Metal Gear Solid 5 Chapter 3: “The Game is Deeper”, Official MGS Twitter Says There Is More To See

Does a Chapter 3 exist?

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metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain

There is a lot that has been said about the ending of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. It pops up literally out of no where and the game ends abruptly. In the last few weeks, I have consistently reported about missing content in The Phantom Pain including Episode 51 and Chapter 3 along with a 4th ending that no one has any idea how they can unlock it. The Phantom Pain has just two chapters and honestly, I haven’t ever played a game that has only two chapters regardless of how good or bad they were.

So what actually happened with Chapter 3 [titled Peace]? Was it really removed or is it something that we have not yet unlocked? Daley from FraggedNation, who has made quite a name for himself in the Metal Gear community recently got in touch with a Konami employee and asked him the verdict regarding Chapter 3. He had the following conversation:

So, what is the verdict on Chapter 3? Is it in the game or are we stretching?

What I will say is that the game is deeper than what people are giving it credit for. Jumping to premature conclusions based on assets hacked out of the game is unfair and sells the game short. Just keep playing 😉

It’s interesting to note that the Konami employee does not deny the existence of Chapter 3 in The Phantom Pain. Instead he urges players to keep on playing and not to jump to premature conclusions. However the problem with that statement is that several players have already completed 100% of The Phantom Pain. What game can be possibly completed further when players have already completed it 100%? A point that I raised in my previous article.

Coincidentally, the official Metal Gear twitter feed tweeted out some interesting tweets:

Now those guys might be simply referring to Metal Gear Online 3 that launches next week but they do mention that in subsequent tweets which kind of indicates that there is perhaps more to see in The Phantom Pain. I may be totally wrong but I have a feeling that Konami has some sort of story DLC planned for the game given how many people will actually pay for it.

We will see how it all pans out.

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  • WitWolfy

    I call BS, that means they sold us an incomplete game…

    • gourry

      Where have you been? Games have been sold incomplete for more than a decade. LOL

    • jsizzler

      look at this guy trying to make an overarching statement but you look pretty dumb seeing as no one is denying what you said.

    • WitWolfy

      HAHAHA you’re so right!

    • Josh Griffiths

      The game’s incomplete whether they sell story DLC or not.

    • Sandra Chapa

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    • WitWolfy


    • ChickenSandwich

      What could this even mean? Are they going to finish Mission 51? Make an Epilogue DLC? Why reveal that there was a proper boss fight on a half assed special edition of the are going to release it?

      I was enjoying the game so much but it really fell apart in the last couple of hours. If they plan on finishing it they should at least tell everybody.

      This series should end with you taking down a METAL GEAR.

    • WitWolfy

      It should’ve ended where Liquid stole Metal gear IMO.. That would’ve been a perfect cliffhanger for a possible sequel and retcon that stupid body double twist…

    • ChickenSandwich

      Agreed, although I don’t know why they couldn’t have polished that last mission or at least trimmed it back, set it in the middle of the Africa map rather than struggle making a new island before dropping it. Imagine how awesome it would have been if you finally got to deploy your huge army against that thing, taking it down quickly but with a real sense of progression from the earlier fight.
      It’s absolutely ridiculous that the last Metal Gear game removed the final fight with a Metal Gear.

      That should have been more of a priority. Moreso than anything in Chapter 2.

      What should have happened was take the best bit of Chapter 2 (the MB infection and the last Quiet mission) and integrate it into 1, dump everything else, finish the end mission. It would have been a shorter game but at least it would have a proper ending.

      I’d even suggest editing out the ‘twist’ completely, and cut all references to it from the game, because it completely deflates the game’s story. Not only that but it makes you play that prologue again, something that was already barely enjoyable the first time. Just should have dropped it, and left that particularly damaging and cheap plot twist ambiguous and something for fans to speculate. It was more fun that way.

      It’s like all the wrong stuff got cut and too much crap made it in. Like it was put together by some Bizarro version of Kojima.

    • Michael Bryant

      MGS3 didn’t end with a metal gear boss fight either you know and you weren’t even the real big boss in that game so it all makes sense plus this game wraps up all the holes in the METAL GEAR series time lines with the real big boss of to Zanzibar land to start up outer haven

    • Michael Bryant

      You do realize the the next game in the time line is not metal gear solid but the original metal gear for the msx2/fc/NES with the creation of outer haven

    • WitWolfy

      You do realize liquid is not full grown here yet right? Plus this is the prototype for metal gear Rex anyways. Makes perfect sense

  • Tom Maxey

    pfft look at all the blind haters not knowing that this was official konami saying chapter 3 actually exists if the game is that deep then I can see how careless people can be once they think they’ve finished it but if the employee is talking about the nuke disarmament challenge then yeah we’ve still got that missing kingdom of the flies episode out of our reach sadly 🙁

  • Ryan McFarlane

    They did say that they do something in MGS V that hasn’t been done in a video game before so I don’t think selling you the rest of the game as DLC is what they’re talking about.

  • Tom Maxey

    I’m suprised at how dumb people are in the comments section the employee clearly explained that chapter 3 was in the game but people interpreted as overpriced dlc when he said to keep on playing the game after the truth ending to find out *faceplam*

    • Em_ptySkin

      I’m also surprised at how dumb people in comments sections are. For instance, the use of punctuation to delineate where one sentence ends and another begins.


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