Indie Dev Kobra Games May Have Landed Itself In A Lot Of Trouble

It all culminates with them removing their game from Steam Greenlight.

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This is actually a bit of a long story, a sort of puzzler, so hold on to your seats tight, because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Kobra Games is an indie game developer, who put up its game, Island Light, on Steam Greenlight. So far, nothing unusual. The game was, like so many games on Steam these days (and especially on Greenlight or Early Access), less than stellar, and so got called out for that in reviews. Yep, so far so good.

The bizareness starts right about now. You see, people who posted negative reviews on Youtube of the game started getting strikes against their accounts- this is a pretty serious thing, a strike puts your account in bad standing, and makes it liable to be deleted- the strikes being for ‘copyright infringement’ even though all footage was footage used solely for reviews. The fact that these were issued only for accounts with bad reviews on them makes it all the more suspicious.

Unfortunately, one of these accounts happened to belong to Jim Sterling. And if there is one constant in the gaming industry, it’s that you don’t exactly fuck with Jim Sterling.

The situation spiraled out of control when someone realized that the game’s logo seems to have been directly copied from the work of an uncredited DeviantArt user.

The situation completely went out of control, with the comments on the game’s page being rather… vocal. All of this culminated in the developers simply delisting the game from Steam entirely.

Huh. Okay then.

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  • d0x360

    Copyright strikes SUCK. I had one this morning. I posted a gameplay video of last of us ps4 and because it had about 5 seconds worth of the games theme song in it the company that released the games sound track flagged it immediately. I have since edited the video, I chopped about 15 seconds out of the original 15 min runtime. I removed the bit of the music before the Sony logo and the other bit right before the last of us logo after the games heart braking into scenes.

    Having these strikes against your account automatically makes it so when you post a video it enters into a review queue and has to be approved by someone at YouTube. This process can take anywhere from 48 hours to 4 weeks and if they require more information from you then you can add another week at least. For people who make a living with YouTube this is extremely detrimental especially because the window for making said money is best right at release of a game and quickly drops off. Luckily I don’t make money this way but plenty of people do.

    This company should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for many reason. First its not a violation of the law to review a game. Ita fair use. Second this is a scum thing to do just to hide a bad review and for reasons I stated above.

    The worst thing is this incident is just going to massively increase the negative exposure of this game. I don’t watch Jim sterling but you can bet your last dollar I’ll be watching this review tomorrow morning.

    I will also email the company to express my utter sickness at their foul attitude and bad treatment of gamers and the press.


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