Jack Tretton Responds To Competition With Microsoft’s Xbox 720

‘We’ve seen competitors come and go.’

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With Sony revealing the future of gaming with a press event last week, they have taken up the lead with media coverage and have successfully garnered attention in the gaming industry and community. With incoming reports indicating that Microsoft will be revealing their next iteration of the Xbox in April, things are apparently getting hot.

But that does not worry Jack Tretton, the chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

“We’ve always had different competitors. We were in the space before Microsoft and we may be in the space after Microsoft. We’ve seen competitors come and go,” he said.

Killzone Shadow Fall Trailer

However he admits that he is mindful of what they are doing but that will actually translate in to the betterment of the industry. “I think we are mindful of what they do and quite frankly we think that anything that adds tension and success in the gaming industry is good for us. So we are aware of the competition but we are kind of marched towards our own strategy. And we are very confident that holiday 2013 is a great time to bring out the PlayStation 4,” he said to Businessweek.

It will be interesting to see what Microsoft has in store during that rumored event in April. This year’s E3 will definitely be interesting to see.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Damnnation

    Jack Trenton and the Sony PlayStation brand have been very sharp on delivering what PlayStation gamers want; which is exactly why I can no longer support Xbox as their focus seems to be Kniect , casual games and the xbox as a family media hub

    • Zach

      See that’s why I remain on PlayStation. The thing is though, while the internet’s opinion may be shifting towards PlayStation, Microsoft will still be successful with their 720 because a lot of people will be buying it for the Kinect 2.0 and Netflix and whatever. Sony has to advertise to those not as involved with the gaming world that they have those features too, but you don’t have to play 50-60 dollars to access them, do it for free! Then, when those people get on board, they can advertise within their own eco-system about upcoming games and what not.

      Problem solved.

    • Davy

      See that’s the thing though, the casuals will maybe buy Kinect, but gamers don’t and never wanted Kinect. And in the initial stages of launch, you want to capture the hardcore audiences, because they’re the ones that will be willing to shell out the most for the new hardware. You have to be able to justify the jump to new hardware with games dedicated to the core audience FIRST. And I definitely don’t think people will be buying a 720 for Netflix; keep in mind the PS3 is currently the most popular streaming device.

    • Zach

      You’re totally right, I didn’t think of that. This is why it’ll be really interesting to see what Microsoft will be doing.

      I just think Sony will have to cater to both audiences, without detracting from the others experience if they want to do well with the PS4. They really, really have to make a multi-purpose device. Imagine if you had (and this is just a though) two monitors or TV’s, and you could be playing a game on one, and your wife/girlfriend/family member whatever could be watching Netflix on another with the use of a specific cable. That’d be cool. I think they need to do stuff like that, not that necessarily, but stuff similar to that.

  • Ps3 sells almost similar with one year less. Looks like a win by PS to me this gen already. Next gen to follow suit.

    • Talespin123

      What is the obsession with “winning” a console generation? With more systems, and more games and more options, the winners are the GAMERS! Do Sony or Microsoft get a trophy and a free trip to the moon if they sell more systems? Besides, hardware sales are a terrible gauge of success between two consoles, as manufacturers often take a loss on them. You would really need to look at total lifetime software sales, as that is where their profit is. But like I said before, everyone should just be happy with what they have, and to each their own! Game on people, and HAVE FUN!

  • Tim

    Poor fat Jack, what an arrogant cunt. Too bad his poor company and himself have already caught lying more than once after their abysmal and underwhelming presentation. This time it’s going to be their downfall! GTFO $0ny!

    • Laurence Smith

      I see no point to you posting this, it benefits NO ONE if the presentation wasn’t for you then fine but insulting people like that? I’m ashamed to be a gamer with people like you existing…

    • Zach

      I actually kind of like Jack. I like the Microsoft guys, too. And Nintendo. I find everyone in the gaming industry to be humourous with one another sometimes, eases potential tension.

