Hacking Group: “It’s The Beginning Of The End For Sony”, Promises More Hacks Soon

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LulzSec, which had previouslyhacked Sony BMG’s Japanese website (according to Forbes)  has promised more attacks against Sony and claimed that this is the beginning of the end for Sony.

LulzSec tweeted:

We’re working on another Sony operation. We’ve condensed all our excited tweets into this one: this is the beginning of the end for Sony.

Update 2: I was reading further in the tweets of LulzSec and I found that they are planning to begin Phase 1 within the next day:

(Sony + Ownage) Phase 1 will begin within the next day. We may have a pre-game show for you folks though. Stay tuned.

So this means they are apparently working on another operation against Sony. Well, I am not sure whether this is the same group behind the PSN hack but I really do hope Sony will take every security measure possible to protect its fame and it’s users.

GamingBolt.com strongly recommends its users to support Sony during these tough times for the company.

Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more updates and news.

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  • what C&&NTS! leave gamers alone you TW$ts

  • JOE


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  • Stupid hackers, oh well its only a matter of time before the FBI/CIA/DHS find you and when they do, I will have the comfort of knowing you will be put into the general population of a federal prison where you will be beaten, raped, traded for cigs and raped again. lol, criminals never win.

    • You do realize the government does give a fk about any of us, its all about workers and money to them, notice how medical is just crap along with disability pensions and such…in some cases the goverent works with hackers and criminals in exchange for money or their freedome and such…kind of a contradiction dont ya think? 🙂 it never hurts to learn

  • Good,hope they really screw sony this time, in the same manner that Sony has screwed loyal, high paying,customers like me.
    Welcome back Sony!, Ha Ha

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  • the hackers are smarter than all of you dumbasses, sony fucked geohots which made all the smart socially awkward hackers fuck sony in the ass. sonys getting buttfucked because of their own mistakes

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  • feds need to do their fuking jobs and bust down these hackers. thats what our taxes are paying them for. stop busting those useless individual pirates that hurts only the corporate, instead bust down these assholes who hurts the community.

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  • WTF!!! Those hackers are really annoying. Don’t they care about poor japanese people who already lost a huge amount of money through the tsunami they now want to finish em by destroying one of their most famous firm. I am a French guy and I don’t understand why they are so motivated in this anti Sony “war”. Is it a trick of Microsoft ?? I don’t know but as one said after Toyota it’s Sony , some hackers decided with no reasons at all to destroy Sony’s reputation. Before this incident I was indifferent to hackers but now they are really getting on my nerves and I think i’m not the only one. I just hope they will be caught and once it’s done they will cry as little girls :)) see ya

  • So let me get this straight, because some guys took down your internet multiplayer for a month, that means they deserve to be hung and firebombed and have the shit kicked out of them? It’s ridiculous how much violence you’re directing at people when the whole thing was your beloved company’s fault in the first place. Would you be pissed at a bank robber who stole all your money when the bank left the vault open and had no one watching it, or the bank itself? We all have expectations of companies that use our personal information online, the first of which is that they’re keeping it safe. Sony failed mightily in that regard.

    Do you think people out there aren’t trying to hack amazon and itunes and microsoft? Crime has existed for as long as mankind has existed, everyone’s just so terrified of hackers because they’re discreet and they know they’re basically powerless to defend themselves. And ever since there’s been crime, there’s been preventative measures to stop it. It is 100% sony’s fault for not keeping up with the times (it’s not like encryption is a new concept), and if it wasn’t this Lulz guy, it’d be someone else. The best offense against the hackers is a good defense.

    Now I’m not calling any consumers stupid for choosing sony, I understand we all have allegiances to certain products, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be scrutinized. You all have a lot of rage built up from psn going down, I would too if I was affected, but directing it at hackers doesn’t do a damn thing. Why not open your eyes and see this for the corporate oversight it truly is?

    Oh, and to all those who say it’s hurting the community and that sony is too big of a name to fail, that is just completely bogus. The only way it’d hurt the gaming community is if they took your CC info and stole your identity. Bringing down sony wouldn’t mean the end of the world. I grew up on the genesis, but you don’t see me crying about sega failing. Sony makes just about every consumer electronics product you could think of, they dabble in music as well, losing the ps3 would hurt them, but it would hardly bring them down. Someone would just step up and replace them in the market, that’s the way it’s always been done. Who knows, maybe the company that’ll step up to replace sony will be more innovative, release better games, give gamers the freedom to customize their system as they see fit. Or maybe they’ll go the way of the phillips cd-i, who knows, but no matter what happens, at least I’ll enjoy the ride.

  • Dear Hacker Again
    1.U destroy good time for me and my friend I love to play with them sure we have fun that good memory why you destroy us… what I doing to you….
    I kill your friend? I stole your money? I take your girlfriend? ANS. Nooo I didn’t do anything to you T-T this is my network for my good time to meet old friend in the other side of the world in cost I can pay and do thing we love together please….Think about what U did to many life….
    2.My parent’s game shop —-He shock too—- why? because he sell the official soft ware for ps3 and psn card in case nobody buy it if it can’t online and that if it can’t people will play on dark side ———–that that U see what did U do he have family little child credit to pay cause he rent money from bank what did you do to Him T-T so sad —- go back and think how you live and take care your family without money —- child can’t go to school-don’t have food to eat- do you want to see that— not die alone but 3 will die T-T
    3.If you do what your reward? that it – –
    PL……Think again Good Time * relation * Good memory * Family happy life with love job
    Ex. ME : hey did you play …
    Friend : OH I buy it today!!! online together friend
    ME : 555 Ok Ok just get lose tome again
    Friend : let do it 555++
    …………………………………………………………………Laugh happy goo time memory do you want to destroy it if you do that time will never happen again …

    Thank for read … From Gamer since 1989 – Today with my friend and Society..^^PSN back on now

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