Major Nelson on Titanfall for PS4: Depends on Game, “Not Worried About” Timed Exclusivity

The title’s status as a timed exclusive gets more ambiguous.

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Every now and again, the same question keeps coming back: Will Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall be a timed exclusive to the Xbox One and Xbox 360? Considering the growing demand for PS4 consoles and Respawn’s own replies to the same, it certainly seems possible. If not next year when the game releases, then why not the year after? Never say never, and all that jazz.

One individual who put his two cents in regarding Titanfall’s exclusivity is Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, the Director of Programming for Xbox Live. When asked on Reddit about the exclusivity status of Titanfall, and whether it would be a timed exclusive, heading to PS4 at a later time, or a lifetime exclusive, remaining solely on Xbox platforms, Nelson replied, “As far as being an exclusive that’s really a question for Titanfall – I’m not worried about it though.”

As of now, it’s never been obvious that Microsoft is putting pressure on Respawn or even paying them major bucks to keep the game on Xbox consoles. Perhaps Respawn saw the success of first person shooters on the Xbox 360 as compared to PS3 and thought that this would help give Titanfall a major bump up when it releases on Xbox One? No one can really say for sure, but if Nelson’s lack of worry says anything, it’s that the game might just stay exclusive after all.

Titanfall releases on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC in 2014.

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  • shotime

    the point is it u wanna play titanfall buy a xbox.i am not the bigest fan of sony by no means but if i wanna play killzone i will buy a ps4. i wont cry to sony or the makers of kill zone to get that ip on my xbox

    • nitro_feen

      that was a joke right? Sony owns the makers of killzone MS does not own respawn or EA. One is a first party sgame and other should be a multi platform game b/c its from a third party publisher. The game will be coming to ps4 or they would have already stated that It will not instead of shy away from the topic.

    • king_of_spades

      The game will be coming to ps4 or the world have stated it’s not? When did they say it will? Lmfao FAILED. Stop begging for xbox games you look pathetic

    • Slay

      Right! She’s a grandma playing video games too.

    • Roger Joseph

      There’s no begging for games. It’s like the whole shit storm all over when the console version of Diablo III and them not fixing bugs in Pc version after a year. If the game gets ported all xbox One fan boys will start to cry over how could they port to platform x. Companies will do it if they make money from it. It’s like leaving money on the table.

    • sd

      If the game gets ported I dont see an issue, because by then it will have been out for the X-1 for 6-12 months at least. By this point I will be playing the new Halo.

    • Slay

      You’re a granny going by your profile picture. Everyone should take anything you say with a grain of salt. Stick to knitting,antiques, and dessert.

    • Daniel Jassé

      what he said, the ONLY exclusive ps has that makes me want to play is ‘the last of us’ tomb raider scratches the uncharted itch. I accept the fact if i want to play TLOS i would have to buy a ps, i would be surprised if ms lets titanfall go multi plat tbh…

  • TristanPR77

    The thing is that if I want to play Titanfall I will not spend $500 + for it. Not when there is a more popular and powerful console just at $400 and when there are a lot of games more promising than Titanfall around, like Destiny for example.

    • sd

      That’s certainly a valid point. The only thing to say in response is that you don’t buy a console for popularity or power, you buy it for the games.

    • Slay

      If he was buying a console for games, he’d go with a xbox one. But I guess you can’t fix stupid. Some people enjoy paying 400 dollars for paperweights that play indies that are already released for PC. And for free if I might add.

    • Yo Mama

      Where’s Microsoft’s “The last of us”? Where’s your “Uncharted? Where’s any of your first party titles? Oh that’s right, M$ DOESN’T HAVE ANY!!!

    • Slay

      Halo,Gears,Fable, and lots more. Get out of mentions. Can you say desperate?

    • Maxcer Maxcer

      gears is a third party title.

    • BillyHoWCR

      The point is he is playing it on his console of choice while you are not. Regardless of who made it… it isn’t being played on PS3. So are you saying you only play games made by Sony?

    • Play

      Irrelevant. The game is irrelevant like your taste in games.

    • sd

      The PS4 also has none of those announced, so not the best example just yet. Oh and DR3, Forza, Ryse, project spark, killer Instinct, exclusive DLC, Titanfall in March. The games speak volumes at launch. I would rather go with confirmed games, with confirmed release dates.

      The PS4 is getting Killzone and Knack at launch, then driveclub and Infamous around March. Your argument was flawed.

      I will buy the PS4 in 6 months-12 months, but I chose the x-1 at launch based on them having a better game lineup. That was also before infamous and driveclub were delayed. So 2 AAA exclusive games in the first 4 months is not enough. HAd sony released Uncharted 4 or a different lineup of great games I would be buying the PS4 on day one. But it hasn’t happened.

    • Yo Mama

      Yeah…no. Almost every game you named started out as a 360 game and was converted over to the One80. Plus, all but one is sub 1080p because the One80 can’t handle it.