    • you are just mad because they should no actually box. but it is just a box what the box does is far more important. everybody will see a ps4 box at e3 so chill out. i thought it was a good presentation. if you did not like it that is fine but their is no need to go around insulting people like that

    • Semi sexual horse fecal cum stain.

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  • elie

    I think xbox is heading the wii route. Its going to appeal more the casuals and do what the wii did. Which will be the end of xbox when it comes to the generation after that. Kinda like how the wii u is suffering now.

    • dakan45

      Oh you mean like what x360 did last gen and pwned ps3.

      BTW i am a pc gamer not a ps3 fanboy.

    • elie

      Lol, pwned? You are a delusional pc gamer, here’s why. Ps3 still averages more sales since it came out 1 year later! hence if you put the sales year by year, the ps3 is ahead by a few million. You have to also take into account the red rind of death fiasco, think about how many people had to buy 2, 3 ,4 xbox 360. It affected 36% of xbox 360 users, or more. Also the ps3 for a long time had been priced much more than the xbox 360. Lets also not forget that cheap 4 gig xbox that is what’s driving its sales to be slightly ahead of ps3, in USA only. Yet after all that ps3 is still not pwned, lol. The errors of sony ps3 are already fixed. There won’t be a year head start from xbox, or delays due to blu ray issues, nor will there be a $599 console price and a hard sysem to develop for. Sony will be off to a great start. Microsoft however will be kinect centric with less emphasis of hardcore gaming. The xbox 720 will be the downfall.

    • dakan45

      more sales to what? x360? NOPE.

      Ring of death did replace though. They didnt have to rebuy you moron.

      Yeah that the ps3 is expensive is the point.

      you cant sell that rig for 600 700 and higher.

      You have not seen 720 yet you say its downfall.

      You say emphasizing on hardcore game like its good, but from a business perspective IT ISNT, isnt that way more and more games are getting dumbed down? Casual is key for sales.

      Who had more multiplats and exlusive sales, x360 not ps3.

      So who is delusional now? YOU.

    • elie

      People did buy the xbox again,and any replacements were counted as a new console sold. How the hell is the ps3 hardware dissapointing when it produced better looking exclusives?

      Casuals isn’t the main focus of any console. Well it isn’t for sony/microsoft.. They make more money from the AAA games and exclusives than casual games. The reason why they sell more of some, not all multiplats or exclusives is because Sony has more range to choose from, and the ps3 sold more around europe and japan, so u get less US shooter centric games sold on ps3. But the tables have been turned now, Globally the majority of multiplats sell on ps3.

      Look at the current state of xbox 360 and u can see where it’s headed. A focus on fewer exclusives, more reliance on multiplats to drive sales and a big push on kinect and other social features. It will eventually lose the hard core base and will become more like the Wii U.

    • dakan45

      Replacements dont count as sold. What are you retarded? No one does that, replacments is damage not profit. As long as you did not mod it, you are withinn gurantee which means you get replacements for free.

      Better exlusives is not better “hardware” and who bought those exclusives anyway? ps3 exclusives sales were low. Fail on that one too unfortunately.

      YES IT IS console games ARE casuals. The wii IS CASUAL, cod IS CASUAL, easy controls and menus and simplistic gameplay IS CASUAL. Everything consoles do IS CASUAL.

      Dead space 3 got dumbed down when it was casual already. Dont kid yourself you clueless moron, games are made to sell many millions. They have to appeal to as many people as possible. The games we played in this gen were dumbed down and the last 3 years more and more games got dumbed down even more for casuals to provide more sales.

      “sony has more rage to choose from”

      Am sorry which part of “x360 multiplats sell more” Did you miss? So not only ps3 exclusives have low sales but multiplats also sell more on x360. Hell ea said that pc is second in sales and ps3 is last.

      Am not talking about US i am talking globally.

      What hardcore base you reffering to? XBOX was never hardcore.

