Kitase: Xbox market “important for us”; can remake PS-era Final Fantasy games for the Xbox 360

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Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy XIII-2, revealed a lot of things in an interview with OXM. He said that it is possible to remake old Playstation-era games for the Xbox 360, and also explained why.

“Well, XIII and XIII-2 are only two years apart so obviously we have to stick to the same platforms, otherwise we would have to give XIII-2 to the people who haven’t played the previous work, he said.

“But if we were to remake an old game that’s ten years old or whatever, or make a sequel to that particular title, we don’t have to worry about the same issue.”

Considering how the MGS games are on the Xbox 360 now, it seems that they don’t have to take Sony’s permission for remaking these games for the Xbox 360. This also shows how fragile third-party exclusives are, and nothing is certain nowadays. Although, more people get to enjoy these games.

Kitase also revealed how important the Xbox market is now for them, and while it’s not that popular in Japan, they simply cannot ignore its influence in the western countries. He feels that going multiplatform is great if possible.

We have always kept our sort of ‘ear out’ as it were to what is popular worldwide, and we obviously were very much aware that the 360 has a huge market outside Japan,” he revealed.

“So as I said once while we were making games in Tokyo, we don’t really feel the importance of Xbox, but when I visit LA for E3 or Europe or a world tour or whatever, we just feel every day how important the Xbox market is for us.

“So that there will always be a need to make the game for both consoles.”

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  • m

    Fuck. You better not release PS1/PS2 Final Fantasies on Xbox ThreeShitty.
    If you do I”ll fucking never buy any of your shit again.

    • Lol, What’s one whiny fanboy compared to the huge audience they can gain from the Xbox 360.

      Then again, you are all talk. I remember all the PS fanboys crying the same way when they announced that FF XIII was going to be released on the Xbox as well.

  • F-F-Versus XIII will now be on 360 you watch.

  • Where is the “Kitase (and Nomura) should shut the fuck up” button?

    Seriously… Everyone with at least BASIC knowledge would know that:
    Bigger userbase != Bigger fanbase

    Before even THINKING about giving the XBox ANY FF-treatment they should have released remakes and new titles on the PS3 and Wii. And yes, I said Wii.

  • “considering the MGS games are now on 360”

    Re-think your own quote, MGS1 and MGS4 aren’t in this collection for a reason.

    As for his comments, my god is he sucking up to them.

    • The reasons are:
      MGS1 will require far more effort to remake than the rest of them which just have a resolution bump (It’s not remade on PS3, just emulated).
      MGS4 is relatively new and therefore the contracts are most likely still in place.

  • This is good, they used to make games for Nintendo before PS, and should now be doing their games on as much consoles as possible for more revenue, limiting games to only a fraction of gamers worldwide is not smart busness, plus i own all the consoles but never ever thought of the FF franchise as being a Sony thing, they still had a game here and there on things like the Gamecube, etc..

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  • Oh big deal, people.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 will be released for the Xbox360. The contracts for that game, released in winter of 2008, basically stipulated at least THREE ENTIRE YEARS of exclusivity.

    It isn’t any rocket science since the same contracts applied to MGS3 and what not. These are THIRD PARTY games, so Metal Gear Solid 4: Substinence will absolutely be on Xbox360.

    Videos will be a little compressed but not a big issue. Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be on Xbox360, not any real issue.


    Literally all bs and bullocks. Mass Effect 2 ran just fine on PS3, the Bioshock series ran the same way, Metal Gear Solid (any game) ran perfectly fine on 360 as did the Final Fantasy series. The entire series, yes, because 3rd party games are CERTAIN to hit all platforms.

    The only reason all you ponies and other miscreants whine is you think the PS3 or 360 is going to dumb down your game. GROW THE HELL UP. Each of them have enough teams to make 1st party games that will sell the system, Sony included, Microsoft included…3rd party software is exactly what they don’t need. They got the teams, make your own friggin’ system sellers!!!! THAT is the only way to do next generation development.

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  • This is great news.

    PS3 fanboys really are idiots and i’m glad I no longer own that Blu-ray player. If you want to link Final Fantasy ownership to a console developer (which is so pointless now) then it would be Nintendo, NOT Playstation.

    Can’t wait to play FFX HD on my Xbox 360 🙂

  • I am SOOOO GLAD TO HEAR THIS Final Fantasy 10 was my favorite game ever and I was so crushed to hear it wouldnt be coming out for xbox… but now I am so overwhelmed with joy!!

  • Dan

    Hopefully this means they will make a Wii U version too 🙂


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