Insiders Claim Microsoft Will Be Outing New Hardware At E3 2016

Scorpio or Slim? Take your pick

Posted By | On 08th, Jun. 2016 Under News

Xbox One Elite

New insider information from shinobi602. After giving us the inside scoop on Bethesda’s likely Skyrim remaster, shinobi602’s turned his attention to Microsoft’s E3 showing, and specifically the Xbox One. In a H.AM. podcast, shinobi602 said “yeah I’d say they expect it there. Some hardware, I’ll say to expect hardware [during Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference] for sure.”  Shinobi602 has been a reliable source of inside information in the past, and considering that E3’s only days away, and not month’s, we’re fairly confident about the credibility of this rumour (heck, we get info under NDA a week before D-Day all the time.)

The rumour mill’s been rife with discussion about the Xbox Scorpio, an alleged mid-cycle hardware update set to compete with Sony’s PS4 Neo. However, the consensus appears to be that, while the PS4 Neo will likely have an E3 showing, Microsoft will be outing a Slim model of the Xbox One, with the Scorpio set to drop next year.

Shinobi602 was fairly vague when he mentioned the new Microsoft hardware, so we’re inclined to think he’s talking about the Slim hardware update and not Scorpio. Whatever it turns out to be, we’re very excited to see new Microsoft and Sony hardware this  year. Stay tuned!

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  • kee1haul

    Slim. Scorpio will be next year.

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