Is Crysis 2 the best looking PlayStation 3 game to date?

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There has been a lot of talk about how Crysis 2 looks like on the PlayStation 3. I have also heard some people stating that Crysis 2 does not look as good as the Xbox 360 version. We have reviewed the Xbox 360 version and are currently playing the PlayStation 3 review code and in my opinion both the versions are absolutely similar.

Crysis 2 is also the best looking game on the PlayStation 3 yet and in order to prove this we have taken 60 screens captured at 720P.

Check them out below and I am pretty sure some of them will literally make your jaws drop.


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  • This article i see only infuriates ps3 fanboys, but i will agree its really hard to top killzone 3 and im running crysis 2 on my 360, but sheer variety of environment and functionality makes crysis 2 the winner. I left killzone 3 like i did killzone 2. Bored as hell. It was like watching avatar for the second time.

  • Crysis2 on ps3 is technically superior to Killone3… FULL STOP. killzone3 cheats a hell of a lot by skimping on tech features.
    killzone3 does not have the following tech features that Crysis2 has…
    – Global Illumination
    – Bokeh Filter
    – HDR Lighting

    Overall killzone3 is technically inferior to Crysis2… so Crysis2 has the BEST graphics engine on the ps3 for a shooter.

    However, the Art Direction is better on killzone3. The devs have been very clever using loads old ps2 tricks right across the board on the ps3. It’s very clever stuff… that Art Team rocks… but technically… sorry, you have to hand the crown to Crysis2.

    • It’s engine is superior, but you’ve got things mixed up: it’s not graphically superior on the PS3.
      If it was, it would run better than KZ3, but it doesn’t.
      Screenshots are a huge lie because they can’t reproduce constant 15FPS framerate drops in action-packed scenes.
      I enjoyed Crysis 2 more than KZ3 by a milestone, but Crysis 2 really needs to skimp down graphically for the PS3 to be able to handle it. The game looks phenomenal, but maybe tone down some textures to the CoD level just for the point of running better? Nobody would really care, we’re not textural trolls on the PS3 like PC gamers are.

  • subhD, zero AA, drops to 15 fps, massive LOD problems.

  • While the ‘best’ parts of Crysis 2 (when you’re a decent distance from the textures, and not on the move, and it has an opportunity to take advantage of its stellar lighting) are as good as the top-notch PS3 exclusives (Uncharted 2, Killzone 3), it can’t match their consistency – there are other times when it has some pretty obvious pop-in, (relatively) low-res textures, and limited environmental effects.

    But Uncharted 2 is a clear notch above this, and KZ3 is most of the time. Crysis 2 is still a great looking game – there’s plenty of room to be below U2 and KZ3 and look good – but it is absolutely not the best looking PS3 game. Best multiplat probably though.

    • 100% agree. It has it’s moments where it’s ahead of other graphical monsters, but they are few and far between. Low-res textures, pop-in (especially on the PS3 version), and inconsistent framerates truly dampen the experience.

      I stand by my sentiments that God of War III is still console graphics king, but I can understand most saying it is (currently) Killzone 3 on PS3. It’s just, without a doubt, not Crysis 2.

  • It does look good, I’ll concede that. But Uncharted 2 looks absolutely gobsmacking – and I’ve heard that (at least in the PS3 version) Crysis2 drops to as low as 20fps. That is simply unacceptable, regardless of lighting/large backdrops and nice colouring (yes, I’m Australian).

    I would say 1. Uncharted 2, 2. Killzone 3, 3. FFXIII, 4. Crysis 2 – And before you ask, YES I’ve seen them all first hand.

    Sidenote, I have more fun and excitement in 60fps games regardless of resolution which is why I still play Cod MW2 to this day if I want to shoot guns. Graphics aren’t everything.

  • seriously not impressed with crysis 2 graphics, it doesnt make me go whoa!! like heavy rain, god of war, uncharted 2 did!

  • So if the PS3 and 360 versions are similar, we know 2 things:

    1) This is by far the best looking game on the 360 by miles
    2) That can’t be true, since the best looking PS3 titles cannot be pulled off on the 360. It would be impossible for both console versions to be comparable, and this being the best PS3 visual title, since again, the PS3 visuals for years cannot be done on the 360. Look at Uncharted, Killzone, etc. etc. etc.


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