Konami CEO Hates Hideo Kojima, Workplace Has Become A “Literal Hell” – Rumor

If this report is to be believed, hundreds of people are going to lose their jobs, not only Kojima.

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Super Bunnyhop, a Youtube channel that has close to 100,000 subscribers claims that they got in touch with an employee within Konami. According to the Youtube user, the identity of this source within Konami has been identified but as with any rumor, the information has not been verified. But the reasons given by Super Bunnyhop tie up pretty well in what is happening at Konami. Before I proceed, the information within this article should be taken with a grain of salt.

The recent re-structuring at Konami is due to the fact that the company wants to shift their focus from developing expensive console games to making cheaper mobile games. Konami not only operates digital entertainment in Japan, the firm is also into health clubs, fitness clubs and other properties. Their latest financial reports suggest that their non console gaming business has overtaken their console gaming business, although not by much.

Kagemaza Kozuki, CEO of Konami has invested a ton of money in other fields other than gaming. In short, console gaming is no longer making that amount of money that say, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty made for Konami. However the source claims that there is an internal rift between Kozuki and Kojima. According to the source, Kozuki actually hates Kojima which would perhaps explain the reason behind the treatment he is been given by the company.

Furthermore, Kojima Productions is simply now know as Unit 8 within the company and hundreds of people are expected to lose their job, not only Kojima. The source also revealed that Kojima can sue Konami but he has a game to make and Konami are well aware about this. This falls in line to what was reported in another rumor where Kojima is encouraging his team to complete The Phantom Pain for the fans.

What is disturbing is that the developers in Kojima Productions are not even being treated well…constant blackouts, security doors not working and staff being forced to change their workstations every now and then. One employee believes that it’s literally a hell. 

Given the recent happenings at Konami, the information presented in this article might be true but as mentioned before, take this info with a grain of salt as usual. You can find the full transcript of the conversation between Super Bunnyhop and the Konami employee here.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launches this September.

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  • ChatWraithShichi

    Wow, what’s it like to steal an article?

    • d0x360

      To be fair they credited the source in the first sentence

    • tplarkin7

      Try reading any news article from any major news outlet. It’s written by one guy. They are identical, word-for-word. It’s then copied (and cited) by everyone. The source is usually AP or Reuters.

    • d0x360

      What’s your point? This is a story about a rumor transcribed from a YouTube video not a mass produced AP report about random event X in city Y.

    • tplarkin7

      It’s a news report. The subject or source is irrelevant. All gaming websites cite each other all of the time.

    • ChatWraithShichi

      They credit the youtube video, but there was already this article about the youtube video.

      It’s just as lame if you make a youtube video of you introducing someone else’s youtube video.

  • d0x360

    This presents a moral dilemma for gamers. With everything thats happened this “rumor” makes perfect sense. It is further strengthened by the fact that kojima is basically konamis only studio that produces any good content so it makes zero logical sense to push him out unless they are going to become a freemium company.

    So what do we do? Obviously Kojima and his team are staying put for the fans. The problem is buying the game knowing what we know is just rewarding konami. At the same time buying the game knowing what we know shows our respect for kojima and team.

    It’s likely kojimas entirety studio will be hired somewhere else and hopefully they sue the **** out of konami after the game is finished.

  • PachterStation

    Can’t stand the guy either. Metal Gear is a massively overrated franchise. Kojima has probably been full of himself for most (if not all) of his career. As a matter of fact, I don’t rate Konami much. They had some hits on the Mega Drive, SNES, PS and PS2 years ago. The bet game they knocked out was Mystical Ninja on the SNES. Others include Silent Hill (PS) and Super Probotector (SNES). I’ll admit that Metal Gear has the hype and it looks pretty good, but game play wise, it falls well short of an all guns blazing franchise. The formula should’ve been changed a long time ago.

    • Convergence87

      Im sure you also think ryse is everything a video game should be

    • silvaring


    • I don’t like the Metal Gear games either, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t give them the respect they deserve.

  • chrisredfield31

    Here we have a clash of resisting change (Konami) and wanting to change (Kojima). Konami’s path will only lead them towards financial ruin while Kojima’s leads to the creation of new and compelling products that make even more money.

    If you need proof of where Konami’s headed, look no further than Capcom. They’re struggling to hold onto 1 franchise while selling rehashes to make ends meet. They probably have lots of AAA game ideas but they can’t afford to make those games.

  • Cool2

    Ken-ichiro Imaizumi is drunk as PES Producers.

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