Hideo Kojima Praises The Xbox One, May Integrate Kinect And SmartGlass In MGS 5

If he decides to include them, will it make the Xbox One version superior?

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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain was one of those rare games at E3 that actually looked like a next-gen game. Featuring a massive open world and giving rise to all new stealth options, The Phantom Pain promises to be one of the finest Metal Gear Solid games, if not the greatest.

For the last couple of years, Hideo Kojima has changed his stance on the way he represents Metal Gear Solid as a franchise. From having a soft corner for the PlayStation to showing off the latest Metal Gear Solid games at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, things have changed a lot at Kojima Productions. And why not? A franchise as historic and celebrated should be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Hideo Kojima is all praise for the Xbox One. He thinks that the system is powerful and the graphics on it will be amazing.

“I am really looking forward to the graphics power it is capable off,” he said.

He is also interested in SmartGlass, stating that using it and  “different devices to bring the hardcore gameplay to different kind of media” is something he is “really looking forward to.”

Contarary to popular opinion he is all praise for the new Kinect and he may integrate it in Metal Gear Solid 5.

“The Kinect itself brings a lot of different capabilities as well and I will like to see what I can do with the voice command, and the movement with the gestures and see what we can do with that,” he said  in an interview via Major Nelson’s Xbox channel.

Will the inclusion of Kinect and Smart Glass capabilities in the Xbox One version of MGS 5 provide a significant, interesting twist to the stealth mechanics we know and love?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • gamerguy

    Kojima has become such a whore, its sickening! The new MGS will be a good game I’m sure, but will not have that classic MGS feeling you get with MGS1 and MGS3! All PS1/2 players know what I’m talking about!

    • slumdog hundredaire

      Yeah, because Metal Gear was never on the NES or MDX computer right…?!

    • gamerguy

      No! Because those platform games are VERY different to the ones that came out on the PS mate (that’s the era I’m talking about). That ‘classic’ MGS feel I’m talking about is MGS1 and 3 buddy. I never said MGS was never on NES or MDX.

    • slumdog hundredaire

      #1 What does the classic feeling have to do with Sony or Microsoft?
      #2 The classic MGS gameplay was getting stale by MGS4. MGS needs to evolve and Kojima seems to be doing that.

    • gamerguy

      1# The classic feel of MGS is in the PS2 era!

      2# Did you see me mention MGS4? Is MGS4 on the PS2?

      NO – to both mate. As I said above: “I’m talking about is MGS1 and 3 buddy”

    • slumdog hundredaire

      Fair enough 🙂

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    i was a fanboy but i took an arrow to the knee, and became a fanman

  • first off mgs4 or whatever wasn’t on xbox 360 because of lack of bluray. nothing else no other reason.
    also the fact that kinect will ship with every xbox one means that devs will utilize it in some capacity. smartglass i think snake has a digital device he uses for hacking.
    seriously don’t get mad because microsoft made kinect a part of the xbox one, be mad at sony for not making ps eye a part of the playstation.

  • jacksjus

    He said he would see what they can do. In otherwords don’t bank on it. The Kinect and Move were supposed to implemented on the last Metal Gear game that came out a few months ago. Tell us how that idea went.

  • Timothy Monica

    I’m glad the developer is excited about using some new features with Kinect and Smartglass can’t wait to see what they implement.

  • Timothy Monica

    Glad the developers are excited about Kinect and Smartglass. Also, the visuals in this game are amazing. Can’t wait to play it.

  • Jack Slater

    After the billion $ microsoft ‘invested’ on ‘games’ and the first wave of fat cheques that studios and developers did get, we should prepare ourselves to see more of the ‘side effects’ :
    -studios like avalanche that praise the xboner and say their game on console will look even better than the PC version, the azure cloud that should triple the framerate, and the game could not be done on other systems
    – kojima that must have received a triple-cheese fat cheque, and must have been fist-f’ed so deep, that he’s like in heaven, like a girl that has her first orgasm and falls in love, and will praise microsoft like nobody. Soon he will say graphics look 7.5 times better on the xbone than ps4

    Other studios will follow, as soon as their bank accounts start getting real fat

    We can already know which multiplatform games will perform better on the xbone, even if studios have +50% more power available on the ps4. Suddenly, when ps4 games should look far better, with almost 1extra tflops left, that would almost allow games on the ps4 to be twice as big, twice the framerate, 2 times better textures, 2 times less compression,etc, well, surprisely, the developers, thinking about microsoft cheque, will suddenly forget how to code on the ps4, and the game will look better on microsoft console.

    And then, there will be the classic Sony haters, like ign,gamespot, forbes,polygon,etc, and they will release countless shitty articles about how bad the ps4 is, and how amazing the xbone is, and will ask people to run and grab a xbone, because it’s much better because it can do tivi and spoilers. The same crap, like they did with the ps3.

    Like The last of us, the game everybody is praising, where it is impossible to not praise it, but the same paid websites, like forbes, who always have to crap on everything related to Sony, they will make articles like a few days ago, where they still manage to crap on Sony and their great games, with an article ‘ The last of us isn’t a game with choices’. Hey, useless pos : get microsoft cheques, praise the xbone like you are paid to, but stop shitting on Sony. Too much of that hate crap since 2005, it’s time to stop crapping on anything Sony, and give it a rest, OK, losers?

    I have a feeling the same shit will just continue: studios get fat cheques, make the xbone the leading console for development, totally screw the ps4 version, don’t use its extra power on the ps4,etc, and instead of having a game almost 2 times better on the ps4, not only it won’t be better, but the ps4 version will look much worse than the Xbox one version, just because microsoft said ‘make both versions look the same, or slightly better on the xbone, regardless of the 50% extra power of the ps4’.

    So, ps4 people, you thought it would change thing gen? Wrong. Prepare yourselves for the same ps3-x360 shit, with the same shitty ports, unoptimised versions, and shitloads of hate across million forums, and countless articles shitting on Sony, and hundreds of Xbox one: 9.5/10, ps4: 9.49999999999999/10, so gamers go and buy the best version.
    Yeah, hate is hate.
    Crap is crap.whether it’s a game, a review,a paid journalist or website.

  • Lee


  • tim

    Dam a lot of sony fan boys everywhere lol. But I’m done with sony and there bullshit. Just like the ps3 was capable of 2.5 teraflops my ass. Talk about questilnonh microsoft. But know one dare question sony or there a dumb fanboy gtfo. Went through 3 ps3 and 4 currupted harddrives for it and even two sony tvs. Sony is trash. With horrible customer service


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