Halo 5 Guardians Multiplayer: Check Out 16 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

16 minutes of armored sci-fi shooter..

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Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer  has already proven to be somewhat divisive amongst hardcore Halo fans that see this as less of an innovation and more as an attempt to ape other modern FPS titles that have found their own margin of success.

The ability to clamber onto ledges with a well timed button press, a built in booster / stabiliser, digital HUD overlays to aid in aiming, no penalty to aiming whilst moving and the fact that 12 seconds of leaked footage featuring something similar to Iron Sight aiming spawned the #noADS (No Aim Down Sights)  hashtag to go nuts are all a sign that this game has not been as well received as 343 Industries would have liked.

Something that will not please them at all given the recent travesty that was (and for some, still is) Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Well Ready Up Live has provided you with 16 minutes of un-commentated Halo 5 Multiplayer footage to help you build your own opinion of what you think of the latest iteration of what was once the dominant mulitplayer fps.

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  • Psionicinversion

    woah those graphics are killer, they are WAY above destiny and titanfall. PS4 got some competition coming and thats only running at 720p atm

    • clarkharry86

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    • corvusmd

      Crazy that all the best MP games are on X1. Titanfall, COD Aw, Halo MCC (esp now that MP issues are fixed…and getting better), and now it looks as Guardians will take top spot no sweat….this is still even a year out. I’m sure TF2 and GoW will continue their amazing trends as well.

      Something has to be said about being THIS excited for a MP that’s still a year out.

    • Mark

      Is that Psionic……impressed by that 1.3TF GPU? Lol. Nah jk. Yeah man the lighting on materials is fantastic. What really kills me tho, is how realistic looking thru the scopes appear. When u can, check that out one more time.

      And this is quite an achievement running at 60fps, 720p and one year out. DX12 certainly. The campaign should look mindblowing, if the Beta looks this good imo. I will say this tho, 343 needs to throw in the Spartan self shadowing, it’s missing lol.

    • Psionicinversion

      hahaha yeah man impressed by it because it will trash the ps4 lol. Looks better than KZ SF definately, if they can keep that quality at 1080p and 60fps its going give PS4 a run for its money.

      Yeah thatll be DX12 😀 DX12 going be mind blowing on PC when games take advantage of it

  • corvusmd

    Looks AMAZING!!! Just got to Halo 4 on Legendary….this and Halo 4 SP remind me why 343i is the best thing for Halo. Looks like Halo is going to maintain top spot in MP no problem. Still has all the old things that made Halo great, and now adds other movement features to keep it updated. I cannot wait!!!

    • Mark

      Dude I get that people r nervous of the changes to movement and shooting, but for me, I’m getting annoyed that I can’t sprint in MCC. I think Halo 4 u can, not sure. But this Beta looks sick with sprinting and “zooming in”. Dam Gaurdians actually looks like it COULD be the best game out for the next couple years. Quite possible. No fanboy here, but dam.

  • Mark

    Late December won’t come soon enough…….343 will get to make amends to us for MCC’s botched mp. I honestly think they’ll nail it tho. Only thru failure can u get better?

  • avi

    looks pretty killer.
    i just wish hardcore halo fans would stop wishing for another halo 2. the franchise needs to forge ahead and halo 5 is awesome to take that step.

  • Check this everyone: http://goo.gl/EX1gXi
    The best thing about Halo 5 is that it doesn’t need a huge requirements. 😀 😀 I like it.


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