Hackers Ruining Battlefield 3 Servers… Already?

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We are receiving a lot of reports that Battlefield 3 servers on the PC are being hacked. The game just came out, like, yesterday so this is definitely a worrying news.

Infinity Ward said they are taking adequate precautions on the PC, but what about DICE? Looks like all these reports are detrimental to the online atmosphere.

Here are a few reports.

Case 1: “Hackers are just destroying BF3 servers. Teleporting entire teams to outside the combat zone, or onto C4. So lame.”

Case 2: “Wow BF3 all ready has aim botters and hackers.”

Yeah the video, you can check that below. Have you encountered any hackers, considering that we are getting an insane amount of hacking reports, this situation could spiral out of control.

The same thing happened in the Battlefield 3 beta and if you have encountered any such thing in the retail version please tell us. In case you don’t know what happened in the beta check out the video below.

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  • OMG posting beta video on full game news. thats lame!

    • Kartik Mudgal

      It’s the same thing that’s happening in the full version.

  • Actually Case 1 and Case 2 do not mention any leveling hacks.

    These hacks were likely developed during the Alpha and Beta on the PC. Just sucks the peeps on PC have little skills and depend on hacks.

    Just hit them all with the EA Ban Hammer. I really think Game Cheating bans should be industry wide. That would give the policy some real heft.

  • “there wont be hackers in bf3”

    “no bugs”

    “better than cod day 1”

    “better campaign and mp”

    So far its a nay fanboys.

  • us

    xbox, bestbox, so far no hackers or anything of note, not even game breaking bugs.
    maybe after dice sees the sales figures they will drop PC all together, fingers crossed guys!

    • Xbox was one of the first hacked consoles. Ever. Xbox 360 is also just as easily hacked, not to mention how easy it is to hack on live and PSN. Hacking is everywhere. It will be no time before its out on live and PSN. The fact that you think PC Gaming is worse of then your console shows that your either poor and cant build a decent PC to play battlefield, or your a 12 year old whose allowance wont cover new PC components. Either way your a nub and my mouse and keyboard will destroy your auto aim any day of the week. GG MAXROUNDS NUBSTICK.

    • What!?
      Cancel making it for PC, just because sales are slightly lower than shitty xbox.
      Your a total fucking idiot.
      Anyways I don’t know if you’ve seen the PC gameplay yet but it looks 100 times better than shitty xbox.
      Hopefully DICE will drop xbox because of retarded xbox gamers…
      Fingers Crossed Guys!


    You guys are crazy xbox, ps3, and pc all have their advantages and disadvantages. no system is perfect. And for who ever said that the xbox was one of the first hacked consoles you are wrong. those titles go to SNES, and N64. add yes that counts. also you guys obviously dont understand a lot that makes certain games easier on other systems. please do some research instead of blasting people with mindless opinions.

  • There is always someone somewhere trying to talk up “their” version over someone elses’….. To bad this is what people have come to in their rants to try and prove a moot point.

    Yes the XBOX was hacked first and still is hackable, piss poor Microsoft allows their systems to be hacked and still maintain an online status now that Anonymous threatened them a while back. They’re shifty and a huge corporation, what else would you expect from a company that wants all the power…

    The PC is the best platform for any FPS hands down. I would love to be able to play against people on their console of choice and me be on my mecca PC just so I could point out that I was straight owning them while they try to turn around with their controllers and shoot back…

    Hackers and their little games they’re playing these days have destroyed so much potential for so many games it’s not even funny any more. I personally quit playing all Modern Warfare anything after baring witness to all the hacks on the PC and PSN.

    And yes BF3 straight up owns any FPS out there to date and to come in the near future….. It’s not regurgitated bullshit like all of the Modern Warfare crap that’s out there. Everyone I know that plays any of them just say they’re going to buy the new one just because they know it. Battlefield was made for the hardcore, not your wussy ass “I think I like this game because it’s what I know” crowd.

    I know I have ranted on about something that wasn’t mentioned in the article, but I just wanted my two cents in there somewhere.

    Fuck all hackers that want to cheat like little children…….

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  • Everyone has their favorite consoles. Get over it…

  • Baghead Kelly

    Hackers and the complete inability by DICE, Origin, Punkbuster etc. to do anything substantial about it has destroyed what was once an idea that promised to be great.

  • Rob

    A note to the game makers:
    To bad the programmers were not smart enough to place simple score limits on what is obviously a breach of what was intended for this game. It is not difficult to place a condition in programming that says none-stop kills = JUST MAYBE something is not right, If(kills>limit) then DOHHH maybe check that guy for hacks, maybe? The stupidity comes from project managers that dont understand that some resources (time, wages, programming) are required in anti-hack testing else you end up with a crappy product.
    Assumption No1: This game any any future games you make will be hacked. So deal with it, plan on it and thrive regardless of hacking.
    How? Start by considering what hackers seek:
    In brief they seek an advantage over the standards of a game. And that brings the programming issue, play standards should be set, checked, and tested.
    Standards could be that an average player can kill X amount of players.
    If a player kills less than the low limits then internal programming could provide hidden handicaps to raise a players odds in the most minute fashion. This advantage would be removed once that player gets 1 or 2 kills for example.
    A player with a high kill score could be rewarded, as occurs already. However if a player has outrageously high kill rates that far exceed standards, then there are penalties of inconvenience that could greatly discourage hacking. Such as after each kill thereafter you get teleported to home base. And how about they get the recognition they want: They show up on the minimap and thereafter cant hide from the minimap. Everyone would see the deadly veterans, and either avoid them or challenge them. You automatically stop showing up on the minimap when your kill/death ratio changes to within the high but acceptable limits of the standards. Good (none-hacking) players would be glad to show up on the minimap as it would be like a badge of honor, and the game could offer rewards in the way of ribbons. Tanks, jets, and vehicles that exceed the limit could just simply run out of gas. And if a game seems to come to a stand-still with all this, then players would encourage true auto balancing to keep the game moving and fun, which by the way is what really sells a game.
    Finally if a player has frequent excessive kills then register that account into a central database for additional rewards and maybe even use them for future product testing. However, if frequent reports of hacking come from that player then update the database as an offender account so that servers may use it when deciding to invite new players into the round. True that some servers will be hacker friendly but the good ones will not. The good servers will gain popularity as that is where most players will want to be, and the game will gain popularity.

    For now I can tell you that 9 times out of 10 I am playing a round where the game-hackers are on, dominating and destroying the atmosphere of this game. I can tell you for sure that I will not buy your future games and I will educate and discourage others from buying your games. I have played many online games and never have I seen a game so abused as this one. Fix things, check for results, test, tweek and update as necessary. Seems you guys forgot you have competition. It’s a tough problem and I do wish you luck because were it not for hackers this is a great game.

  • Rob

    fix it with kill limits for K/D ratios, fixit or hackers will make it so no one will want to buy your future games. If a competitor fixes this bfore you you will loose the market.


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