Insider Clarifies Reports About New PS4 Firmware, Sony Have Interesting Things Planned For GamesCom

Industry insider clarifies about the firmware update and teases for an interesting Gamescom.

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A few days ago there was a report stating that Sony are working on a new firmware update and it will be released soon. The report stated that Tidux, an industry insider was testing the firmware. However it seems that the report was all wrong as Tidux has published a clarification.

He tweeted that a publication that misread Tidux’s tweet got it all wrong and there is no firmware update coming anytime soon. I personally went through Tidux’s twitter feed and apparently there was nothing which indicates that he was teasing a new update for the PlayStation 4.

Secondly he is also positive that Sony will show interesting stuff at GamesCom, although he does not explicitly states what they will show. Last year, Sony had a decent showing at Gamescom with a bunch of new announcements. So it will be interesting to see what they will show at this year’s event and whether they have any surprises in store.

As usual take this report with a grain of salt but Tidux has a solid track record so far, his prediction about Uncharted 4 trailer set in a tropical area was pretty much spot on. GamesCom takes place in August and GamingBolt will be there to cover the show.

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  • Jason Tanner

    In other news Kaz farted during a Sony Stock Holder’s meeting. Silent but deadly. We’ll keep you apprised of any updates to the story as they occur.

  • Anders

    Escape Plan Developer FunBits just teased an upcoming game announcement on Twitter. We could see them at the SCEE gc show if they’re staying with Vita and PlayStation.

  • Anders

    Polyphony Digital, Media Molecule, Sony Bend, Guerrilla Games, Japan Studios and even Sony Santa Monica could be ½-1½ years from releasing their next games.

  • DNA

    Clearly, for Gamescom, Sony will be busting out more detailed Morpheus information, possibly premiering a few new games, most likely ones designed for the Morpheus and of course we’ll see a full length (with gameplay) trailer for Uncharted 4.

    • Georges

      KillStrain has got to turn up somehow

  • Bozo Sapien

    tidux is a fraud anyway just like thuway, cboat and all the other nonsense insiders.

    • DarthDiggler

      Has anyone done a report on their accuracy? I think that would be far more informative than just deeming them all frauds. 🙂 Obviously they have been right some of the time or they wouldn’t get any coverage.

    • Bozo Sapien

      Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

    • TidalPhoenix

      But wrong the other 1438 times. So I guess if your claim is that the ratio of right to wrong is the same for these insiders you would have a point. Do you have such data to hand on their accuracy versus predictions?

    • Bozo Sapien

      What difference would it make if I provided data? You wouldn’t believe me anyway because I’m not an “insider.” lol

    • TidalPhoenix

      I believe anything you say 🙂 You’ve got an honest face (despite the red hooter)

    • not necessarily true. Shinobi from FL is almost always spot on.

  • Ahmz Cro

    NTKRNL was never wrong, best insider ever.

  • ConsolesLOL

    What Solid track rating?

    Network update? NEVER HAPPENED

    Titanfall PS4? NEVER HAPPENED

    taking place in a “Tropical Area”? We got a real sherlock here. Most of the
    series takes place in a tropical area like the entire first game.

    Sony shills pretending to be “insiders” is hilarious.


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