Insider Clarifies Xbox Acquisition Rumors, Deal Will Take Years To Lock Down ‘If’ It Happens

“I passed on a rumor that is being taken way more seriously than I imagined.”

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Earlier today there were rumors all around the inter-webs about potential talks between Microsoft and Amazon in regards to selling off the former’s Xbox One division. However, the insider, famousmortimer who revealed this rather shocking rumor has clarified his statements.

He believes that people are taking the rumor way more seriously than he  imagined. “What am I creating fud for? I own an xbox one and quite enjoy it. Am I trying to sabotage myself?  I passed on a rumor that is being taken way more seriously than I imagined. That’s it. No need for Tinfoil hats,” he said on GAF.

He also revealed that he was in touch with someone from Microsoft about this deal but even if it happens, it will literally take years. “Am I being trolled? The original person to tell me might have been, I thought. I followed up with others. They said the same thing. Basically the scuttlebutt around D.I.C.E was that this made sense, one looking to dump, another looking to acquire. Then I talked to someone at ms that said there have been talks but it’s not even close to a done deal and if it does get done it will take years,” he said.

He also commented on several sites picking up his quotes and mis-representing it as if the deal is confirmed. ” I thought a few people would find it entertaining that this is a current rumor and now there are sites saying that I’m saying that Microsoft is selling xbox to Amazon. Like I said before I don’t put enough stock in this to even make a thread myself. I really wish this one was closed. I take the blame, I have serious self-awareness problems as I have no idea that I can even cause a commotion like this.”

Given that the Xbox One is doing well and Microsoft is continuously investing in buying out exclusives for the Xbox One [Gears of War and Titanfall], we think this rumor should be taken with a massive grain of salt.

Update: Chief of Staff for Devices and Studios Group at Microsoft, Aaron Greenberg has given an update on the situation. He thinks this rumor is ridiculous. As mentioned above, this rumor was indeed taken more seriously than intended.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • jon3286

    If Microsoft sells I would be very disappointed they got this ship in the right direction a few years ago to give it to another company that has no game in the game industry I would probly switch to PC gaming

    • HyperionLight
    • You are flat out wrong

      Aaron Greenberg, a man who manages to be even more loathsome than Penello and Mehdi, running damage control? What a shock.

    • HyperionLight

      Damage control for something even the great Dodd is calling a rumor?

      But if you want to talk about loathsome people than why don’t we talk about Shuhei “so stupid” Yoshida and the rlod damage control.

    • You are flat out wrong

      LMAO, that overblown FUD that disappeared after a few days? You can try. The world will only laugh at you. 🙂

      Don’t worry, Xbot, Amazon will do a much better job with Xbox than Microshit has. MS can go back to making decent OS’. We all win.

    • andy

      Because Microsoft know exactly what they are doing when it comes to hardware? They can’t even get software right which is SUPPOSED to be their thing since forever.

    • Nope the software is pretty good, buy an Xbox One before making big assumptions.

    • Brian Lee

      Oh you mean ui that can be laborious to tread through or voice recognition that only wirks half the time? I think he was right.

    • Seems like you don’t have one either.

    • HyperionLight

      Exactly! Sony knew what they were doing with the ps3 that’s why they created the cell that devs all over the world fell in love with and then there is even the fact that the ps division is the most prominent one as it never encumbered any loss.

      And of course the simple fact that there are zero problems with the ps4 /s

  • aeris bueller

    I don’t think Nintendo can afford it, but I’d prefer Nintendo to get it. Anyone but MS or Apple would be better for the game industry as a whole than MS. Or maybe Ballmer’s replacement can inject some culture of consumer respect, or give some power to someone in xbox division that can have a 60 second conversation about games without talking about monetization and microtransactions.

    • Redridge07 .

      why would anyone be better than MS for gaming ???? you do know that gaming is the junction of software and hardware ….. who is the largest software giant on the planet?

