Mass Effect Andromeda Will Have A Mix of Humor And Thrilling Combat, Coming Together Beautifully

Bioware keeps on teasing.

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Bioware’s developers are. yet again, discussing Mass Effect Andromeda on Twitter, noting how development on the game is coming along, and, for anyone who is actually still interested in their incessant teasing, also hinting at what players can expect from the final game whenever the hell it does end up releasing.

Bioware’s Ian Frazier noted that players players can expect a mix of humor, great characterization, thrilling combat, and ‘unique’ graphics fro, Andromeda– that is the kind of thing that made Mass Effect so beloved to begin with, so it’s good to see that Bioware are not losing sight of that. Bioware’s Graham Scott also noted that the game is coming together ‘beautifully’- but then again, Bioware literally always say this. Show me the goods, guys, or I’m kind of not interested any more.

Mass Effect Andromeda is going to apparently be launching before March 31 2017. It is due for a proper and full reveal later this year, and will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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  • TheDizz

    LMAO so much spin on what is shaping up to be a lone game release for Mass Effect at Andromeda, after that Bioware is getting dissolved. BSN shut down decision is just the beginning. We now know why we have no actual game-play footage, they are just so far behind schedule with so many leaving Bioware in droves.

    • Nick

      Its obvious you don’t know what your talking, You need to learn your facts, just because a company doesn’t have forums doesn’t mean it can’t be successful nor does it mean that it is being dissolved, Bioware has said this is the 1st game of a new trilogy, and Bioware is way to successful to be dissolved, the original Mass Effect Trilogy was extremely successful, as is the Dragon Age Series, Bioware is one of the more successful gaming companies, and people aren’t leaving it in droves, not very many people have left, and all of them said leaving was a hard decision and stated they only left because they were offered another job with a superior position and superior pay. Mass Effect 3 sold over 4 Million Copies, and Dragon Age Inquisition sold even more, Bioware’s sales for their games are increasing quite a bit, and even if they were dissolved the Rights to Mass Effect and Dragon Age would go to EA, whom the rumors say they would be dissolved into, and then most of the developers and writers would be given jobs at EA and still be working on the games. Mass Effect Andromeda is being released in March, 7 months, more than half a year away, you need to be patient

    • Kelton Jetersen

      I agree with you! Although, I’m pretty sure Mass Effect 3 sold more copies than DAI.

    • TheDizz

      Oh I know my facts really well, it seems you are the one who doesn’t know what you are talking about. or maybe you do know what am talking about but you are obligated to spin because you are under the employ of a certain publisher/studio? 😉 Doesn’t matter I can quickly dismiss your sweeping statements just as easily. let’s start.

      1) Every game developer serious enough to take in fan feedback in bulk, listen to game breaking bugs, issue instant clarifications etc needs a place they can manage and moderate. That is a forum. Twitter, doesn’t cut it (LMAO if you even try to suggest it). Facebook is totally inadequate which is why forums thrive today. Every company wants to have total control over heir hub, delegating that to 3rd party like Twitter, Facebook has always resulted in so many SNAFUs that companies could have quickly gotten under control had they had been the sole owner of the entire hub. There also legal wranglings to deal with that I don’t have to go into here.

      2) MEA trilogy: Yeah dev says something so it must true right? Just like how they said ME3 wont have bespoke A.B,C endings in ME3… oh wait. You are too naive if you believe any of that….or you are an EA/Bioware stake holder 😉 That wouldn’t surprising then. Publishers and studios will always say anything to put a positive spin, get real for a sec when has a dev come out and said their game is subpar?

      3) Dead Space was also successful yet EA have canned it because the sales numbers didn’t please shareholders despite being profitable, again only the naive will parrot this nonsense that ME is somehow very successful. Mass Effect is nothing next to Battlefield, now that is EA’s true cash cow. Shareholders don’t care how much the fans liked the game, they look for growth and profits, they are inherently greedy for even more ROI. If they cant get that they demand an IP to be canned so as to focus on something else. Fan logic doesn’t apply to investors. Unless you are an EA/Bioware PR rep of course like I pointed earlier 😉

      4) People are leaving in droves, you are patently false, do you have any idea about professional circles? Do you know about glassdoor? yeah go look that up and you’ll see actual accounts from former and current employees. If you are interested enough you can track a lot of former Bioware staff on LinkedIn. So peddle those lies elsewhere, wont work here.

      5) Former staff claiming it was the hardest thing to do, LMAO! You have no!! They are professionals they always say that for every job they leave from, unless you want to burn bridges in this industry you wont talk anything but rose laced words about the company you are leaving. It rarely happens a former employee openly tells harsh things about their former company even if they wanted to because they have a career to maintain. You speak too much and you’re making yourself redundant in the market. It’s how it works due to peer pressure. Pay and superior positions are irrelevant excuses, you don’t conveniently find lots of people leaving at around the same time because they all happened to get new attractive positions. Games industry is tough one to get a job and stay employed, more people and less jobs to go around. You are talking pure BS.

      6) When Bioware gets dissolved EA will do nothing to the IP they see as no longer generating the type revenues their shareholders demand, look to point number 1 and Oh… Maxis says hi XD

      7)Need to be Patient Hmm I smell a PR rep’s style of communique, come now Mr Rep why the charade? 😉

  • lenselot1993

    I get the frustration, I do, but it’d be nice if writers of articles like this could put a lid on all the negativity. Just cram it. I’m here to read something about games, not to have to sift through your petty whining, searching for the actual point of the article as if it were some kind of literairy book.

    • Jennifermwilloughby1

      <<u:i. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bz710a:….,

    • Lex_Aron

      I was about to post this too!!

    • Lex_Aron

      I’m trying to spread the word everywhere

    • TheDizz

      That guy’s is one racist soup of scum.

  • Carl-Fritjof Bergan

    It’s maybe not the most enlightened person commenting in this video. It depends on you interpretation of the twitter comments. If you take them to be his actual meaning, sure, he may be a racist, if you interpret his meaning in a bit wider context, he might as well be trying to provoke, or in his own misunderstood way, try to make a political statement by using racial innuendos. I’m not a big fan of labeling a persons viewpoint solely on his twitter feed, and nor should this “commentator” who i presume is a game critic and not a political scientist/sociologist.


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