Homefront PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs PC: Stunning HD Comparision

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We have found some screens that pit the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the newly released Homefront together, in 1080P. Check out the screens below, and don’t forget to leave your comments!

NOTE: Please click the image in a new window to see it in full screen

Comparison 1

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  • PrivatePyle

    The second pic is a good capture.
    Really shows how PC still takes the cake on this game.
    Is Crytek not familiar with the PS3 hardware or something? It looks terrible.
    Feels like they trying to pull audiences away from consoles and onto PC’s, cause I know for a fact PS3 is much more capable of looking better than that.

    • PrivatePyle

      My bad, this is Homefront, I lost my train of thought when I was looking at the pictures. Not Crytek, THQ. But I know they’re familiar with PS3, so what’s the deal?
      You can delete one of these comments by the way, just wanted to clear that up so I didn’t sound like a fool.

    • shastyxmcnasty

      thats cool… but I hear ya, I’m not impressed by either console’s performance on this one. Especially on pic 2 with the face close-up. We all know that both consoles are capable of much higher detail. Think about the amount of detail on Batman in Arkham Asylum on both consoles. To me this game seems sloppy and rushed (based on all the reviews I’ve read) to cash in ion the COD hype

    • bman128

      Well to be fair most of the reviews docked the game majorly because of the single player and a bit on the graphics. The multiplayer looked decent although I have heard snipers dominate for now. Seemed more like Bad Company than COD if you ask me.

    • jbg0623

      Really PrivatePyle? Dude they had to include an extra photo for the Xbox because of texture delays. That’s where you walk into a room and everything looks smooth as if you were sold an unfinished game. I think PS3 takes the cake on this one, at least between the two consoles. PC seems to always be on top but that’s because processors, graphics cards, and memory varies from PC to PC.

    • tareq salah

      yea its strange that with the ps3 power the pics look kinda outdated.

  • Screens and vids don’t show how ugly this game really is. Its fucking disgusting, PS1 level visuals.

  • doub7

    I have heard so many ppl complainin bout the graphics on this game. I don’t really understand it. I played thru the 1st 2 lvls on the hardest diff on the 360 & I thought it looked fine. The visuals r very moody & create a good atmoshphere 4 the story. Its no killzone 3, uncharted 2 or crysis pc but looks fine imo. Comparing it 2 an eye gouging PS1 game is a little extreme I think.

  • tareq salah

    i tend to compare graphics between 2 different games on one system. i have a ps3 and i’ll buy the game on ps3.

    to me exclusives can make me switch consoles, not graphics.


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