      You wana talk hardcore join pc gaming, when we do what we want with our games and we play hard and complex games with litmitless community features and support. PS3 is just a crappy jap console with cuthroat jap business men bribing ceos for securing exlusivity before MS gets to them.

    • elie

      it’s microsoft with it’s billions to spare that keeps buying exclusivity deals. Because the xbox 360 has a weak offering of first party games compared to sony , they can only try to beat out sony by making deals with companies like activision and rockstar, and if you heard the recent news, micrsoft is already in talks with EA for exclusivity deals. That’s typical of them, they know they can’t match the ps3 in terms of games, so they find cheap ways to lure customers in.

      As i said there were many who actually paid for new consoles. Not many people are able to call up service centres , some had problems getting through, others were denied. How can one know whether or not their nu,bers sold are exagerated or whether complete replacements counted as sold.

      As for multiplats, pretty much all games from japanese companies like capcom/square sold more world wide, the fifa games, batman, and others as well.

      Alot of first party ps3 games sold in the millions, how is that low?? Considering you are a pc guy, do you realise that pc games sell the least? they pale in comparison to the xbox 360 or ps3 sales. Have a look at the game charts per week, and when ever a multiplat releases the pc version is down the bottom. Even exclusives sell better on consoles. I don’t know what’s worse, pc or xbox 360..It’s unfortunate theres alot of piracy on pc, and lower exclusives or high budget games because of that. That’s why consoles will always be on top and have the overall better games.

      When i say casual i’m referring to games that are low budget and different altogether. Don’t be blind to the truth when i say xbox focuses less on first party titles with more care and thought to other services of xbox. Do you really see microsoft putting a focus back on the hardcore or putting a decent amount first party exclusives as it’s top priority? Kinect was a success for them and they will focus more on that side. Halo just isn’t the same anymore without bungie, who are making multiplats now next gen. Gears of war is pretty much done. Just like this Gen, sony again will be pushing emphasis on both exclusives foremost and the social media aspects. If microsoft doesn’t fix it’s issue with their lineup of exclusives, many will jump ship.

    • dakan45

      Where does microsoft “keeps buying exclusivity deals” Sony does that.

      Wtf you talking about? the ps3 exclusives are paid. Developers didnt say” herp derp lets make our game for ps3 only because we are idiots” They got paid to do it. What ms does is not any harder or shittier than what sony does.

      If you are retarded not to replace your console and buy a new one, you have worse problems to worry other than games. Those who were denied were tempered with to play pirated games.

      I exlpained repleacements to you. They do not count as new consoles sold becasue it is damage not profit. If i got something broken that you sold me and ask you to replace it, it means that you got to take care the shipping costs and give me a brand new product that is taken away from the stock. That is one less product from your stock who is gonna pay for it? You the one who sells it.

      Fifa are known to sell more on ps systems, batman was optimized well. Capcom and square sold better mostly because of japan rather because they were better. Had they not be japanesse games, the japan market wouldnt have boosted the sales so much.

      ps3 exclusives sales are low in comparison with multiplats and x360 exclusives. Sorry it is the sad true.

      “pc games sell the least” Ea says pc is second to xbox in sales with ps3 third. Crysis sold 3 million on pc, Crysis 2 sold 3 milion on all systems. Both are far higher now. The stalker games sold about 2 million each. Wicther 2 sold more than a million on pc, almost two millions. You cant correctly track digital gog sales. The x360 version sold less. If you make console focused games you get less pc support. BC2 and bf3 on pc have more sales than either the x360 or the ps3 but not more than both at the same time.

      Pc has no credtior to pay money to develop pc only exclusvies, so no hype either. Dont compare with hype console exclusives designed completly for sales.

