LA Noire versus Heavy Rain versus Uncharted: Who Has The Best Motion Capture?

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There has been a great buzz surrounding the motion capture of LA Noire, and rightly so. It is one of the closest possible rendering of a human being in to the virtual world of video games. But how does this technology compare with the other games that have been renowned for motion capture as well. In short how does LA Noire stack up against giants like Heavy Rain and Uncharted? For this we have posted screens from all the three games below.

So which game seems to have better motion capture? If you ask us, LA Noire beats out Heavy Rain beats out Uncharted.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • it’s definitely LA Noire. The motion capture is literally unbelievable!

  • L.A Noire by a mile.

  • Maybe you have all the reason that L.A. Noire has the best of the 3, but Uncharted 2 was in 2009 and Heavy Rain has 1 year out, and those pictures of LA are form the gameplay??? Because the other games YES, and only think this: “LA Noire in 2011 do what Sony did since 2 years ago”, and Im not an expert but I think that God Of War 3 has the best of all now. Wait… because LA Noire isnt in the market right now, come on!!! this year comes The Last Guardian, Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Ratchet &Clank games (like dreamworks movies) Motorstorm (the Uncharted game of the races) MLB 11 the show, Mass Effect 3… and maybe Gears of War 3 the only 360 game that possible do something.

    • Hahhaahha typic Fanboy talk .
      La Noire is just unbelivable and is total different then Heavy Rain GOW3 and Uncharted 2 they all look incredible ,still today(okay its not so long ago that it might sound) the only thing that’s miles after La Noire is Mo-Cap and the new voice over with combined with it and that is something no one did before like that.Im sure some one else would have done that some years ago if some one had the idead

  • I say Uncharted but I don’t think they use motion capture for facial expressions and that seems to be what you’re showing. Naughty Dog has animators who do most of the work on the faces. I think that makes them look better. Motion capture is fine for movement.

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  • If we’re talking strictly motion capture than i’d say L.A. Noire and Heavy Rain are tied for first place.

    However in terms of overall graphics there is no game, on console or PC, that looks even half as good as Uncharted 2, nevermind Uncharted 3.

    • Thatruth86

      Seriously thats how you feel? You might want to rethink that over playa ..

  • Great idea, compare motion capture by showing screenshots. How about some video? LA Noire has very advanced facial capture obviously. But the actors cannot perform on stage together (they sit in a chair with a million cameras on them and they can’t move their head) as they do in Uncharted, so the chemistry between the actors and the facial/voice/body mocap sync isn’t there. Also, yes, Naughty Dog’s animators HAND KEY all of the facial animations in the game. No facial capture. IDK what heavy rain does but that shit is uncanny valley as hell so I don’t care.

  • rak33n

    i believe heavy rain does hands down that game made the people look so damn real

  • noxtics

    I don’t know about heavy rain albeit the game looks great. Uncharted as far as I know doesn’t use motion caputre in the same way that La Noire does. A comparison on motion capture here is not really accurate to me. Art and detail on the characters ok, but not motion capture. Comparing the detail on the characters and all I think that the winner is tied between heavy rain and la noire.

    I however have been most impressed with la noire.

  • Thatruth86

    Hmmm this is not a difficult question at as we all know it La Noire hands down has the best “BEST MOCAP” not graphics loose who are getting the two confused lmao no offense fellas but pay attnetion you read something ..


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