How Far Has The PS3 Exclusive Franchise Resistance Evolved Visually?

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Resistance Fall of Man was the best PlayStation 3 launch game and was a commercial as well as critical success for Insomaniac Games. Ever since, along with the Killzone franchise, Resistance has become the flagship title for the PlayStation 3. Resistance 2 was a huge leap from Fall of Man, with improvements all around in the visuals, gameplay and online department.
If you guys remember we did a screenshot comparison between Resistance 2 and Resistance 3 which was loved by many of our readers. Someone emailed me requesting to do a comparison for all the three games. This article is not only a proof that each Resistance game has improved upon it’s predecessor but also shows us that when developers are given more time with a hardware, they seem to produce visually stunning games.

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  • lol

    those were one of the worst pictures I’ve every seen horrible fucking quality

  • “Resistance 2 was a huge leap from Fall of Man, with improvements all around in the visuals, gameplay and online department.”

    Absolutely no. Uglier game that lost all it’s atmophere and charm. Gameplay terrible, no weapon wheel, worse enemies, the most pathetic overhyped waste of time and polygons boss battles. Online was a travesty to the loyal fans who went straight back to RFoM.

    You don’t speak for the majority of Resistance players. The sequel was universally hated. How it scored higher in reviews than the original and also Killzone 2 is a disgrace. Its not often I agree with Edge Magazine but they were spot on indentifying the mediocrity of the product.

    Instead of gaining more Resistance supports they lost what they had to begin with and to be honest I doubt I’ll pick up this game anywhere near it’s release. No excitement in this game dispute their reassurances that it’s returning to it’s origins.

    Resistance FoM 9/10. Resistance 2 6/10.

    • lukepc92

      I totally agree man i was gutted when i got it, after all the hype it was a total let down

  • Res. 3 screenshots are pretty bad. Res. 2 looks better in every comparison.

    • because the picture selection was very poor. R3 looks much better if you see it in action, than any other title.

      It’s amazing to see this kind of progression, when other consoles like the 360 have seen their titles deteriorate over time. Seriously, what exclusives do they even have left besides the tired same-ol’ Gears 3?

    • yeah they should’ve waited a little more (for the comparison) for better Res. 3 screenshots to come by. I mean check out the Res. 3 chimera (2nd image), it’s ugly!

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  • I said it before my hope its that one day gaming bolt will do a decent comparison.

    I can’t die before that.


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