Here’s How Destiny 2 On Xbox One S Holds Up To The PS4 Pro Version

It… holds up surprisingly well, actually.

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We’ve already talked about how Destiny 2 does on the PS4 Pro. But what about the Xbox build of the game? How does that hold up? While it is impossible to know for now how the game will perform on Microsoft’s supercharged Xbox One X, we can still at least see how it does on the Xbox One S, and compare it to the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions, right?

Thanks to this comparison video from CyCu1, we can see that the Xbox One S version actually holds up surprisingly well- most differences are rather difficult to spot, and I imagine it will necessitate pixel counting to try to figure out the proper resolution differences between this version and the PS4 version.

This also does seem to suggest, however, that the Xbox One X version may not fully plumb and utilize that system’s power- at this point, it is clear that Bungie is seeking to strike a mostly uniform experience across all systems, so while the Xbox One X version will definitely be nicer, don’t be too surprised if it’s not a stark, noticeable difference either.

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    Destiny 2 will run best on Xbox One X
    It will have the highest native resolution and the highest resolution textures do to the Xbox One X’s 6T GPU@1,172MHZ, 326GBPS memory bandwidth and it’s 9GB of GDDR5 reserved for developers

    • heima

      Yes, it would be like this if Bungie actually use the power of the X to achieve better results. Something tells me that they won’t.

    • Mr Xrat

      Kirk “Da-Rooster” Moron is the face of Xgimp desperation.

    • THE4point2TFLOPweakness

      The Xbox One X is the most powerful console you idiot lolololol

  • Jose Arcadio Morales

    Maybe fagstation potato is not as powerful as base model ?

    • Smart guy

      You’re wrong but what you said was funny lol

    • Mr Xrat

      Maybe bowl cut boy should get a girlfriend.

  • kee1haul

    Phil said S is the competitor for the Pro. He was right.

    • Mr Xrat

      Back to Twitter, Mark, you can beg Phil for those games he keeps promising.

    • THE4point2TFLOPweakness

      PS4 has no games. lololololol

  • I continue to believe Bungie will do right by the 1X and make it true 4K w/o checkerboarding. Doesn’t impact me either way though as I’m waiting until they release the Complete edition 2 years from now. Learned my lesson after Destiny 1 and their ridiculous DLC pricing for so little content…

    • doplerradar

      The amount of DLC and grinding for loot was the real killer for me. If you don’t pay for DLC, you felt left out. I got tired of doing the same missions many times without getting any better weapons and gear. At least in Halo 5, every time I played it I unlocked something new.

    • Yeah, which is why I’m waiting for the complete edition. When I saw they just gave away all prior DLC’s at the end, I was like – well, ain’t going to make that mistake again.

      I never did the whole grinding just to get pieces of armor though. IMHO that’s a waste of time, better spent playing other great games, which I did 🙂

      I did enjoy the story, for what little there was of it. Not sure Destiny 2’s story will have any weight though, looks like they are drastically reducing the scope and focusing primarily on the Cabal and nothing to do with the overarching threat of the darkness…

  • Tga215

    Not bad at all

  • Mr Xrat

    See, Xgimps? Parity across console versions. There is no conspiracy, just you being a bunch of untitled losers.

    • Fweds

      Poor old PS Protato struggling again, it’s a sad time to be a Protato owner, all that money wasted.

  • Fweds

    Poor old PS Protato struggling again, it’s a sad time to be a Protato owner, all that money wasted.

    • Smart guy

      That’s why if u get a ps4 u gotta get the base or slim. The semi pro is garbage.

  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    Exactly why Bungie won’t get a dime from me

  • THE4point2TFLOPweakness

    XboxOne S is at the same league as the Protato lololololol

  • Not that surprising.


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