HB Studios Explains Lack of 1080p on Xbox One, Game Is Resource Intensive, Was Not Using Updated SDK

“It’s is actually a lot more resource intensive than you’d think.”

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According to HB Studios, The Golf Club runs at 1080p on the PlayStation 4 and 720p on the Xbox One. GamingBolt asked HB Studios the reason why The Golf Club, which does not seem to be a resource intensive game, is running at that resolution on the latter?

“It’s is actually a lot more resource intensive than you’d think. The world is 2km’s square and everything within that has physics colliders attached to it, we also have a full cloud and atmospheric lighting system not just a painted sky box like most games. Think about it this way, each blade of grass needs to react as you’d expect, each branch on a tree needs to react like you’d expect when a ball hits it,” HB Studios said in a statement issued to GamingBolt.

“The other problem we have is that we don’t define the maps, like most games. The users create them! This means that they could have 90% of their 2km square as water. Water is extremely expensive to recreate, there’s a lot of maths in the getting the right amount of reflection, etc.”

So was there no scope to use the June SDK update for the Xbox One or the free GPU resource due the game not using the Kinect? Bungie’s Destiny did benefit from the SDK update which allowed them to bump the resolution of the Xbox One version to 1080p or is there more than what meets the eye?

“Unfortunately it came a little too late for us to use, we’ve taken a look at it though and hope that we’re going to be able to use the benefits in some future updates.”

Thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below. The Golf Club is now available for purchase.

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  • Called it earlier, no June SDK…

    • Guest

      Yeah and? What you think the June SDK would allow it to run at 125% higher res? I swear you xclowns think that all these stupid little PR points are way more powerful than they really are.

    • David

      It’s not PR it’s helped everybody that’s used it so far lol it would at least allowed 900p

    • Guest

      Ok, its not totally fake, i mean it does actually give you back 10% But 10% is not that much. And 10% of the PS4’s GPU would be more than 10% of the X1’s GPU. And yet all the fanboys ridiculed the PS4’s 40-50% GPU power advantage. And the jump from 720p to 900p is 56%, you still think 10% will get you there? Unless the game was just 10% away from getting to 900p to begin with.

    • David

      What you people have to realize is the xbox is 1080 60 frames capable. It was built for that output. However is was also built with more things in mind in resulted in them switching up the architecture and throwing in some weaker parts compared to the PS4. But it’s still capable of hitting full HD. It will never be as strong as the PS4 and as such will never be as easy to develop for and PS4 games will always have some advantages (steadier frame rate, shading etc.) but as the generation goes on and devs get more familiar 1080 will be standard for xbox. For both consoles actually.

    • Guest


    • justerthought

      What you have to realise is that being capable of outputting 1080p 60fps does not mean it can output everything at that setting. Games have to be pretty basic with linear predictable graphics it can preload, before the XB1 can output 1080p 60fps.

      In reality, most games especially open world games bottleneck out at a lower resolution or frame rate, because the XB1 hardware does not have the memory bandwidth to get all the data out at the 1080p 60fps setting.

      The solution? Just use your XB1 as the multimedia machine it was designed as and buy a PS4 as your games machine.

    • Dude, s-t-f-u. Seriously. If I met you in person you’d have a broken nose by now, you’re that god damn annoying.

    • jordan jones

      if only i could upvote this to a million

    • Guest

      What the matter, dont like the truth? And if only i could downvote you two a million times.

    • Guest

      Dude, s-t-f-u. Seriously. If i met you in person you’d have a broken nose by now, you’re that god damn annoying. I’ll wipe the floors with your behind.

    • I’d like to see you try. You live in California? Let’s meet up and see what kind of courage you’re packing under that big mouth of yours…

    • Guest

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    • Then name a boxing ring in So Cal so I can knock your teeth out and knock some common sense into that @-$-$ you call a brain.

    • Guest

      Hey moron, i don’t live anywhere near there, and I’d slaughter you kid. So stop thinkingyou’re tough cuz you ain’t ish and look like a nerd. Sep embarrassing yourself, and why are you so mad anyways? Cuz the weakbox couldn’t achieve even 900p? Pathetic, its what you get for putting faith in a weak system. Now stop thinking you’re impressing anyone cuz you’re not kid.

