Incredible Half Life Secrets That You Probably Don’t Know

Take a trip back to Black Mesa and City 17.

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With E3 around the corner, many fans as always, anticipate the announcement of Half Life 3, and each and every year we get disappointed, so much so that we have given up hope. However there are a few that still hold on to that promise that maybe this year will be the year when the legendary game will be announced.

With that said, many hardcore fans are not aware of some of the secrets of the Half Life series. Mainly because the world, story and characters are so deep, that there are many hidden gems that not many people discover. Here are some facts and secrets that will make you even more excited for Half Life 3.

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Note: List is in random order.

Breen was the administrator of Black Mesa and had a hand in the Black Mesa Incident

Not many people were aware of this, but Dr Breen was the administrator of Black Mesa, and hence when the player heard statements from fellow scientists like “The administrator has gone through great lengths to acquire this sample” the scientist’s were talking about the same person; Dr Breen. This begs the question if Dr Breen was in cahoots with the G-man, and knew  what would happen in the test chamber, and of that experiment would eventually mean the end of the world.

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  • El Dude

    Actually, that’s not the gravity gun, it’s the physics gun, it lets you manipulate all kind of objects referred to the Source Engine, it’s the same one used in Garry’s Mod. If you continue watching the video, you’ll see the actual Gravity Gun, which has limited object manipulation in comparison to the physics gun.

    • Pajama Sam

      Much of this article was pretty bad. Many of the entries were about parts of the game that the average player would have found out just by playing it, of course Nihilanth was aware of Gordon, Dr. Evil was aware of Austin Powers… and I’m surprised he got a doctorate. “Barney has a fear of headcrabs”, who doesn’t? It’s apparent during his interaction with Lamar. An achievement isn’t a secret that many people don’t know. Others didn’t explain what the entry was about, how exactly does the fact that Gordon Freeman survived a group of Vortiguants during the Resonance Cascade explain that the G-Man created him? There are some pretty cool tidbits in this list though, had no idea that they made a coffee table book. All in all, the list could have been much shorter.

  • Graham Ian Mann Gogs

    The one free bullet was an easy achievement, the one where you had to get the gnome into space was a killer.


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