Killzone 4 a possibility- Sony India Boss

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Killzone 3 has just been released, and it seems Sony is not done with the Killzone franchise. In the recent Killzone 3 launch event in India, we got a chance to interview Mr Atindriya Bose, Sony Computer Entertainment India boss, and get a few interesting answers.

We talked about how Killzone 3 hinted greatly at the possibility of a sequel when it ended, and when we asked if, there really would be a Killzone 4, Mr Bose said:

“See, I have not seen it in any product lineup, that I can confirm,” he said. “And if it does exist, we cannot really tell many people about it. It’s difficult to comment.”

But it seemed he couldn’t stop at that, without leaving us any hints. He went on:

“But it’s a numerical order- we had Killzone 1, then 2, then 3. Killzone is a franchise we have invested in, it is a franchise we know does wonders for us, and therefore it’s a franchise that we’ll always back up.”

What do you think? Does this mean anything? Could Killzone 4 be on the horizon? After the success of the franchise on the PS3, it won’t be foolish to think so.

Tell us what you think in your comments below.

Our full interview with Mr.Bose will be going live later this week.

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  • aquaman22

    You know GamingBolt, You guys are killin’ me! KILLIN’ ME I SAY!!! I’m gonna have to run to blockbuster after work today to see if they have any copies available until this thing is over because I’m itching for some action!!! I hope there is a KZ4, 5, AND 6!!! lol GO KILLZONE!!!!! GAME ON!!! Aqua Out!!!

    • Rashid Sayed

      chill…the contest closes very soon 😀

  • Thatruth86

    AGhh what a possibly Kz4 say word “0 lol nah i wouldn’t be surprised though but as for what I’m told and what I’ve played killzone 3 is a disappointment for us killzone 2 veterans with all the changes they’ve done it’s not the same feel sighs. So if they do make a 4 they better listen .

    • well Thattruth86 whoever told you that must have been playing halo. i just finished killzone 3 and it shat all over kz 2. itt was purely amazing, everything is better.

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  • I actually enjoyed the slight change in control in KZ3, it is a perfect balance. Really enjoying this game so far

    • aquaman22

      I’m sooooo happy for you Mr. SteveM! lol I’m glad you’re enjoying the campaign dude, I hope that the people who have been reviewing the game just exaggerate on the negative aspects about the game; although that’s highly unlikely lol Aqua Out!!!

  • Ofcourse there will be Killzone 4. The game is a commercial success and the best FPS around.

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