Kojima Doing What He Does Best, Possibly Trolling Everyone With Metal Gear Solid 5 Chapter 3 Hints

The grand daddy of trolling doing what he knows best.

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Ah! The Phantom Pain. The pain of missing content. The pain of missing Chapter 3 and the pain of missing guard dogs. You know, for the last few years I have covered a ton of stuff related to Metal Gear Solid 5 on GamingBolt and despite being a fantastic game that totally stands on the merits of its jaw dropping gameplay, The Phantom Pain’s story was nothing short of underwhelming. The game just ends with no context whatsoever and since then players have found loads of secrets and missing content.

Chapter 3 titled Peace is what many are assuming will be released as DLC, which will somehow wrap the disappointingly loose story knots of The Phantom Pain. Given how Hideo Kojima loves to interact with the Metal Gear community by going to great lengths [we are talking about a man who made a fake studio to promote his game, made dummy cutscenes for MGS2 promotional material to keep Raiden’s identity a secret and literally trolled his fanbase for more than a decade], it’s only obvious that he knows what the Metal Gear community is feeling regarding Chapter 3 so Mr. Trolljima tweeted out a few interest tweets which somehow connects with Chapter 3.

Let us begin with the first one. “Bought STAR WARS newspaper vol 3. It got posters of all series produced all over the world,” he tweeted. The image of 3PO can be seen below and there are two connections to The Phantom Pain here. One is the red cyborg arm of 3PO and second, vol 3 which may indicate Chapter 3 or VOL3 cassette tape which has not been found by anyone in The Phantom Pain.

Secondly, he tweeted this. “Watched TRUE DETECTIVE S2E3. Well designed indeed. Fresh to see Rachel McAdams smokes E-cigarette while driving.”  Season 2, Episode 3 and e-Cigars…reminds of a certain game…The Phantom Pain?

This may not turn out to be nothing in the end and it might only be Kojima being Kojima. But really at this point…the trolling seems to be too hard.

We will see how it all pans out.

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  • VenomSnake421


  • Kris Cortez

    Half Life 3 confirmed by Kojima

  • tplarkin7

    Perhaps this is a hint. Maybe driving backwards while smoking an E-cig makes time go backwards, and you can get Quiet back?

    • WitWolfy

      The other day I got banned on N4G when I said that Quiets’ DLC costumes are BS, seeing she dies in the end so you’re basically buying a skin for a character that you cant even use post credits.

    • tplarkin7

      I agree. But, I really believe that we can get her back. If you read Kojima’s twitter posts, there are obvious hints in how to do it. First, Boss must be bloody due to killing too much. Second, Mission 23 White Mamba is important. I think you have to smoke an E-cig at or near his throne.

  • Shawn

    You guys look way too much into this. Remember all of the fan theories of all of the things that DIDN’T turn out to be true, at all? All because Kojima sneezed, and you guys thought it was the Second Coming?

    • WitWolfy

      Dude so true!! this reminds me of Mass Effect 3. Every time a VA threw away a coke they drank fans tried to tie it to ending too.. Being like.. “The coke can was red… MEANING DESTROY IS THE TRUE ENDING!!!” Or some weird BS like that…

    • ciclamaino

      the problem is not kojima’s trolling, but the things that dataminers found.
      every week they found something new

    • tehlux

      but but chico is quiet! !!!111

      lol morons.

    • V3

      But what turned out to actually BE true was pretty wild though. Sold the world twice with the same gag.

  • V3

    If you’re deep into the MGS lore, MGS V didn’t leave many ” loose story knots” barring the Eli conclusion.

  • TheBeauJOB

    Hmm, wonder if there’s a secret cassette tape in one of the vehicles in the game? Can we even use the E cigar while driving?

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