      Piracy is high on pc yet x360 version is always leaked first. The ps3 was piracy free for 3 years yet it had lower sales both on games and hardware than the x360. So much good that did them. So dont make piracy arguments. Contrary to popular belief pc gaming is far more stronger and varied right now than it was 10 or 20 year ago. But back then pc games WERE PC GAMES, now they are console ports due to sellouts like crytek and id who were gods on pc and turned into shit on consoles. No one is gonna buy consolish games be traitors. Keep in mind we made those companies great, no one paid them to make pc games, no one hyped them for us to buy them, all this into a market scheme like it happens on consoles.

      “and lower exclusives”

      Nope, pc has crapazilion more exclusives than consoles, you just never heard of them because no one is paying them milions to advertize them. Unlike consoles on pc you cam make whatever the hell you want, you dont have to pay 10 bucks out of ever copy sold for royality fees nor have to give the game to sony and ms to test it and approve it. Pc games should cost 50 not 60, the extra 10 is for royality fees. Sony and ms publish their exlusives ,yet the greedy fucks dont even have the decensy to not include the royality fees on the games THEY ARE RELEASING and therefore price them 50 bucks and get more sales due to lower price. It is a scheme that just gets them 30 bucks out of each exclusive game sale.

      “hat’s why consoles will always be on top and have the overall better games.”

      Sure if someone pays you millions to develop a game for their console in order to get money out ot schemes, yeah. No one is paying pc but thats the beauty of it. No one owns pc, no one says “i am not allowing you to release this game on my console” or “pay me 10 bucks for each game you sell for royality fees”

      As for pircay? It is not so much that as it is a matter of control. Always online to play games, all your games are linked to your account, you cant re sell them or lend to a friend. This is where consoles are heading, always online, no used games, no game sharing.

      Is that a good thing? Also on my pc i can play all pc games ever made and all SNES, SEGA GENESIES, psx, ps2, gamecube, wii, gameboy, nintendo DS and more games that have been made. However in next gen you wont be able to play a ps3 game since ps4 doesnt support it. If you are near the end of ps4 gen and you want to play an old ps3 game, like say killzone 2 because you enjoyed killzone 5, you wont be able to without a ps3. Also if you want an old ps3/x360 game from the begining of the gen, you wont find it anywhere, those games are taken away from the selfs pretty fast. On pc however you can find and play 30+ year old games from pc or other old consoles.

      So screw exclusives and these companies we got to keep games alive like a libary for the future generations.

      So when you say casual you mean xbla games? Those are indie games that dont have the budged to go AAA. Nothing bad or casual from them.Some are harder than most AAA simplistic games.

      Finally more and more developers will make games like that in the future because of the insanelly high costs of the new console.

      Ms stole alan wake from us, it was a pc game first, they stole it and made it a x360 exclusive. They failed in sales and after the bullshit that the game is meant for cosnoles, it was released for pc. It got its expenses back in 24 hours. Fable 2 did not come to pc due to “piracy” yet fable 3 came on pc. gears of war 2 did not come to pc due to “piracy” nor did halo 3 but in reallity both were attempts to get more exclusive deals. MS paid rockstar 50 million for timed exclusivity on gta iv dcls. If this is the shit that ms has to do for exlusives, fuck it, id rather multiplats. Sony got an excuse they are crazy pc hating ignorant “playstation computer” cunts, but MS has no excuse not to support pc.

    • elie

      I don’t know why you have a problem about exclusive games. there’s always been first party games and exclusives, and competition was the result, which enabled more great games. But in my opinion the console race would be better off without microsoft coming in the picture. There always been nintendo, sega with its great games and studios, and sony with the ps1 and ps2. The xbox didn’t bring anything great that wouldn’t have arrived on playstation or nintendo.

      About my last post, i wasn’t referring to exclusive console games, i mean timed exclusives for several months such as dlc. Microsoft started this trend with gta4, call of duty. The greedy cunts new that in order to sell their system rather than putting AAA games out there, they want to lure them in buy timed exclusives. To me that is a cheap way. It’s like saying ” Hey fuckers, we spent millions paying off companies to give you no options but to buy our system or you will have to wait months or even years if you want to get the full experience of the game you love. We can’t offer you a compelling system enough to make you want to buy this system, so we will trick you unknowingly.”

