Lizard Squad Member Tries To Justify PSN And Xbox Live Hacks

The truth comes out.

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You’re likely already aware of the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live issues that have rocked the gaming scene this holiday season. Whilst most people will agree that a DDOS attack doesn’t qualify as hacking, given the lack of actual hacking, but the attack successfully crippled the online gaming services of the Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

Sky News recently ran an interview with an individual claiming to be a member of LizardSquad who tried to justify the attacks by using the usual line, ‘we’re trying to make a point’. Speaking to Sky News, he said “We did it mostly to raise awareness, to amuse ourselves.”

“I mean I can’t really feel bad that I might have forced a few kids to spend time with their families instead of playing games.”

However the attacks were stopped when the group was offered a premium service in exchange for the cessation of hostile moves against Sony and Microsoft. Kim Dotcom, Mega co-founder, offered the group access to premium privileges of the file sharing site in exchange for the halting of their activities.

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  • d0x360

    Mmm yes families. I recall not being able to play games with my son because of downtime because we wanted to play coop which requires we go through the internet since no games are split screen anymore.


  • Starman

    We don’t need you to help raise our kids …. mind YOUR damn business ‘L SQ’

  • Duke

    Ahhh so they spent their Christmas’s DDOS’ing services to get people to spend time with their families over Christmas, only to stop when they accept a bribe. The selflessness is amazing in this group.

  • Bunch of jack@$$es that deserve to get their @$$es kicked and then beaten with a bat or crowbar and then lit on fire. So damn annoying.


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