Ignore All GTA6 Rumors You Saw Today- They Are Fake

“I’m being trolled badly.”

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A spate of GTA6 rumors broke out today, based on the résumé of a stunt actor, Tim Neff, who purportedly performed motion capture work on Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 6– and as you can imagine, this led to a flurry of excitement and speculation online. GTA6? Could it actually be happening?

As it turns out, these rumors were false. If the blatant and glaring errors in the resume (such as misspelling mercenary as mercinary) were not enough to give the gig away, Neff himself has cleared the air to PCGamesN, denying the authenticity of the documents in a statement. “That isn’t my page, account or résumé. I don’t even know that website. I worked on GTA 5 a long time ago and haven’t done anything since. Sorry for the confusion. It seems I’m being trolled online really badly,” he said.

Now, of course, GTA6 itself will probably happen eventually- I wouldn’t worry about that. It may even be in the works right now. But if Mr. Neff is to be believed, then whatever GTA6 turns out to be will be entirely unrelated to this rumor that did break out today.

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  • Holeybartender

    Why worry about if GTA 6 will happen? We need to worry about what’s going to happen to GTA period.We all know GTA 6 is online only bound and the death of a singleplayer story is inevitable. Rockstar is too busy racking in billions and having blood orgies to…a…to a…rock..star…er..yeah…racking in billions to take the time to focus on a well developed storyline for GTA 6. We can’t even get singleplayer DLC from them, which at the beginning was once a big deal for it’s fans and probably still is, so why should we expect a singleplayer story in GTA 6?

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