GTA 5 for PC reaches 100,000 petitions, fan made real life trailer is hilarious

Massive number.

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A few days ago, we covered that GTA 5 petition for PC reached 40k signatures. And as rubbish I seem this petition to be, because let’s face it, it’s going to end up on the system anyway, you have to admire the tenacity of PC gamers to really demand for something they desire.

However, Rockstar Games will put their games on platforms they deem viable, and it’s up to them and what their business models are at that moment. When you consider the fact that Red Dead Redemption did not hit the PC, there is a slight doubt going in the air that maybe GTA 5 will be the same. But considering the series debuted on the PC, it would be a really bad move by Rockstar, and one that, even though, they are governed by their own business models, it’s something that they probably won’t do.

“Things like modifications have always been a huge part of PC gaming and modded GTA is some of the most insanely fun times you can have,” the petition reads. “I hope you consider the release of GTA V on PC as it’ll make many people very happy.”

Now the petition is up to 100k signatures and which ever way you look at it, it’s a massive number. Maybe Rockstar hasn’t started working on the PC version and when you consider GTA 4 was an unoptimsed port, you gotta wonder whether the same will happen with GTA 5 or not.

We will keep you updated in case if Rockstar responds.

We also have a fan made trailer which is the real life version of the second trailer and needless to say it’s hilarious, check it out below.

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  • MJ

    100,000 signatures but only 30,000 of those will actually BUY the game. If I was Rockstar I wouldn’t make it to teach them a lesson. PROVE to me it’s worth making because I’m getting 20-25 million in sales on consoles alone with GTA IV.

    • Soulie

      So you can speak for all 100,000 people can you?

    • MJ

      Nope. But I can speak for what’s been happening over and over and over and over for the past 10+ years. You think there is going to be a sudden magical change?

    • Gta 5 will definitely be in PC.


      1)Cause Rockstar North had always released game for PC version.

      But after the console version release

      For San andreas-About 6 months

      For Gta 4(ported)-About 6 months

      For La noire -About 6 months

      For Max payne 3-About 1 month.

      2)Red dead series was never been released for PC from the first place and it’s developer is Rockstar San diego.

      3)Grand theft Auto 4 was ported but still the graphic difference was HUGE! and Performance at that time was bad but with now a days Specs it run just fluid….Gta 4 was ported so they didn’t have to spend many money on the PC version and even if it was mostly pirated(So did the console version was) but the sale was good enough for a large profit.

      4)They have gave hints that the PC version might be coming..


      Why PC version will be superior..

      1)Because of better graphics(2 or more generation different)

      2)Better physx

      3)Better sound.

      4)More control options


      6)More customisations

      7)Less price.

      8)More FPS

      9)More Resolution

      10)Above 9 points was enough


      Conditions after releasing.

      Doomed PC users:-PC users who have bought consoles ..will through their console out of the house..

      Doomed Console users:-Cry like a 10 years old kid…After seeing the differences(Prove:-Play Gta 4 or any other game in PC)
      And will satisfy themselves by thinking

      1)The don’t need good graphics,sound or any other advantages of PC version.

      2)They will think why should i waste 1000$ for a gaming pc(You don’t need to spend so much money for gaming pc…you can have one for about 400$$..)


      How i can assure you of the PC version of Gta 5.
      Watch De ja vu……

    • Gabriel

      Alert! Alert! PC fanboy here. Alert! Alert! Can you stop with the lies and exaggerations? The only thing PC has over consoles in games are resolutions and mods. There are no “more controls, better sounds, more customization, better physics.” You over here acting like Rockstar ships 2 different games to PC and consoles. They don’t. It’s the damn same game. Consoles controls are 10x better, sound depends on the gamer’s speakers or tv, and the rest are the same.

      *P.S. when the next generation of consoles come out, resolution and MAYBE even mods won’t even be just a PC thing anymore from the info that’s been leaked soooo.. Happy gaming!

    • Well Kid!

      Ask your Mom to stop teaching you illogical stuff…

      I have explained everything so no lies here.

      Better control mean more control option…

      Sports games and racing games is good for Gamepad and FPS games are good for Keyboard and mouse…

      Well you are more stupid then a kid…

      No better physics in Pc version?? lol

      Sound depends on the sound card….

      You know what kid??

      My laptop has better spec than your 10 years old hardware….

    • Zoxx

      Well lemme see now, ive bought every GTA title since the beginning, all of my friends on steam have a copy of GTAIV if not the whole GTA bundle, steam numbers are never taken into account and they are a HUGE factor, yeah not as high as console sales, but more than enough to warrent a PC version.

    • MJ

      Judging by Rockstar’s decision to skip out on a PC version of Red Dead Redemption and Dan Houser’s unasscurance of releasing GTA V for PC, CLEARLY those little numbers aren’t enough to warrant a PC version, or else he would assure PC gamers that there definitely will be a release. In that same interview he said “If there’s a market, we’ll make it.” There’s no market for PC anymore.

    • Zoxx

      Ehhh…no, its all about potential buyers… and with steam hitting 6.6 million concurrent users
      theyd be fools not to release it on pc and tap into that market… and
      it looks as if they will be too, judging by other stories ive read. So… there is a market … ergo… 🙂

    • Saurabh

      No one needs to prove anything to losers like you..pc fraternity exists and is bigger than that of all consoles combined..modding of gta games is what keeps it alive for years..The only reason piracy is little less on consoles because sony and microsoft design these machines to make hacking of these machines difficult..,,and it’s not because console gamers are saint…you are forced to buy games, but we on the other hand do not pay for shit and only pay for quality stuff like gta games…would u buy a year old game for the original price?? thats how we feel when delays happen on our platform because of the ransom sony and microsoft provide to game developers..Instead of increasing the capability of their machines..they like the easy way out…they force u to keep an overly outdated and incapable machine..??Don’t hold bitterness against your gaming brothers and do not let these blood sucking companies control your thoughts…

    • bob

      I will buy a console and i will play the game cracked on it! IT WILL FUCKING CHANGE NOTHING! Except Graphics cuz PC is more powerfull!

    • bob

      i was angry…ofc I will buy the game cuz it deserve it but fuck consoles man..

  • umm… wtf?

    that video was… just awful

  • smiles all round

    GTA 5 is coming to PC. you’d have to be an idiot to think it won’t because gta financially could do with

    look here. it says it all:


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