    • More like you’re a chicken $#!^, talking big behind an anonymous account. You’re probably some scrawny teenager who’s got no game in real life so they talk smack all the time on the internet to make themselves feel better. You talk like that in real life people put you down.

    • Guest

      Pathetic! the level of assumptions you make is pathetic! Listen kid, you dont know me, i’ll kill you, believe that. You aint ish, i’ll mop the floor with ya. And i dont live near CA, you moron. Let me know when you’re in the East Coast, then we can take it up on the streets not some punk~ss boxing gym. And thats cute, you think boxers are tough.

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    • justerthought

      Chill out your going into self destruct mode …lol

    • justerthought

      Why are you getting so worked up and willing to fight over a lame console. Just chill out and buy a PS4 then everyone is happy. You know it’s the right thing to do here. The lame XB1 is not worth fighting over. Why defend MS as a fanboy. They certainly haven’t done you any favours giving you a multimedia console instead of a games console.

    • justerthought

      Hey buddy you have no right to think you can go around busting peoples noses just because they annoy you. I think you should s-t-f-u, along with the other frustrated fanboy that supported you as a soul mate.

      Bully’s are usually annoyed at themselves for being a failure or frustrated they have a lame games console that can only run The Golf Club at a laughable 720p.

      I’ve been saying this all along. The slow mass storage DDR3 RAM and tiny but fast ESRAM is no good for gaming because it’s a bottleneck that leaves the GPU waiting for data. Software updates can only optimise the hardware’s usage, they cannot replace it or remove the physical headroom barrier.

      How many noses are you going to bust out of frustration before you actually accept it and buy a PS4 instead. The XB1 hardware is lame. End of story.

  • andy

    At least, to make up for the lack of the SDK, the game looks mind blowingly realistic and will never be beat graphically for the next 5 years. Oh wait, it doesn’t even have that going for it, oh well.
    In other words, even with the updated SDK and the game barely being able to hit 900p with even more stutters and hiccups, it is not that impressive looking anyway. The only game the Xbone got in the last 6 weeks since Guacamele (along with Pinball FX2) and this is what it gets.
    But but but but things are looking up, right? Right? RIGHT?

  • Guest

    The only reason why Destiny is hitting 1080p after the June SDK update, is because the game must have already been close to hitting or hitting 1080p before the update. Cuz there is no way that a 10% return of GPU processing is going to yield you 44% higher res. I mean just look at Diablo, the devs said that they had the game running at 1080p before the update but preferred to run the game at 900p becuase of the framerate. So they really just used that extra 10% to get the framerate higher at 1080p. And to all the fools that think that the game barely drops in frames, it drops its frames for 40 secs in the video. Unfortunately the xclowns cant get that, because they rather believe that there weak little game box is more powerful than it really is.

    • sd

      The SDK was more than just a 10% GPU boost. they refined and improved the SDK making the software more efficient. Think of it as both a driver update and an actual 10% boost. Thesedriver improvements will continue on both systems.

    • Guest

      You’re right, thats true. I’ll give you that. See i like to discuss facts, not peoples hopes and wants and beliefs

    • justerthought

      I live in the real world. Console hardware is real. Hopes, dreams, wants and beliefs won’t get you anything because you’re bound by the limitation of the hardware. There is no magic sauce. Welcome to the real world. Relentlessly cruel isn’t it.

    • justerthought

      Yes a 10% boost is nothing. The resolution is a perfect reflection of the output power because the hardware has to render the graphics in order to calculate each pixel colour.

      Games that run 900p on the XB1 and 1080p on PS4, mean that 44% extra power is required to render the extra pixels on the PS4. Here’s the math.

      1600 x 900 = 1440,000 pixels
      1920 x 1080p = 2073,600 pixels
      2073,600 – 1440,000 = 633,600 extra pixels
      (633,600 / 1440,000) x 100 = 44% extra power

      The Golf Club is even worse at 720p so here’s the math.