    • aeris bueller

      because they make OS’s and MS Office they understand games and gamer needs and wants? Anyone is better than MS for gaming, because they’ve helped foster and encourage some of the slimiest tactics that have taken hold over the last generation.

      They introduced the online paywall, which is still BS even when Sony has to do it to keep up. If you followed developers closely during the early part of last gen, you’ll also know that they are responsible for encouraging, bullying, and tricking many once decent companies into becoming DLC machines. They also engage in anti-competitive tactics nonstop.

      And in ANY interview with ANYONE from MS, you can see a complete disconnect from gamers and gamedevs. They don’t understand them, they don’t talk or think like them, and often times they don’t even seem to like them. Aside from providing the competition that Nintendo didn’t last gen on the power front, I’d say xbox360 was one of the worst things to happen to the game industry. Fortunately, alot of former xbox fans have jumped ship this gen, which is why it seems like everyone is a Sony fanboy nowadays.

    • Redridge07 .

      Sounds like you just got to earth … the xbox, and xbox360 were wildly successful. Additionally, the xbox one will be very successful.

      Welcome back to earth, hope that catches you up.

    • aeris bueller

      yeah, I keep forgetting that the only thing that should matter to gamers is that Microsoft makes alot of money.

    • Redridge07 .

      and the japanese dont make any money?

    • Lacerz

      Actually, the Xbox division of Microsoft is among the least profitable. It does turn a profit, which puts it above the Surface and Bing, but the profit (in terms of Microsoft) is so negligible, it doesn’t help Microsoft that much. Spinning Xbox off into its own company (along with selling of Surface and Bing) would allow Microsoft to focus on where the real money is. Xbox would still exist, and contracts would be in place between Microsoft and Xbox to maintain the current support, they would simply exist as two separate companies. This would benefit both companies, as well as the shareholders.

      Look at ConocoPhillips as an example. ConocoPhillips was one of the top 5 companies in the the U.S. (beating out Microsoft). They spun off their very successful downstream industry into Phillips 66. Now both are doing very well, and the shareholders have seen the value of their stock increase dramatically. Around the time of the split, COP shares were trading at around $70. At the split, every COP shareholder got 1 share of Phillips 66 stock for every 2 shares of COP held. Since the split, those shareholders have seen the value of their stock go from $70, to $90-100. If you’re a major shareholder, that’s significant. Think about it. 100,000 shares and you just made $3,000,000.00. 1,000,000 shares and you made $30 million.

      That’s why shareholders want this… and with that type of money in play, I would expect it to happen.

    • john smith

      You need to grow up. Sony had their own version of DRM ready to go before they had witnessed all the negativity that MS had gotten. Everything you mentioned Sony does too! Don’t believe me? Google it and educate yourself with facts instead of spreading bullshit typical of a fanboy loser.

    • Yep and Sony is so squeaky clean and humble hey AB? Guess you forget about Kaz Hirai and the PS3 launch. Talk about a pompous a$$. Bottom line is one’s as bad as the other because of their bottom lines.

    • aeris bueller

      nah, but at least they seem like they like games. Also, they learn from their mistakes, and have improved pretty much everything gamers and devs complained about last gen. MS is on another level of crappiness

    • Your fanboyness always shines through ab. Sony tried to mail the PS3 in as an automatic and it blew up in their faces and took a long time to recover because they thought they could charge whatever they wanted and the masses would flock towards it. I see you think the same way. Sony is a business, that’s all they are, just like MS or Sega. They don’t give a $hit about anything but making money. Fanboys should take their rose colored glasses because competition is what brings innovation and creativity and keeps costs respectable. What do you think $ony would charge if they were the only game maker? Neo Geo ring a bell?

    • Brian Lee

      NEO GEOs problem was far more then just price. No Games. Bad marketing. I was an unfortunate person to own one even six months after people would see it and say “What is that?” But yeah ps3 did have a high price tag but they were trying to sell something more advanced then was needed at the time and they undercharged by about $300. So they were trying to still sell at a reasonable price considering how much they spent to create it. While xbone rushes to get their system out and gives you almost the same identical game system with inferior tech but with TV. And try to charge whatever they want because they think people will flock as you say.

