Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy Stutters At Japanese Box Office In Opening Week, Grosses Only $345,000

That’s not a good look for Square at all…

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Kingsglaive Final Fantasy 15

The release of Final Fantasy 15 later this year won’t just be the release of a video game- no, according to the plans that Square Enix shared at their Final Fantasy Uncovered event back in March, the launch of the game will be an event, as we are going to be bombarded by a deluge of cross media Final Fantasy projects and merchandize from all directions at once. Something like that should manage to create enough excitement ad buzz around the game to hopefully compel even those who ordinarily would not pick it up to maybe check it out.

Or at least, that was probably the plan, anyway- you see, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy, the prequel movie to Final Fantasy 15, covering all the events that led to the game, just opened at the Japanese box office, and it languished, performing miserably and earning only ¥35,516,460 (roughly $345,000), selling only 22,818 tickets. Yes, the movie had a limited release, but its performance is abnormally dismal even considering that.

What does this mean, then? There are multiple explanations: the most terrifying one for Square is that there are not many people interested in Final Fantasy 15 after all, in spite of all of Square’s attempts to sell people on it. A slightly more reasonable response might be that people may be interested in the game, but they are definitely not interested in any of the peripheral media surrounding it. There is also always the possibility that people who were burned by Square’s previous cross media efforts, such as Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and so were hesitant to give a new Square movie a chance.

Whatever it is, this is not an auspicious start to the Final Fantasy 15 project.

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  • fawkery

    Everyone is a critic…why not report on the great reviews the movie had. Since this morning it’s been rated 4.6 out of 5 stars via Yahoo Japan and 8.1/10 on IMBD.

    • John Franco

      IMDB now at 8.6/10… MyAnimeList at 9/10

    • Irma Foster

      <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bw941p:….,….

  • alexis

    You sound extremely biased to give a bad reasoning as to why people are not seeing it, without acknowledging the neutral, relatively forseeable reasons.

    Such as 1) people percieving it as a sequel and being hesitant to see it, and 2) it’s a tie-in for a series that doesn’t technically exist yet. Not to mention just the fact that its a video game movie.

    • Hugo Sit

      Not to mention he didn’t even do the math right. Kingsglaive is actually doing decent in numbers given that the movie is only aired on 44 screens, it yields more profit per screen than independence day 2 , who won the box office on the weekend. I wouldn’t even try to reason with him

  • Vj Ratonhnhakéton Ramkilawan

    With sales of the Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Collectors Edition, I’m sure the movie will recover its costs. A lot of movies with limited releases don’t generate millions. It’s expected.

  • Kefka
  • Kefka
  • Hugo Sit

    Lol. Ffxv was Only on 44 screens in the entire Japan when ID2 was on 962 screens and if u do the very simple math, which I doubt u did or even know how to, it’s actually doing decent. You can write an article but at least include the necessary info to make ur article creditble. Lol pramath, what a joke and I will rmb to avoid ur articles from now on

  • Hugo Sit

    Doesn’t seem like u even know what u are talking about pramath. . Independence day 2, who won the Japanese box office on the weekend, grossed 5.57million on 963 screens , yielded about $5784 per screen , meanwhile kingsglaive grossed $345,507 on 44 screens during the exact same weekend , yielding $7852 per screen. Did they really stutter? Think again. Your entire article became invalid the moment you did ur math wrong, praMATH.

  • JimmyZ

    Lol did the writer of the article not realize Kingsglaive was supposed to be a limited release in theathers. Movie box office was not where SE was looking to make money. Sales of Deluxe Edition and independent online streaming sales is what SE is looking for. This actually did pretty well with the fact that it cracked top 10 with only 44 screens showing.
    Edit: I re-read the article and looks like the writer was aware of the limited release. In that case, it shows either he can’t do math correctly seeing how Kingsglaive made more $$$ per theather vs Independence Day 2. Or the writer just wanted to write a misleading article hating on the movie or FF XV in general.

  • Phantom Sword

    How is that performing miserably? It only had 44 screen showing over the weekend.

    • popo123

      There’s a person on neogaf comparing this to other anime releases before without actually considering the number of seats, and only the number of screens. Screens =/= admissions. Films can have a select number of showings in several screens and still have a limited number of admissions depending on the number of seats per screen. Kingsglaive had 44 screens but had less than 30k seats available. Here’s the link where you can see the number or sales and seats of movies showing in Japan

  • Moon Strife

    Apparently writers nowadays have no idea what they are writing about..if you do some primary school math, you will find that actually the movie did pretty well..

  • popo123

    The movie only had less than 30k seats in all it’s showings so selling 22k+ is actually okay.

  • Steven J Koontz

    They really should forego all this peripheral media and just allocate all the resources into developing the best, most expansive game possible. The reason people have moved away from the Final Fantasy series is because a decline in quality over time, the best marketing is having a superior game that garners acclaim from users and critics. Then, once the game has been well received, it would be time to consider peripheral content. Square has had a history of putting extreme amounts of money into marketing though, FF7 was one of the most expensive games ever made at the time because of the advertising budget, so maybe this strategy will work for them, but I think the funds would be better spent on realizing as detailed and rich of a game world as possible.

  • Asterick

    I am looking foward to watching it as a long long long time final fantasy fan but movies wise going by a final fantasy track record with actual movies its understandable people wouldnt be jumping to go, They are pretty movies but half the time they are disapointing for the amount of money it cost to go to a theater but either way as a fan lol i still go and get the dvds collecting dust of the other movies and animes.

  • Moon Strife

    Saw the movie. Excellent Story, Awesome graphics and extraordinary Acting. 9/10

  • Primus

    I guess the smartest journalist don’t really go into games journalism….

  • Hossi Blumengaarten

    writer of this just got REKT


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