Mass Effect Andromeda: Bioware Focusing On Setting The ‘Gold Standard For Shooting Mechanics’

Whether it will be able to set that standard is a different question.

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware is looking to set a new gold standard when it comes to shooting mechanics in the video game industry. The company has been working hard to get Mass Effect: Andromeda to market when they originally said they would, meaning sometime this year. The company has been doing this despite the fact that it has had a bit of turnover at some of the upper echelon parts of the staff.

It wasn’t that long ago Bioware confirmed it had lost one of its writers. The company hasn’t really blinked an eye though as it continues to work towards its goals. A new job listing has the company looking for a new Senior Gameplay Designer. You can check out the entire listing here but the most important little tidbit to come from the listing is the mention of what they are going to be looking for when it comes to what this designer can pull off.

“Our Mass Effect team is looking to add another team player to the design department for the next Mass Effect title. Mass Effect 3 was the highest rated game of 2012, garnering 17 perfect critical review scores and Mass Effect 2 was one of the highest rated RPG’s of all time. This role would focus on establishing and executing on the gold standard for shooting mechanics, AI, camera, physics and other aspects related to combat, control and camera.” Even more interesting is the company is actually looking for senior game designers for three different locations. Mass Effect: Andromeda does not have an official release date but is expected to be available some time this year.

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  • nateuc4

    As much as I love the Mass effect series, it won’t be able to match Uncharted or MGSV.

    • Yo seriously didn’t just say that…………..Mass effect has a bigger fan base then those two game alone

    • nateuc4

      Iam talking about gunplay.

    • N7Paladin

      Mass Effect 3 had way better Combat system than those games. I love uncharted but its not really a comparison. Those 2 games are JUST GUN PLAY. Mass Effect 3 was Gun PLay and so much more. After playing mass effect 3, it was hard for me to enjoy any other games that was shooting based, because i felt they really perfected the combat system, especially when it came to Run, Cover and shoot.

  • John Richardson

    The shooting mechanics of Mass Effect have always been complete garbage compared to other quality mainstream games. I hope they are serious because this game will be remarkable with good quality shooting controls.

  • Yeltnerb1

    They were half-way there with Mass Effect 3’s combat system.

  • David Savage

    The question is why ? Being a Bioware fan (Before ME3) for a long period of time I was never interested in any of the combat, Going back to Kotor and so on, It was all about the character interaction with each other, that’s what always stood out in Bioware games beyond any other company’s game’s. It made the game universe feel “Real”. All of the best part’s in any Bioware game’s come from those interactions. Going back to Kotor, The legendary “Twist” in the plot was made that much more interesting due to the character response’s, if you chose Dark side/Light side had such dramatic effects on your party, It made the game just that extra special, unlike anything we had seen, and Mass Effect took that whole premise and advanced it for the modern generation of gaming, I still remember going shooting with Varrus as our little relaxation before the war, Those are moments that will stay with a gamer forever, Ask any writer for TV or Gaming and they will tell you, Its all about the Characters, That’s what made Bioware set the standard in RPG’s, After ME 3’s horrific ending, I thought Bioware was done, Dragon Age brought a little hope back, but if they’re focusing on the shooting then I can only wish them good luck, I didn’t buy your games to go shooting when I can buy Counter Strike for less than half the price. The idea that you can create a shooter beyond the likes of Counter Strike is laughable at best without hindering the best parts of Bioware titles. Another developer that falls victim to EA, another sad day for gaming as a whole. God help us!

    • mclarenfan1968

      Grandiose lines like “Gold standard” that HR personal use while posting a job description for a new role is pretty standard practice in every industry. Such claims are never to be taken seriously, they are just formalities HR depts ritually follow.

      If they truly are focusing even more on combat more than they already have in the last two games of the current trilogy then they are definitely destroying the franchise but I am more than certain it is the former.

    • Katy Hill

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  • Always thought of the Mass Effect games as being sort of a hybrid game, role playing as well as shooter. To me this was ideal. Other shooters aren’t nearly as interactive, and compelling. For instance, I’ve played through most of the Halo games, ONCE. Instead, I’ve poured hundreds of hours into the Mass Effect games. You feel a part of the story, and the experience is much more interesting. I enjoyed the interaction, I enjoyed the cut scenes. In the Halo games, I skip through the cut scenes because I find them not relevant to the game play.

    Not to beat a dead horse, but they really “screwed the pooch” with the ending of Mass Effect 3. I felt invested in the story, and the characters. Sure, this next game will be a “Mass Effect” game also, but, it is far less interesting to me, if it has no continuity with the previous Mass Effect games. They might as well call it something else. What should have happened was a forgetting of the actual ending of ME3, and merely treat DLC “Citadel” as the real ending. I point to the discarding of a number of film sequels that were pulled from story lines; Terminator: Salvation, Highlander 2, Aliens 3. These movies were outright ignored in subsequent sequels because to the dead ends and absurdity they attempted to introduce.

  • TerrorK

    What a surprise… modern BioWare focusing more on appealing to the shooter crowd than to the RPG one. They never learn.

    • Richard Jefferies

      So long as I don’t hear that dirty, dirty phrase bandied about like I did prior to ME3… multiplayer. I mean, I know it is going to be there, but they made it a point to tout that crap above all other things in the lead up to 3.


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