Mass Effect 4: Combat & Biotics Are Looking Great, Release Date To Be Possibly Spring or Fall 2016

A few updates on Bioware’s next big RPG.

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mass effect 4

Chris Wynn, the Senior Development Director of Mass Effect, has taken to his personal Twitter feed recently to tease all of the L2’s, L3’s and L5’s amongst us (bonus points if you remember the first L2 you meet in Mass Effect). He said, “Combat is looking pretty great in the latest builds. Biotics plus weapons plus powerful hardware is amazing.” That has me excited.

Furthermore, trusted industry insider Shinobi602 has commented on Mass Effect 4’s possible release date, fairly reasoning that the game will drop in 2016 and not slip to 2017. According to the people the insider spoke to, EA haven’t decided a release date but are targeting Spring or Fall of 2016.

“From people I’ve talked to close to the thing, it’s still a 2016 release but haven’t yet nailed down deciding between Spring or Fall. EA usually has multiple high-profile releases every year, and with Battlefield 5 targeting Q4 2016, for now until I hear more, I’m assuming earlier than Fall is the target. They did however release NFS Rivals and BF4 at the same time, so it could still be the Fall.  Of course, delays are always possible with any game, but this thing’s been in development since 2012. It won’t skip next year,” the insider said on NeoGaf.

Spring normally takes place in March, April or May depending on how far north one lives. I personally believe that it’s going to launch either in March or November 2016. These are the usual months in which AAA games are launched. As usual, every information from an industry insider must be taken with a grain of salt but Shinobi602 has a solid track record so far.

On a related note, the producer of Mass Effect 4, Michael Gamble has revealed that they have completed a milestone delivery for the game which will further help them to make changes and fine tune gameplay mechanics. Mass Effect 4 will most likely launch on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, although this has not been confirmed by Bioware or EA yet.

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  • tplarkin7

    Good news! Can’t wait! I’m still playing ME3 multiplayer. I have 700 hours into it (Still need to fully upgrade Ultra Rare weapons).

    • MichaelSammler

      Wow. I am only 350 hours. Have a lot of weapons that may never make lvl 10.

    • tplarkin7

      Once you complete your Gold weapons, Ultra Rares are about 1 success for every ten Premium Specter Packs. (Just a ball park). I only buy those packs. I don’t buy the Arsenal Packs. Not 100% sure if it makes a difference, but I’ve had more luck with Premium (and it’s the only pack that mentions Ultra Rares). Play only Gold matches. Silver isn’t worth the time.

  • Mark

    One of my most loved games……..really hope it drops next year. To be honest tho, I’d rather not hear anything till atleast E3 or Gamescom.

  • Lambo Calrissian

    Hey Bioware/EA how bout a Mass Effect Trilogy Port to XBox One to hold us over till ME4?

  • Bakgrind

    Glad that combat and those biotic skills are looking so well, but how’s that story shaping up ?

  • blackdreamhunk

    yea i love it too.

  • AndrewLB

    After all the lies Bioware fed to trusting fans prior to ME3’s release, nothing they say without including actual gameplay video is worth reading.

    The following quote from Casey Hudson sums it all up:

    “This story arc is coming to an end with this game. That means the endings can be a lot more different. At this point we’re taking into account so many decisions that you’ve made as a player and reflecting a lot of that stuff. It’s not even in any way like the traditional game endings, where you can say how many endings there are or whether you got ending A, B, or C.”

    Funny how after the Tuchunka mission not a single decision made in all three games actually mattered in regards to the A, B, C ending. I remember Hudson also saying that the decision to kill or release the Rachnai queen in ME1 would become VERY important. lol. Aside from the very short mission, i think Shep received an e-mail.

    • Neko Majin

      Totally agree, bioware lost me a while ago….

    • Chess Red Eagle

      that’s way too harsh. There were years of development between games. Plenty of ideas and features get changed or thrown out. You’re also forgetting that EA more than likely had a hand in how the ending went down especially considering that it was supposed to end a completely different way. Do your research first before making sweeping accusations like that. Besides, other than the ending, the game was amazing. Fact.

    • Jeroen Kolkman

      I agree with you for 99%.
      Then ending could have been a lot better but the it was still great.
      That they made the extra addition to the ending was cool and all but added only a bit of “ok ok so thats what happend afterwards” feeling to it.

      For me the worst part of the trilogy was ME2 around halfway through.
      But for still a great game.

      I really can’t wait for the next game and I hope the choices will be as awesome as DA was.
      Like systems as dragon age keep.

      Really curious 🙂

      Only time will tell if the game will live up to the its name

  • GotNews4Ya

    Shinobi covered his “insider bases” as well as a Psychic covers their “Psychic Powers” by proclaiming that Mass Effect will be released in Either Spring or Fall.. and thus covering a mere 1/2 of 2016… infact he covered the busiest game release months of any release year! How “Insider” of him, He makes me feel all warm and “Special” inside.

    • mclarenfan1968

      Lol I know right, these people give way too much coverage to that phony insider. Anyone can make these lousy guesses.

      I’ll make one too they will release it on Nov 7 2016 for N7 day. Good for PR and marketing reasons.

  • N7 Battle Lord

    Kaidan was the first biotic with L2 implants.Shepard had met. Too easy.


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