portability(for power use)

    • RadicalElation

      The platform being as open as it is makes it a double-edged sword in many areas.

      Since it’s not a dedicated gaming platform, more resources are needed for gaming than what consoles require, which bumps up the base price of entry if you want something on-par in gaming power.

      That’s obviously one of the biggest deterrents for anyone considering serious PC gaming, though the costs are wildly exaggerated by many. Still, anyone looking to buy a pre-built system is looking at a massive mark-up that makes admission to the platform seem unappealing.

      The process of building a system is overwhelming to a lot of folk, thinking that it’s something that they couldn’t even begin to understand. Even if they get past that, or buy a pre-built one, there are more steps following, with far more work overall required than picking up a console, plugging in two cables (power and a/v), and gaming right away. PCs, even if you don’t have to build it yourself, you still have a relatively confusing set-up to go through.

      While services like Steam make finding, buying, and playing games easier than ever for computers, it can’t help when a user runs into problems. The open nature of PCs with thousands of possible configurations of hardware can sometimes result in an unplayable game. Many problems can be fixed through some troubleshooting and searching for answers, but it is still a huge drawback compared to the simplicity of popping a disc in and playing almost immediately on a console, with rarely any major problems that affect a handful of users. Typically, a problem affects the majority on consoles, prompting patches from devs, who can more easily fix these problems.

      Even with getting Steam, the UI overall is not the most friendly in comparison. You have an entire computer to navigate, with interfaces that change with every program and window. Nintendo managed to strike a chord with senior players who otherwise would’ve never picked up a game in their remaining years, thanks to a simple, and very friendly interface. There’s a serious lack of that on PCs.

      Security is another issue that scares some folk. Yeah, PSN and XBL have both had troubles with security, but at least you’re a clear victim without fault if something happens in most cases. It’s nice to be able to blame the company who failed to protect you. Click the wrong link in your browser on PC? That’s your fault. Your computer is blue-screening because of YOU opening the door to something. That possibility makes things scary.

      Everything on consoles is streamlined for a smooth user experience. From price, to system resources, to compatibility, to UI. It requires little thought and provides a nearly singular purpose at a reasonable price. It’s closed off in a lot of ways, but that’s a benefit for most people. It’s the same reason why so many prefer iOS over Android, because it’s simpler in every way, even if it can’t do as much.

      PCs are my personal preference. I’m on mine far more than I should be, and it probably doesn’t help that I’m in the process of developing a game, so everything about my life currently is gaming and PCs… not healthy, but I do love my PC gaming. The pros, to me, far outweigh the cons because I can do so much on it. Not everyone needs or wants that.

      Valve is, hopefully, closing the gap with SteamOS and prompting lower-cost pre-built systems that are compact enough to fit in any entertainment system, but we’re not there yet. If they do it right, few will have anything to say against PCs other than exclusives on consoles, but it’s not happening right this second.

      It’s just as ignorant to ignore the cons of PC gaming as it is to ignore the pros. People have preferences and both console and PCs cater to different ones. It may not always be the case, but that’s just how things are right now.

    • Karl
    • Bobby

      I’m talking about a pc that can run at those higher settings. Some people dont have the time to bother with buying a bunch o’ components and learning how to assemble a computer then possibly running into roadblocks such as finding out and isolating which one component is defective and is causing a bluescreen of death. I’ve been assembling computers for nearly a decade so I know what I’m talking about. Over the past decade I’ve noticed that reliability of components is decreasing. Even long time stalwart component manufacturers like Asus and Gigabyte seem to be having increasing failure rates. For anyone without spare parts to swap in and out to isolate what the defective component was, it can be frustrating.

  • You Are Flat Out Wrong

    Forget GrassGate. This is an entire Field-Gate

  • I’m Flat Out Right

    PC gaming is trash. Piracy and hacking galore. With out exclusives PC gaming is irrelevant.

    • RadicalElation

      Without exclusives, any singular console is irrelevant too. It’s all preference, get over it.

    • Psionicinversion

      Piracy hahaha console gamers are the biggest pirates out there… if you look at it as the dev getting no money, PC pirate = dev gets no money. Console gamer only buying used games = Dev gets no money therefore console gamers are 10x worse. Its like legal piracy

      An exclusive is doing well if it sells even 10% of the install base lmao 10% thats pathetic. consoles guys are gamers what a load of crap

  • Ricoh123

    I completed this 2 years ago on the 360 and again a few months ago on the Xbox one.

    This game is now old.

    PC users pay top money for old games.

    Which is why I don’t bother with PC gaming.

    • Karl

      “top money” – actually, PC games are cheaper because there is no console licensing fee.

      “old games” – well first, this game is the exception rather than the rule. And second, it’s not old to us so why does it matter? That argument only holds water if you’re getting quality which has been surpassed, but in this case the PC version is superior to console.

    • Psionicinversion

      you lot pay top money for remasters hahahaha hypocritical statement of the century eh hahah

  • Plerpy

    “PC outperforms console counter-parts? Quite frankly I’m shocked!” Said no-one ever.

  • justerthought

    Well if a high end gaming PC does not have more foliage than a PS4, then someone has wasted a whole lot of money with nothing to show for it. The real question is how the XB1 vegetation stacks up against the PS4 because they are in direct competition for the same user base price range.

    I notice the XB1 does not even qualify to enter the comparison. The difference between the PC and XB1 vegetation would just be sad to witness.

    • incessant

      I too bought this game for the vegetation. Harvest Moon is a way better game.

  • Daniel Fiddes

    Right so my Xbox one version is better then the ps4 version as of 1.09 ????

  • Donte FusroDah Dillon

    Jesus christ the difference on the last pic is insane! O_O


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