Mass Effect 4- Is this what next-gen Mass Effect could look like?

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mass effect next gen 2

Artist Baolong Zhang has done some amazing work here. He’s made a few images and a video using the Unreal Engine 3 and a few DirectX 11 features, and he’s created a character influenced by BioWare’s Mass Effect universe. It looks great, and boy, we sure do wish he had been at BioWare when Mass Effect 3 was being developed.

The character model he’s made and shown off looks really well made, and there’s an incredible amount of detail to the model. It’s very impressive from a technical standpoint. Just shows that a lot more can be pushed out of Unreal Engine 3 is utilized properly.

We sure hope this is what Mass Effect 4 or the next generation Mass Effect title (whichever one comes first!) looks like,

Have a look at the images and video, and tell us what you think in the comments section below.


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  • Baodur

    And how about we stop caring about Mass Effect, which is a franchise slaughtered by EA and BioWare?

    • Nitro McNasty

      In what way could it be slaughtered? Every step has been an improvement in one way or another.

  • gpry

    Notice the character doesn’t actually move. The model is high res and that’s made even more evident by the hair on his head and the hairs making up his chin. No, that’s not possible, it would be barely possible to render as a static object let alone animated, let alone among of plethora of other assets all moving in the same scene. While, yes, it’s fun to think about what might be possible (I prefer to skip ahead to holodecks, personally) a bit of knowledge about 3d goes a long way in showing just how UNimpressive this is. Check out the galleries from artists on places like Gamasutra and CGSociety. They’re beautiful too, and about as likely to become part of a video game as the above is (read: not).

    • Well, you are absolutely wrong. The character is perfectly optimized for videogames. Is simply uses tassellation for that it look very high poly but is not. Baolong Zhang is a professional character artist for videogames and he knows what is doing. Yous should do some more research before write that sentences 😉

  • Well seeing how Shep isn’t going to be in this one… don’t know why, he/she survives the destroy ending (Would like to see DLC to fallow up on that). I think Shep need a better send off then what he or she got. Well, I wouldn’t mind playing a new hero. It would be interesting seeing a galaxy in anarchy and a new hero having to reunite it against say something like the Leviathans. Just a thought. we’ll see. Lets hope they don’t screw up the ending this time.

  • joe

    Mass effect 4 is using frostbite..not unreal

    • Shubhankar Parijat

      The post above says that those images were rendered by the artist using UE3, it never says that Mass Effect 4 will run on the engine.

  • David A. Peguero

    I think it looks AMAZING!!! I’m going to miss Shepard though!!! Although, playing as a new character seems interesting!!


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