GTA 5 Story DLC: Will Rockstar Ever Release A Single Player Expansion Pack?

Grand Theft Auto: Online seems to have hijacked our hopes and dreams for single player DLC.

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GTA 5 Online

GTA4 was a pretty divisive game among fabs, but you have to give Rockstar credit for just how well they handled that game’s post launch DLC- the Episodes From Liberty City were absolutely great, and they were an incredible amount of content for not a whole lot of money. It was, for the time, the standard bearer for what DLC should be like.

With GTA5, Rockstar have completely dropped the ball- we are three years removed from the original release date of GTA 5, two from its release on current generation systems, and in spite of Rockstar promising single player DLC for the game, there has so far been none. Instead, Rockstar continue to invest in GTA Online, and, if rumors are to be believed, they have canned the single player DLC for the game entirely, moving their focus instead to GTA: Online. 

Given that it’s been three years with no sign nor peep from them regarding single player episodes, and that a big part of the push for Red Dead Redemption 2 apparently includes the Red Dead Online mode that they will be pushing, I am starting to suspect that Rockstar may indeed be done with single player content for GTA5 now, with only Online being their focus. To be very clear, I am not saying that Rockstar will never make a single player GTA again- of course they will. Instead, I am referring to GTA5 only, which I don’t think will be getting any more single player content at this point.

This is disappointing- GTA5 has a lot of single player content already, sure, so there’s no shortage of things for the player to do. But on the other hand, given that Rockstar were once showing us the way when it came to single player DLC, it’s a bit disappointing that they seem to be content to focus on a microtransaction fueled online mode instead.

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  • Hvd

    not when they can make money with shark cards they wont.its why i never bought gta 5 on pc.i played it and beat it on the ps3 when it launched then end of story for me.

    • YRD

      Same here, ps3 job done. No more.

  • At this point I would rather have GTA 6 than story DLC for GTA 5.

    • what exactly would make gta 6 any different from gta 5. Theyre at GTA’s peak right now, unless they stop taking out features from previous games and allow them to be all in one GTA then i dont think we will see anything innovative from rockstar with GTA series any time soon. What more could they do to the game besides add more continents. What they need to do is allow players to connect with the physical world. In GTA if you get one star for say hitting a police car on accident they should draw there weapons 1st or try to pull you over not just shoot right away. Player needs more interactions with npcs and buildings, i hate how buildings in GTA are all closed off you cant go inside them, atleast allowing a few open buildings would be dope. would also be cool to be able to build a gang of npcs instead of trying to use players sometimes, just imagine how it would be if you could make a phone call and 2 cars full of your hired men show up at your location to protect you and follow you around that would be kinda cool even for story mode.

    • What make GTA6 different? Well a new story and a new setting for one. GTA is mainly known for their epic campaigns so naturally the next iteration is always something to look forward to. Saying their at the peak with no room for innovation is ridiculous. Every GTA that comes out moves the peak higher they always have stuff in the works that we have no idea about.


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