Japanese investors pressuring Nintendo to put its games on Smartphones

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Yes and if they have their way, you may see Mario on your iPhone. After the bad performance of the 3DS, many analysts have been advising Nintendo to make games for the smartphones.

“Smartphones are the new battlefield for the gaming industry,” said Stats Investment Management’s Masamitsu Ohki . “Nintendo should try to either buy its way into this platform or develop something totally new.”

Nintendo has close to $14 billion in cash and it is expected that they will do some acquisitions to improve their performance in the long run. Earlier, Satoru Iwata said that, till he is in charge of Nintendo, they will never make games for non-Nintendo products.

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  • rob

    I think they shouldn’t. Playing a nintendo game in a smartphone is and will never be the same as playing it in a nintendo console. Why? buttons. As simple as that.Nintendo games are known for having pretty good and complex gameplay mechanics (Smash Bros. anyone?) Nintendo is taking the right steps to fix their struggles with the 3ds launch. Here’s why:
    1. Price Cut: That’s an obvious one of course, but what is not entirely understood is that nintendo was and is not in any obligation to compensate launch buyers just because they bought a 3ds at a higher price. Nintendo and no one else made them do it. It’s not the same as with the PSN outage, where private information was compromised and the service, part of the price payed for the ps3, failed them temporarily. Even then, nintendo offers early buyers 20 high rated NES and GBA games. How many PS titles did Sony offered?
    2.Forgetting Wii U: Nintendo has decided to calm down the Wii U hype just so they could create a good momentum for the 3DS. If you compare past console generations with their contemporary handhelds, this has always been like this. What was more interesting, what was coming out on gamecube or what was coming out on GBA? What came out on Wii or on the DS? Even more overshadowing would be created just by the fact that the Wii U is a brand new console. They are indeed taking the right steps towards making the 3ds a success, showcasing it in gamescom, TGS, etc. Even so, the Wii U without their marketing will attract attention with developers and other people and websites speculating.
    3. There will be third party support. There’s always third party support in some way or another. The Wii for example, has been wrongly labeled as not having third party support, but they do if you look really closely. titles like silent hill: shattered memories, the calling, the conduit 1 and 2, red steel 2, epic mickey, all come to mind when thinking about good ones. Yes, they are not full fledged AAA titles like on the xbox 360 and the PS3, but that’s just because of the wii’s power, its online and other small factors. The Wii has a very unique and versatile (arguably the most versatile) game catalog of any console this generation. Without going further from the topic, the point is that even though the wii started really slow with third parties, they grew to it pretty. Well maybe not as good as with the other 2 consoles, but still, it wasn’t so bad as people make it look like. The 3DS will most likely be the same. Titles like Resident Evil Revelations, Kingdom Hearts 3D and Metal Gear 3D Snake Eater which haven’t come out, and already launched titles like street fighter and resident evil the mercenaries, have make a stand to support the 3ds’s success.
    4. Finally, IPs. A LOT of people say that nintendo is stuck with their exclusives, making them fresh once again but never giving anything new to the consumer. Mario and Zelda, Mario and Zelda.But the reality is that, nintendo has plenty of new exclusives, with brand new characters and worlds, with unique gameplay styles in most cases. Professor Layton, Kid Icarus Uprising and even the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 2 (even though is from the Mario series, it’s a unique game with a character from the series that doesn’t get much action) are a small taste of what is in the hands of nintendo right now for the 3DS. Nintendo has also been accused of making to many remakes. Well first off, how many? Zelda OoT (which deserved to be remade) and star fox 64 3d (Which also did). What else? Sony has more remakes in their PS3 so far with their PS2 collections. Another important thing is that, Nintendo IPs are by far the most superior exlcusives of any gaming company in the history of human kind. Mario Kart single handed sold what COD MW2 and black Ops sold combined! Zelda Oot in consensus of most gaming magazines and even some non-gaming magazines is known for being the best game of all time! Mario without a doubt is the king of the platformer genre, there is no franchise, not even Sonic, Splosion Man, Super Meat Boy, Braid, or any other, that has had more success in this genre than Mario. Nintendo’s IPs are so good that they can, alone, without any kind of third party support,sell a console to a consumer. In vgchartz.com’s software charts, the first 17 positions of games sold are held by nintendo. the rest of the list is also full of ninty games. This and this alone, can pull consumers towards buying a 3ds.

    Just give them a chance and stop declaring doomsday for them, they will be fine.

    • Kartik Mudgal

      Thanks for taking the effort to make a detailed post Rob, and yeah, I kinda agree with most of your points.

  • rob

    You’re welcome Kartik. Thanks to you for appreciating it.


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