Heavy Rain dev: “We are exclusive to Sony”

Quantic Dream, the fabled developers of Heavy Rain say thy’re exclusive to Sony “right now”, even though they aren’t a first party developer for the firm. They might look into that option some day, though.

“”We are exclusive to Sony right now,” David Cage told IGN. “We’re open to all options [such as becoming a first-party studio], but again, we’re not a studio driven by money.

“It’s an important element, of course, but it’s not like ‘Tell me how much money you give me and I’m going to do whatever you want.'”

We know that Quantic Dream is currently working on a new game and hiring people to work on it. We also know that it’s not Heavy Rain 2.That’s about all we know.

Stay tuned to GB, we’ll keep you updated.

  • charles2029

    Heavy Rain was a great first step. Now it’s time to blow our minds Quantic Dream!

  • Musser64

    The graphics blew me away.

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