Mass Effect Andromeda To Be Shown At E3, Confirms Bioware

Although June is still ways off.

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Mass Effect Andromeda

It seems like we’ve been waiting for some truly big news about Mass Effect: Andromeda for quite a while now. Bioware seems keenly aware of that fact and the company announced the date when we’ll finally get that big news. The company revealed they will be showing off their new title at this coming E3. As we’ve pointed out, Bioware is redefining storytelling with this latest iteration.

The company announced on their official page that they would be showing the game off  and said they were quite excited to be able to show more of the game that they have mostly just been talking about. Of course, that wasn’t the only thing Bioware talked about on their page. They also looked back at the year the company has had when it comes to games, particularly they mentioned the story of games like Dragon Age: Inquisition.

“At conventions from coast to coast, we met countless people who told us stories that made us laugh, cry, and remember why we make games. We saw fantastic cosplay and even put on a fashion show full of brand-new items that we developed based on feedback from all of you,” the company said. Now we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of information the game will be bringing to the show at E3 but it seems likely whatever they do show is going to be worth the wait.

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  • zedfallex

    After ME3, I think they lost most of their fanbase.

    Odds are likely this’ll be a minimalist plunge into the ankle-deep waters of mediocrity lacking both nuance in its narrative and characters possessing an impetus beyond a puerile fascination with alien rear ends.

    Gameplay, of course, will continue down the same road, mimicking nothing so much as Call of Duty, filtered through a thousand focus groups and delivering an experience so samey as to encourage nothing save despair and a desire only to get away, far away, from the soulless minds that would craft such a vacuous nonsensical portrait of iterative corporate production.

    • Guest

      Your perception of Bioware games is rather depressing. While I don’t agree at all with anything you just said, you’re entitled to an opinion and I will respect that. I was just wondering what evidence you’re basing your notions off of. I think that ME3 was a brilliant game furthering the storytelling, lore, and gameplay in a positive direction. Also I think that Dragon Age Inquisition was a fantastic game and can only hope that Bioware will build on that in future installments. My only concern would be them losing some RPG elements to reach the broader short attention-span community (i.e. Call of Duty, Madden, Generic FPS community).

    • zedfallex

      Classic misdirection, I mentioned ME3, and you suggested I was talking about Bioware as a whole.

      In any event, whether Bioware is just EA nigh a decade after that fateful merger seems a salient point in 2016.

      For the record, I *love* Bioware, but I despise what they’ve become.

    • The ME community still seems to be going strong, most people were able to see the bioware fumbled the ending but not the whole game.

      We didn’t let one mistake, at the end of an otherwise brilliant game, ruin a franchise 🙂

    • zedfallex

      I’m glad you think you side with “most people” (where you get this info and why you think it’s important is puzzling).

      I do not think Mass Effect 3 “brilliant,” good or even just okay. I think Mass Effect 3 is a genuinely bad game with little character development, a wandering plot that goes nowhere, sub-par dialogue, uninteresting choices and largely boring environments with repetitive gameplay.

      I came to this conclusion on my own without the unnecessary input of “most people.”

    • Maia

      Mass effect 3 was the most emotional and entertaining game in the series, I get giddy during every important mission.

    • Maurice Adelmon

      Dragon age 1 & 3 where great, dragon age 2 sucked. Mass effect 3 ruined the series…

    • Guest

      You think the final 5 minutes (if that) ruined an entire ground-breaking gaming series? I don’t see how that is remotely possibly. I would assume most people put 100+ hours into the trilogy, and you think they would let the last minutes of the game ruin the other 99% of time they enjoyed? I understand the gripe with the ending but it wasn’t even that bad. None us wanted our Shepard to die. It was an ultimatum brought by impossible odds we were fighting. It was a tough ending, not a bad one. Oh and Dragon Age 2 was different, not bad.

  • B. Martin

    ME3 ruined the series. They should have come up with a new IP if they wanted to do another scifi RPG. There is no significant fan base left to pawn this crap off onto. I’ll wait for the bargain bin 75% sale, if ever.

    • Maia

      what are you talking about, mass effect 3 is a great game, its been years get over it.

    • Maurice Adelmon


    • xlnahema


    • SethComa


    • xlnahema


    • Yan Dawid

      So many people say ME3 is a terrible game usually because of the ending… I’m guessing that was your problem with it because it trumps the other ME games in almost every way (but when it comes to which story, characters, etc. you enjoyed more then that’s up to you).

    • Frebu

      It trumps them in every way……….except the one that really matters, the ending that ties it all together and gives you a sense of wonder/completion……ME3’s ending just leaves you feeling hollow. I will be the first to say the game’s overall execution is AMAZING, but I very often quit the game before I get to the ending simply because I know it is terrible.

    • Yeltnerb1

      WRONG. ME2 nearly ruined the trilogy.

  • We were ecstatic to finally be able to give you a taste of what’s to come in Mass Effect: Andromeda at E3

    That means the last E3 not the next one, past tense.

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  • Maurice Adelmon

    Mass Effect 3’s ending sucked sweaty gonads… I’ll hack this game if I
    play it frack Bioware they’ve become a s h i t company that cares about
    profit and dead lines and not games like all video games company
    eventually do.

    • xlnahema

      Do you think Bioware will have the same profit of ME 3 with ME Andromeda?!?!?

    • masseffectfan

      lol what profit? bioware gave us all multiplayer dlc for free for me3.

  • Lord Humungus

    Bioware started out so strong and original. I thoroughly enjoyed ME1 & 2 and DA1. In the last few years they’ve just become a pandering machine to political correctness. ME3’s ending was universally despised, and I’d argue DA:I’s ending was almost as anticlimactic. Witcher absolutely and completely belittled DA in every way. I just don’t see them returning to greatness with Andromeda, but I’d love to eat my words.

    • jlenoconel

      One of the lead devs is a huge SJW, so it’s doubtful.

    • Wiccan

      I’m not quite sure i get your point about Bioware pandering to political correctness over the last few years. Is it because they added a black woman? Or added set sexualities? I mean there were only 2 gay characters out of the 12, was that too much? Was it because girls had more romance options then men? All were optional and typically it is women who enjoy romance aspects more than men. Did it frustrate you that content for women was added? The main story didn’t touch on feminism or sexuality and the core game was just an rpg, you could skip any characters you dont approve of, all 3 mandatory characters are straight and white. Sure it had people of colour and LGBT characters but it has had that since DAO. Im not trying to trap you, im legit curious and trying to understand why people feel minorities were targeted with the games themes, which as far as i know is about magic, dragons and general fantasy lore instead of feminism, sexuality etc.

      Just including something doesn’t make it pandering. For example, sticking an oiled up girl in a bikini holding a gun on a game cover is pandering. Having a girl in a game using a gun and the option to put her in a bikini at the players command is not. Just because they add something you dont like doesn’t mean its pandering. when they start having oiled up, swimsuited, same genders making out on the game box to advertise a mandatory gameplay element, then you’ve got a cause to throw the word out.

  • Trinity Landers

    Helps there fan base is how many years older now? Take your time bio


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