    • sd

      What does 1080p have to do with gameplay and graphics. At 900p Ryse is better looking than Killzone. (see N4G and look at the comparisons between ryse, crisis 3 and killzone). Also why does the fact that they started on the 360 and are now X-1 exclusives make a difference, they are still all great games. My point is the PS4 only has 2 AAA launch exclusives with another 2 in March. Oh and DR3, Forza and project spark are all 1080p.
      But the fact remains Knack is receiving poor previews and killzone, while good is being released as an exclusive at the same time as BF4 and COD. The PS4 has no fighting game and no racing game at launch, it also has no open world zombie game and no hack slash game.

      I am not saying the PS4 is a bad device, its a great device, I will buy one, but I am saying at launch it is a poor choice if you want exclusive games in the first 6 months. But if you can only afford one and are in it for the long haul then eventually naughty dog will release a game and it will be great to own.

    • Yo Mama

      Well, all I know is you better enjoy those “exclusives” while you can. Everyone knows that PlayStation has more higher rated titles and brings the best AAA games throughout the whole life cycle of their systems. Microsoft fizzles out.

    • sd

      As I said I will own both, so I will still get to enjoy the AAA exclusives from Sony. But my point is as stated, I dont want to wait 12 months to start playing the AAA exclusives. So I am starting with the console that, at launch has the best exclusives. But I am not saying over the course of its life it will necessarily be the best console. Only time can tell with that.

    • Slay

      Let me try to fix what you meant to say.
      “The real reason I won’t spend 500 dollars on a system is because my low-income job at Waffle House can only afford me the cheapest next gen console. I can only afford the waitstation 4 (even though it has no games coming out). I’d like to get a real job. The kind of jobs that the xbox fanbase has to be able to afford a xbox one”.
      Glad I could help darrrhling.

    • Yo Mama

      LMFAO at people having to pay $100 more for a 50% less powerful machine. The irony is, I bet you were making fun of people who bought Sony’s more expensive system years ago.

    • Slay

      Some people are stupid and liked to get fucked over twice. You seem like one of those, hunty.

    • Play

      My version is better. You can’t copy the original. You just don’t have the wit and intelligence. Slayeeed hunty slayyyyed. I just read you gurrrrrl.

    • joe mama

      does that mean that the xbox fan base had even shittier jobs back then when the 360 got release cuz it was $400 compare to the $600 sony fan base where paying at the time ?

    • Slay

      No, because nobody bought the ps3 until the price drop.

    • Play

      You arn’t fooling anyone.

  • T40Rs731N

    The Timed Exclusivity this time requires that he can’t talk about the PS version.

    • king_of_spades

      Lmfao ps fans still begging for xbox games lol hilarious. Ps4 so trash

    • Slay

      You don’t know what you are talking about. No surprise.

    • Play

      You should stick to things more age appropriate. I can read it just like I am reading you.

  • Slay

    Xbox is gonna slayyyy this Holiday. Slayyyy hunty slayyyyyyy. Do it for the gods!

    • Play

      Lol GAYMER.

  • Barry Kelly

    “if Nelson’s lack of worry says anything, it’s that the game might just stay exclusive after all.”

    Or they’ve paid Respawn to not mention it will hit other platforms. It’s not like they haven’t done that before, hell it’s bordering on common now.

  • IAbaces

    look at X1 pre-orders and Titanfall is at #10, COD Ghosts #1 followed by BF4 #2

  • neomahi-217

    I don’t need an Xbone to play the game which means I don’t need to shell out an extra $560 to play the game on top of my already purchased PS4 (though I wish I’d be able to play Crimson Dragon and Dead Rising 3, let’s face it, Capcom is dead broke and screwed so Microsoft paid for its development keeping it on Xbone. Capcom really does only have $154 Million to its name otherwise its clearly in Capcom’s best interest to go multiplatform with Dead Rising AND with Ah shoot… What’s it called. The Demon’s Souls ripoff. Deep Down? This confirms Microsoft paid for Dead Rising 3). Anyway, I’ll be able to play Titanfall on my PC and as has just been announced, I’ll be able to use the Dualshock 4 with Steam so, I’m covered. Crimson Dragon and Dead Rising 3 aren’t worth shelling out the money for an Xbone either.

  • John

    So much hype about this game, and its M$ making all the hype – that just leads me to believe this game will be ‘so so’ at best! By the time it comes out on PS4 (less than 6 months after xbone release) no one will even care. Only the xbone fan boys will be talking about it. Total overhype!

  • You are flat out wrong

    Top lel. Even if it was on PS4, I still wouldn’t get it: multiplayer-online plus I wouldn’t want that Xbone stench on my console. It doesn’t help that I’m bored of this kind of shootybang too.

    • Slay


    • Play

      Because if you want a opinion with substance, then you would take up my word.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Nah, I’m not an Xdrone.


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