Half Life 3: Will It Live Up To The Hype?

Some believe it may not, given the long delays.

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Valve Software’s Half Life 3 is one of the lost relics of gaming. We mean “lost” in the sense that in the public eye, it very much exists even if there’s been no hard evidence from the developer of the same (save for a few leaks here and there). That being said, with the number of years that have passes since the release of Half Life 2: Episode 2, there’s always a growing fear that when Half Life 3 releases, it won’t live up to the hype.

To be fair, many thought the same about Half Life 2 before it was even announced. Half Life was just such a splendidly well rounded experience that there were few – if any – first person shooters that could top it. But lo and behold, Valve brought us a brand new experience with new compelling gameplay mechanics, an amazing setting and perfect level design.

But with all the so-called “innovations” seen in modern FPSs, what could Half Life 3 possibly do to wow us? Even if it was more of the same, it would be better than most of the drivel released on a yearly basis. It just wouldn’t feel like a game worthy of the Half Life legacy though. Or would it?

Do you think Half Life 3 will have a hard time living up to the hype, and could that be playing into why Valve has been slow to release it? Or will it be another master class in game diesng? Let us know your thoughts below.

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  • MrMidstream

    Game deisng? O.o

  • Badstormer

    Perhaps they simply have no idea what to do for HL3. Or had no idea.

  • Ash

    They dont know what to do with G-man. That is why they are stuck. Specially with their flawed scene in episode two where vaurtigaunts stoped G-man :-/ …. I mean come on!….. now their truly stuck.

    • Farthumper

      Don’t you remember what happened in episode 2? G-man was freed when the vaurtigunts were bringing alex back to life. That’s why after the cutscene after G-am that’s why you can now see him…because he is free. In episode 1 he is kept back by the vaurtigunts, that’s why you don’t see him anywhere in episode 1. Get what I’m saying?

  • jeff

    It’s all about the direction that gaming has gone. Single player games versus multiplayer ones. Gabe Newell himself said they went in a different direction to pick up on the popularity of more multiplayer games. Personally, I love the single player games more, and Half Life is the best series of all time. They need to just gamble that there are still gamers willing to play the single version and don’t “retool” the whole damn thing just to follow the current trend!

  • Yeeeee

    look what’s on the monitor behind Gabe.

    • Yeeeeee

      never mind too blurry for you to see

  • Yeeeee



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