      If you look at global sales. ps3 sells more software and hardware than xbox 360 once the xbox360/ps3 were near even in console sales.. The genres and sales are skewed because of the different tastes from usa to europe to asian countries.

      I know there are exclusives on pc every year but the majority of highly rated exclusives are coming from consoles. And the simple answer is because game developers know that many more people will game on console than pc. It’s been like that for a long time. So there are more big budget games for consoles.

      You call sony Cunts, yet alot of people view pc gamers as Elitist cunts. They think they are superior because they have the latest pc hardware gpu/cpu. Pc was never a competitor to sony, i believe. They were bringing out their own kind of unique games. The pc would have been better off without xbox in the picture aswell. They fucked with the console fans and pc fans too much.

      I’m not fussed about backward compatibility. i would prefer if it was though because i have to keep my ps3 now. But the way i look at it, sony are making big changes to please developers and fans with the ps4, radical changes. Both hardware wise and software. Also buying a graphics card each gen is probably equivalent to buying a new console. So having to keep a console and buy a new equals end up being the same. Only difference is u have to hook up the old console to play older games. Sony can make up for it with the gaikai tech.

      I’m waiting eagerly for the xbox 720 reveal, just to see if they can surprise me a little buy showing something decent. I’m already expecting the same greedy timed exclusivity deals .

    • dakan45

      ” and competition was the result, which enabled more great games.”

      You got that right bob, because never has ever been competition between games and never have there been 9.5 games that were not exclusive to one system.

      Right, microsoft striking some months of exlusivity on dlcs is so fucking annoying but sony grabbing every good developer along with quantic dream isnt.

      Fuck exclusivity, make games available to anyone, if sony and ms did not pay them as much as they do, those companies will be like “fuck you we make what we want for all systems” In reallity this is what happens, bungie was a MAC developer before ms bought them. What they put them to? You would think windows pc games, but no, they got them to their precious xbox. Epic games has crapazilions of money to pursue other goals. Same with bungie and the developers of fuse

      “but the majority of highly rated exclusives are coming from consoles.”

      That argument was debunked two years ago in various forums. You miss rts rpgs and mmos on pc which prove your point wrong.

      in 2012 guild wars 2, diablo 3, planetside 2,civiliziation v, superbrothers swords and sorcery,antichamber, hotlilie miami,antichmaber, torchlight 2, lone survivor, botanicula,natural selection 2,faster than light,tribes ascend, legends of grimrock. All high rated exclusives.

      ” yet alot of people view pc gamers as Elitist cunts.”

      Yeah retarded consoel gamers with delusions of gaming prowless and knowledge on hardware and gamedevelopment.

      “they have the latest pc hardware”

      My hardware is 4 years old and wasnt the best back then either i ran most games on high the rest on maximum. You console gamers use 7 year old hardware. That is insanelly old. IT is fucking ancient. This is by far the longest generation of consoles that stayed as long to cut development costs. Our pcs are atleat 10 times more powerfull than your ancient consoles, we play games in superior quality than the consoles. Tell me again how pc gamers are “cunts” and you need the “lastest hardware” when none of these are true apart from the fact that console gamers are clueless idotic buffoons who dont know what they talking about and use crap like “pc has no games” or “you need a 3000$ pc to play games” or “you need to upgrade every year”

      BTW ubisoft has confirmed that watch dogs run on a high end pc and not a ps4 in the ps4 confrence. Also that the lead platform is pc and will be ported to consoles later. Finally that ps4 uses x86 architecture and so does the new xbox,therefore everything will be ported from pc to consoles this gen.

  • Talespin123

    I have all current gen systems, but have been HEAVILY towards the 360. But I too find their focus on the Kinect to be frustrating. They are going to have to WOW me with their April reveal to keep me interested, otherwise I’ll be picking up the PS4 first, and waiting for a price drop on 720.

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