Is This What The Next Gen Console Graphics Will Look Like?

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Final Fantasy X CG

Final Fantasy X CG

It’s always fun speculating about next gen graphics. We really don’t know what to expect, but considering the PC tech has advanced quite ahead compared to the current consoles, it gives a slight hint wrt to the ceiling achievable for graphics. Remember the target renders that were never reached this gen? Next gen, it could be possible. There have been plenty of good looking games this gen, no doubt about it, but if we only get games with slight increase in resolution and frame rates, then it would be completely underwhelming. We bring you 10 images which gives a glimpse of the next gen graphics. Some of them can’t be replicated, but hey, people can dream, right? It’s been 6 years since the Xbox 360 came out, so we are expecting a decent leap in power. And if the technology is up to our expectations, these are the graphics we want. Check them out above.

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  • After playing Skyrim I hope nextgen graphics can portray hair and fur accurately. Side note for the next Playstation………put more memory into the console.

  • ME

    I love how you list a bunch of current PS3 games as examples of how awesome the next gen will be 😛

    • Kartik Mudgal

      Hey, to be fair, those are target renders and some shots from the photo mode 😀 Not running real time.

  • Those graphics? On consoles? Sorry, on next gen consoles? Possible through small, tight, viewing angles… Or cutscenes. If these so called ‘next gen’ consoles can’t do 720p fluidly when it comes out, expect them to be a huge failure.

  • PS3 does 1080p fluidly. Why are you worried about 720?

  • Joshua

    The zelda wii u tech demo was real time

  • naagra

    not impress at ALL!! graphics look identical as ps3 if thats all PS4 graphics have to offer im KRAZY cool with my 60gb PS3…….

  • RUnuts?

    “…….expect them to be a huge failure”. Not likely.

  • kenn

    yah it looks like the graphics engines have begun to exceed the abilities of the video-games designers. the really awesome guys can def make far exceeding games on the still current ps3. it’s all a matter of how you use those polygons and pixel shaders

  • Mukkinese

    Pretty pictures, but so what? I was told the difference between DVD and blu-ray would blow me away. Meh. It’s nice and obviously looks better, but hardly world shattering. I suspect, despite ridiculous hyping on the part of journos, vested interest etc., that the difference between this gen and the next will be of a similar “magnitude”.

  • Really hard to see what substantive advances a “next gen” console or GPUs can bring us over what already exists. They look marginal to me.


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