Killer CosPlay – Jack From Mass Effect 2

This Jia Crens portraying Jack (Subject Zero) from Mass Effect 2 and doing a stunning job of it.  To check out more MAss Effect 2 CosPlay check out Kotaku’s special post on it.

Here is Miranda Lawson as well..

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  • http://Website Fay Hannaford

    Great costumes!
    I want to go as Jack to my step-dad’s 40th fancy dress birthday party. The theme is fantasy/sci-fi characters and as we’re both huge Mass Effect fans I though this would be fantastic.
    I’m trying to find a skin suit for my outfit though as it would take a lifetime to ink all the tattoos on and it’s slightly revealing too lol. I’m guessing that’s what was used here? If anyone has any suggestions where I could get one from then I’d really appreciate it :)

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