Halo 5 Guardians Is Going To be Huge: Microsoft Executive

Someone should tell him that saying “innovation” a lot, doesn’t make it true.

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The Xbox Global Director of Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, has spoken out on Halo 5 by way of The Inner Circle podcast. Speaking about the game, he uses the word “innovative” 3 times in the space of three paragraphs, saying that the game will be huge.

A transcription from the podcast reads, “Halo 5 is gonna be huge. It should be one of the biggest entertainment releases of the year if we do our job right. I think what we’ve got with Master Chief and Locke is a marketer’s dream. The game is just super-innovative. I think this is a title that 343 has dreamed of making, and they’re innovating in ways that our jaws are dropping.”

He goes on to talk about his personal love of the Halo series and confirms that we will indeed be hearing more from them about the game in the coming months, “It’s such a deep story. To me it’s like the closest thing to playing in a real movie, you know. I love campaign. I play multiplayer and I enjoy it, but I just love to get deep in the campaign and co-op you know, and Halo was kind of the birth of that, and also at the same time has innovated the multiplayer, so I’m excited with what they’re doing with Halo 5, and we’ll be revealing more soon.”

Halo 5 Guardians is expected to launch sometime this year exclusively on the Xbox One.

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  • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

    I don’t know. We were told by certain people that massive black bars, QTE’s and 30FPS were innovative over the last few weeks so the definition has broadened in scope lately.

    • jayflow

      Are QTE’s, massive black bars, and 30FPS going to be in Halo 5?

  • Starman

    “Someone should tell him that saying innovation a lot, doesn’t make it true”

    Someone should tell you and “Gamingbolt” that saying “STUNNING GRAPHICS” A lot,doesn’t make it ‘TRUE’ or a great game …
    PS: You guys don’t miss a beat when it comes to MS but, let Sony announce some new crap game or new crappy ‘Peripheral’ …”It’s the best thing since the smartphone was introduced…
    You guys want to be taken seriously , then you should remain neutral when it comes to the way you present these articles …

  • Mark

    “Someone should tell him that saying innovative, doesn’t make it true”. Haha. Right about that Martin. I think 343’s using Azure to do server side compute for the AI, huge amounts of AI. Reading from that 2013 pastebin leak, I believe it. The official concept art is here already to support this. I think Aaron’s referring to massive AI battles in real time, no pre-script stuff, run from Live. Thing is, how will that work in campaign if ur offline?


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