Kingdom Hearts 3 Ranked At Number 7 In The Latest Famitsu’s Most Wanted Games Feature

Kingdom Hearts III isn’t doing as well as the hype would have you believe .

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Amongst the worlds many gaming publications, there are few that are held in as high esteem as the venerable Famitsu. Any gamer worth their salt knows that they are a cornerstone, if not a central pillar of the video game world and the culture that so surrounds it. In their recently ran “Most Wanted Game” poll which was run from February 19th to February 25th, players casted their votes to determine which game was the most wanted title.

Three of my personal interests came in at the top three, Persona 5, Bravely Second and Final Fantasy XV. But there may be some surprising news for Kingdom Hearts 3 fans. Yes that’s right, the sad truth is that Kingdom Hearts 3 was only able to make it to the 7th spot being beaten by the PS4 build of Persona 5 and Fire Emblem on the 3DS.

This could mean any number of things. It could perhaps mean that interest is waning in the long awaited title, or perhaps it’s time Sqaure Enix stopped sitting on their hands and did some press for the game. The game will arrive on the PS4 and Xbox One but does not have a release date yet.


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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    how is Fire Emblem more anticipated than Kingdom Hearts III?

    • jayz0ned

      Fire Emblem Awakening sold more than KH3D in Japan (520K vs 340K). As strange as it may sound, North America was the biggest audience for KH3D with over 50% of sales being from that region.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      I see. What were the total sales? Still can’t believe Fire Emblem is the more popular series over there. At least Awakening sold enough that the series is still going.

    • 1.44 million for KH3D vs 1.54 million for FE:A. I don’t really know why Fire Emblem is more popular. I think this poll can be explained because Fire Emblem If is coming out this year in Japan, while no announcement has been made for Kingdom Hearts 3’s release date… Being excited for games which are actually being released in the foreseeable future makes more sense.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      That’s really close. Yeah game’s coming sooner so more hype.

  • jayz0ned

    1. [PS4] Final Fantasy XV – 885 votes
    2. [PS3] Persona 5 – 748 votes
    3. [3DS] Bravely Second – 709 votes
    4. [3DS] Theatrhythm Dragon Quest – 546 votes
    5. [PS4] Persona 5 – 523 votes
    6. [3DS] Fire Emblem If – 453 votes
    7. [PS4] Kingdom Hearts III – 421 votes

    I think this ordering makes sense: games which are actually releasing this year deserve more hype than those which are releasing in 2016 or 2017. It’s good that the Japanese are releasing lots of quality titles now.


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