Hello Games, Not Sony, Reportedly Set $60 Price Point For No Man’s Sky

More bad vibes for Sean Murray and team.

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No Man's Sky

Since its launch, No Man’s Sky and the developers behind the game have been under almost constant fire from the gaming community. Most of that fire has centered around the fact that people believe the title did not live up to its promise.

Hello Games and Sean Murray will actually undergo investigation for false advertising because there are enough people out there that are frustrated that the game didn’t live up to what the company billed it as. At least part of the reason people are annoyed at what No Man’s Sky has become is because it was priced at a full $60.

Up until very recently, the decision to arrive at that price point was blamed on Sony but Geoff Keighly talked about the issue on his latest episode of his Live with YouTube Gaming show. On that show he talked about how he had quite a bit of communications with Hello Games and Sean Murray. Keighly said he told Murray months before it was released that they shouldn’t make it a full priced game. Keighly says he told Hello Games they should release No Man’s Sky on Early Access at a much lower price. In the video the man long associated with video games says he thinks this appraoch would have shown people what the game really is and tamped down unrealistic expectations.

Unfortunately for Hello Games, they decided to go ahead with their own ideas for No Man’s Sky and now it seems they’re paying the price.

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  • d0x360

    That’s total bs. Sony set the price and told Sean Murray exactly what to say and what not to say…they ruined this guy and his company for a quick buck and screwed gamers and other devs in the process.

    All hail Sony.

  • -youjustgotburned-

    Wow Sony has thrown Hello Games under the bus hard. What a great partner they are.

  • Luke Skywalker

    Wait is it devs who set prices for their games or publishers?

    • TPoppaPuff

      It’s ultimately publishers. Hello Games were the publishers of the Steam version, the PS4 digital version, but not the PS4 retail version. Ultimately, Sony was the ad agency and the manufacturer of discs than they were conventional publishers.

  • Michael

    Typical sony.

  • Simon Coope

    Sean said he will come on the show! Hello Sean is a liar, so that means he won’t appear on the show.

  • TPoppaPuff

    For all the people blaming Sony, although THEIR lies should also be held accountable, I’d like to point out that Sony was only the publisher of the PS4 RETAIL copy. Hello Games was the publisher of the Steam version as well as the PS4 digital version. Sony had no control in any way shape or form over the Steam edition and had very little power over the digital version on PS4, lest they open themselves to anti-trust laws. Sony could have theoretically coerced Hello Games to set that price at $60 an effectively put themselves under serious legal trouble, but more than likely since Hello Games decided to charge $60 and Sony signed off on it for the retail copy. And perhaps Sony’s advertising deal made it so Hello Games felt compelled to sell it at $60. Perhaps the retail/advertising deal made Hello Games scared they wouldn’t receive any money on the retail copy unless they jacked the price up to $60. That’s certainly a possibility that fear dictated Hello Games’ decision.

    In any event, however, it almost certainly Hello Games that ultimately decided to sell the game at $60.

    • Luke Skywalker

      it could go the way you said, but it could also go the way that Sony wanted to set the price at $60 in order to make back the money they poured in the studio for the 3 years and signed off with hello games to charge that price for online shops too. it becomes more evident when you ask yourself why would sony make a special edition boxset for the game and charge $80 for it??

    • TPoppaPuff

      Of course Sony made a special edition and charged $80. If Hello decided to charge $40, there would be a $60 special edition. If Hello charged $20, there would be a $40 edition. The fact that it’s $80 instead of any other number is irrelevant so long as it is $20 more than the base game. The only way it becomes evident that it was Sony pushing is if Hello decided against Sony’s wishes and charged $40 or less and Sony still charged $80. There’s nothing in the special edition that dictates the value needs to be set at least $80 to turn a profit.

    • Luke Skywalker

      And Sony could’ve charged $60 for the special edition too because you and I know that the game is not worth an AAA price tag….but guess what, it was Sony who said they’re treating it like triple A title and they priced it accordingly.

    • TPoppaPuff

      Because it fell in line with what Hello Games was charging on other SKUs, including digital and Steam. I agree the game isn’t worth $60. With all those refunds, I honestly hope/expect to see black friday sales of the game, including digital, at about $20.

  • Mr Xrat

    Who to believe, Geoff Keighley or a bunch of Xgimps and their petitions?

  • Bob Sacamanto

    Sony is now using its partners in the media like Geoff K and Gaming bolt to try and distance themselves from the abortion that is NMS. Shift as much of the blame to NMS as possible, yet when they were selling the game before launch, the games was the very embodiment of Sony greatness and influence, not possible without Sony it’s brilliance.

    • Mark

      “Abortion that is NMS” lmao. Good point tho. Even if Geoff spoke to Sean and he said he wants his game to be 60 bucks, that doesn’t mean Sony didn’t want the same…

    • TPoppaPuff

      Right except it didn’t matter what Sony wanted as it was ultimately Sean Murray who decided 2/3 of the retail prices which in effect means he dictated all three retail pricepoints.

    • Mark

      That makes sense. But I mean why would Sony sign a deal with Hello Games? Sony HAD to know how bad this game was, because they surely had some Q&A info from tests. So I can’t see them washing their hands from all the blood. However, they may not have anticipated this behaviour by Sean Murray when they first made a deal with him. So it mighta been too late for them to pull out once they knew about this stuff. I’m not bashing Sony, but they need to ensure they’d never sign a deal with an Indie for a pricetag of $60 again.

    • TPoppaPuff

      They made this deal a couple years ago, so yeah they knew the game was bad, like all games two years before launch, but they bet on Hello Games coming through and making an interesting game based on the tech demo they saw.

      I do absolutely agree though on the indie thing. Sony should have known better than to trust an indie dev to deliver a $60 product. It’s just not reasonable to assume they could do it.

    • TPoppaPuff

      No, the game wasn’t the embodiment of Sony greatness and influence if such a thing even exists. If it did, those qualities would still be there. Further, Sean Murray certainly didn’t have a Sony-esque polish. Sony’s “brilliance” in their inability to rein Sean Murray in and dictate terms of the release and pricepoint is the reason Sean Murray was allowed to essentially lie about what the game was. Sony gave the stage to a salesman who didn’t come off as a salesman. If anything Sony was just as likely hoodwinked as anybody up until the final delay.


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