Killzone 3 Versus Crysis 2: Latest Build Screenshot Comparison

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Killzone 3 and Crysis 2… whenever you think of these two games, the first thing that comes in your mind is the graphics. Undoubtedly both games are graphical behemoths on whatever platform they are going to see their release.
We decided to compare both of these games based on the latest screenshots that were released.
What do you guys think? Which one is looking more awesome?

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  • crysis looks great! But graphics aren’t everything.

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  • For once i would like to enter this site and see a decent comparison.

  • So are these both on PS3? If the Crysis shots are from the PC, it would clearly have and unfair advantage in this comparison.

  • Well we should stop comparing bullshots between each others. Crysis 2 ingame doesn’t look like that for sure in terms of IQ.
    Shots from killzone are taken from a trailer At thise rate you should take trailer of KZ2 story mode:

    This would be a more (in)accurate comparison

  • Based purely on those, Crysis looks “better” but that’s really due to brighter colors and more detail in the shots compared. However, part of what makes Killzone so AMAZING graphically is the feel of the atmosphere – the graphics hit hardest during video/gameplay, imo.

    Speaking of gameplay, that’s what matters most to me anyway. 🙂

  • Crysis 2. Kz2 looks nice but has some low quality textures
    and some low poly models. But neither are out yet. Give it

  • I am studying Computer Science and I am currently working with CryEngine 3.
    Main difference between the KZ 3 and Crysis 2 shots:
    Screenshots of KZ are PS3 shots ( yeah captain obvious)
    Crysis 2’s screenshots are maxed out PC graphics.

  • Stupid comparison really, no mention of which system those crysis pics are from and i’d put my money on them being from the pc version.

  • yeah….crytek is just giving there game hype with pc shots!!

  • This isn’t even fair. Of course Crysis 2 looks better, nothing currently beats the Cry Engine.

    A comparison between Crysis 2 and Rage and/or Brink would be fairer.

    Besides, Killzone 2 looked very good on pictures but playing it was not that impressive.

  • Whatsup with the weak comparisons . .
    Every single time i come in here i expect a solid, pic to pic comparison.

    Not weak chosen shots versus a epic scene from the other game.
    THINK before you pik!

  • when you play those games theire will be not alot of graphical differences between those games they bouth loock verry empresssive.
    i’m sure that crisi will have abit beter graphics but kill zone has a lot of beter multiplayer and campain . for all the pc freaks don’t be to jallouq that you don’t get nice games like killzone or halo

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  • PC oriented games always have such cartoonish looking people with awkward movements. I guess the game as a whole looks pretty good, but some things just look awfully cheesy.

  • Tom

    Crysis 2 looks a million times better than killzone in graphics and gameplay.

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  • Yeah Crysis definitely but from the shots, I can tell it’s running on the highest end hardware.

  • Hmm… like so many above have already said the 2 machines aren’t of equal power. That being said Killzone 3 is still managing to hold its own especially when you use the shots “ninja trouille” provided. On consoles Killzone 3 will look better, there shouldn’t be any question about that.

    • @MEDzZ3RO: why shouldnt there be any question about KZ3 looking better on console? personally i dont care because i’ll be playing it on my PC, but as far as i know, Crysis 2 will be the first time we get to experience cryengine 3 on a console. so wheres the preconceived notion of inferiority coming from?


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