      1280 x 720 = 921,600 pixels
      1920 x 1080p = 2073,600 pixels
      2073,600 – 921,600 = 1152,000 extra pixels
      (1152,000 / 921,600) x 100 = 125% extra power

      So as you can see, a 10% boost from the latest XB1 software tweeks to hardware usage would not have made much of a dent against the extra 125% power the PS4 has running The Golf Club. That’s not pretty reading for an xbox fanboy, but sometimes you have just got to face the truth.

    • sd

      Erm did you call me a fanboy for my comment? I think you were looking in the mirror when you were using that term mate. Just for the record I own the PS4 and think it is great, I also own the Xbox one and think that is great. With both consoles I could give you a long list of things that they do better than the other. Its about gaming, nothing more. Oh and 900p vs 1080p is neglible. Sure if you do side by side comparisons and pause a game you can tell a slight difference. But whe playing a game you really can not. So if you only buy 1 console, choose the console that has the exclusives that you prefer.

    • justerthought

      I’m actually very disappointed with the graphics in Destiny because they are quite simplistic and bland, so I can fully understand why the XB1 can hit the 1080p target with an software update that maximises its hardware usage.

      The XB1 gets no medal of achievement here. It’s actually Destiny that wins the booby prize for simplistic and bland graphics that are gimped to a network bandwidth so that pvp multiplayer can break out at any point. Elder Scrolls Online suffers the exact same problem and looks graphically inferior to the mighty Skyrim.

  • Stephane Vaille

    I think that Gamingbolt should deny access to guest accounts … and keep a more attentive eye here.

    So bored to read so much agression in those threads.

    • Guest

      Aggression? More like you don’t like to hear the truth. Such denial

    • demfax

      Stop trolling.

  • This game is not that demanding. There are games out there running at higher resolutions than this and do way more. Forza horizon 2 for an example has tons more going on than this game will ever have and it was capable of hitting full HD. I hope these devs understand that some of us don’t intend to buy low quality developed games.

    • Guest

      And yet they couldn’t get over 720p on the Xbox but 1080p on PS4. Not a low quality dev but more like a low quality system.

    • Whatever. Keep dreaming. LOL

    • Guest

      Dreaming? Its reality you’re dreaming.

      Fanboy delusions.

    • Ok sure

    • demfax

      The difference in power isn’t that great, it should be 900p to 1080p. You need to stop trolling.

    • sd

      I agree with you on this. In the future, I actually think the X-1 will run at a standard 1080p. The question for me is whether, in the future when 4k Tv’s become standard, developers decide to push out games at 1440p or something similar on the PS4.

    • justerthought

      Let’s bust a few myths here. Forza is not a demanding game. It is a linear graphical tunnel racer where the devs can predict what coming around the next corner and preload it. That is why Gran Turismo 3 was running 1080p 60fps on the PS3 5 years ago.

      Open world games are the future. They are very demanding games because nothing can be preloaded due to the fact that the player can go anywhere. It’s impossible to predict what the player will do or where he will go, so the system has to rapidly load everything into memory on the fly. This is where the XB1 goes belly up and the DDR3/ESRAM bandwidth bottleneck rears its ugly face.

      As next gen games get more complex with ever bigger maps, the XB1 will suffer more and more. No software update that just optimises the hardware usage is ever going to keep up with that pace. It’s going to get really ugly very quickly. Far uglier than Titanfall’s graphics. My advice is get out now and buy a PS4.

    • Bad advice.

  • Guest

    Game is a joke…the dev is a joke…and the excuse is a bold-faced lie….

    • Guest

      And the system is a joke too. With presumably the same effort put into both. The PS4 version is 1080p whereas the X1 is only last gen 720p. And you fanboys cant take it.

    • Guest

      And your excuses and the system is a joke

  • Dex

    Bottom line…the developers all play on PC or PS4 and don’t care to work on the xbox one version to bring it to 1080p. It’s a bad decision not to use all available updates and arrogant to expect an xbox customer to pay what PC and ps4 customers pay for a much lesser quality viewing experience.

    If you make a product for a system, as a developer you should have hands on experience of the systems. Another logic-less approach that told me long ago to keep my money.

    If you are a ps4 owner…you’re in for a beautiful looking but drastically unfinished game with good gameplay.


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