  • Redridge07 .

    Never trust any one that uses the term inter webs …

  • kevin

    Good news

    • Redridge07 .

      why good news?

    • aeris bueller

      because MS Xbox division is bad for the game industry

    • Isn’t there a Sony suck up site that way >>>>>>>you can resume your love affair with along with all the other cheerleaders.

    • You are flat out wrong

      You sound upset that someone can correctly identify Xbox as cancer.

    • Why are you even on this post troll, it says xbox, not Sony?

    • aeris bueller

      because I have an opinion about the topic I feel strongly about, and I wanted to share it with my fellow gamers. I understand that it’s probably hard to read my thoughts, as they ring with truth, and you’re already set back $500, so you’re in it for the long haul, but there are plenty of gamers on the fence who haven’t made that mistake yet. Also, there are gamers who agree with some of my thoughts, and it’s nice to engage in the solidarity in what we believe is beneficial or detrimental to the game industry, or just what sucks or rocks.

      I get that you’ve seen me on a few xbox articles lately, but that’s because those are the articles I’ve been linked to or stumbled upon lately, and felt compelled to express an opinion counter to what was there already. If you’ll notice there’s an awful lot of devs, reviewers, analysts, and commenters with negative things to say about xbox one’s performance, indie policies, etc. You’ll also notice there is a larger percentage of ps to xbox players this gen. I guess in your mind the new converts are all sony fanboys and trolls as well. In any case, I’ll go ahead and comment on anything I damn well please. I didn’t sign an exclusivity contract on Sony articles, and I don’t own a ps4.

    • kevin

      cause competition invokes creativity and innovation, plus it my preferred console of choice .

  • minixjo2010

    “Xbox One is doing well”…. lol wut?

    • Psionicinversion

      it is doing well, just cus ps4 is doing better doesnt mean its a failure, if they hadnt sold 1million by now then it would be considered a failure

    • Brian Lee

      Xbone only did well in 2013 because all the early adopters but now xbone sales have slowed to a crawl. I see another dreamcast.

  • Johnny

    Wow really? Trying a little to hard to get clicks guess it’s working. Hahaha

  • lil_lep

    The truth about famousmortimer and all SDF! Everybody knows what you people are all about. All of you are not fooling anybody. As far the internet, this what it thinks of you. The word is spreading and people are talking. Keep it up. You’ll collapse under your own gluttonous inducing weight of lies. 😉

    • Awesome

    • chava

      Is that for sony fanboys or ms PR?

    • Jeremy

      Greatness Awaits

    • Dennis Crosby

      You have to love how he’s trying to save himself from embarrassment but it to late

    • You are flat out wrong

      You are aware the whole Internet still thinks you and the rest of the Xbots are cancer, right?

    • You are flat out wrong

      Makes me laugh that some butthurt Xbitch went to the time and effort to sh*t that up. Then again, it’s not like you have games to play to fill your time with.

  • jimstarooney

    I still cant believe people listen to this clown still.the biggest’look at me, look at me’self centred attention seeker since Paris hilton learnt how to put night vision on her fans you are really making yourself look stupid by citing this idiots fud as gospel

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  • David Nelson

    We know Xbox Division is a monetary black hole so it’s not out of the realm of possibility, plus it’s common for businesses to talk to each other about theoretical sales even when there’s no interest in selling. It builds better partnerships in the end. Purchasing properties and setting up new studios could be a way to inflate the cost and make it more worthwhile, you wouldn’t want to sell a console with just a handful of exclusives.

  • “I passed on a rumor that is being taken way more seriously than I imagined.” Oh really Microsoft selling Xbox, what they’re known for is a big deal?

  • You are flat out wrong

    Mortimer owns an Xbone and like Titanflop. What now, Xbox losers?


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