Is Microsoft Preparing an Xbox One Elite?

New SKU of the Xbox One may be inbound.

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Microsoft may be preparing an all new SKU of their Xbox One console, a recent listing on Walmart’s website seems to indicate. The listing is for an ‘Xbox One Elite,’ and while it completely lacks any other details of any kind, we think it might not be hard to understand what it might entail. We may be looking at a 1TB SKU of the Xbox One, with the recently announced Xbox One Elite Controller included.

That would certainly make it the ultimate configuration of the Xbox One (and one certainly befitting the ‘Elite’ nomenclature)- really, at this point, the only thing that would be lacking from the bundle would be the Kinect, and the Kinect is useless. And hey, who knows, maybe there will be a further variation with the Kinect too!

Having a higher end SKU of your console is not something that is exclusive to the Xbox One either- just today, Sony announced the PS4 Ultimate Edition, a variant of the system that is a little bit lighter and slimmer, with a matte finish overall, and 1TB of on board storage. Microsoft announcing their own top end variant would not be anything new, and would indeed be even expected.

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  • libertyordeath

    “and the Kinect is useless” Except for the part where its a $100 Network control platform with apps on every major mobile OS and Windows 8x, voice input, 1080p cam for video chat and yes Kinect is fun for people who have real friends, the type that come over to your house and have a couple drinks, play some fruit ninja or shape up (because its hilarious to watch out of shape people do that).

    I can understand how the hardcore gamer wouldn’t care about enhancing the Family Room experience but for those of us with families, who also like gaming when we get a break from real life but need to make purchases that benefit more than ourselves, Kinect makes the Xbox One the best console choice. That’s a long winded way if saying that useless comment was thoughtless.

    • Reign SUPREEM

      Although I don’t care for the Kinect I signed in just to say your comment was on point. Made plenty of sense….

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      Part of accepting the Kinect, was agreeing our games wont all be in 1080p.
      Overall, the attachment rate for the first year was 100%, showing people
      agreed.This blew the doors of the Sony Eye attachment rate.
      Basically the fans stood with Microsoft for this vision.
      Reason why Xbox fans are still considered the best fans.

    • Orion Wolf

      Nicely said, and something I’ve been pondering for a while is the absence of articles were Mr. Pramath talks about the usefulness of the ps4 camera.

    • chillgreg

      Agreed. What an idiotic comment for a “journalist” to make…

  • Devon Day

    Of course they will come out with a slimmer Xbox One. Microsoft has to. Hopefully it will be as great a redesign as we saw from the Xbox 360 to the Slim.

    Not only that, this should also confirm that the original model One is going to be phased out soon; original PS4 model the same. Would not be surprised to see both companies having big sales come the holidays.


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