Metal Gear Solid 5 Update: Hayter On Kiefer – ‘It Just Feels Different From What We Were Doing Before’

‘I’ve got nothing bad to say about the man. He’s a stellar Canadian,’ says David Hayter.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain

David Hayter, the iconic voice behind gaming’s most recognizable characters, Solid Snake/Big Boss, is back in the news again. Back in 2013 it was revealed that Hayter won’t be reprising his role with Konami hiring Kiefer Sutherland for facial capture and voice acting for Snake in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Since then several fans have been terming this move as an elaborate ruse by Konami. Regardless, Hayter has again made it clear to NerdReactor that he is not coming back in Metal Gear Solid V and he is not under NDA. “I never signed any NDA. When you’re not in a game, it’s very difficult for them to get you to sign anything pertaining to it. It’s disappointing that fans still believe I’m gonna be in it, because I think that reduces the pressure that should be put on Konami and Kojima to bring me back. So I’ll say it again, I’m not in the game. In any way.”

He also praised Sutherland but it’s not clear whether he was praising his performance as Snake. “He’s a super nice guy and I respect him immensely. It just feels different from what we were doing before. But I’ve got nothing bad to say about the man. He’s a stellar Canadian. I respect him immensely.”

What do you guys think about this? Do you think Hayter will still make a come back as a young Solid Snake? Snake’s pal Raiden apparently thinks so.

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  • bigshynepo

    I would love to see Hayter come back but it’s not happening. Snake’s voice will not take away from the experience being crafted for MGS5. As for the “pressure that should be put on Konami and Kojima to bring me back”, I think David needs to just give it up and move on to some other voice acting opportunities. I want to see future David Hayter articles about his successes and accomplishments, not about missed opportunities.

  • Kamille

    I don’t like Kiefer, he sounds like he doesn’t give a sh*1 and it ruins the experience. Kojima doesn’t realizes it because he’s not a native English speaker, so to him anything must be sound fine like most Japanese voice overs sound fine to us.

    • DarthDiggler

      There isn’t hardly any Kiefer Voice Over in Ground Zeroes. Mostly the guy on the comms really.

      Hayter needs to stop crying about this. He is starting to look like a dumbass.

  • Mark

    I think we are all under Kojima’s spell now. I believe there is a reason why Hayter just can’t stop talking about this.

    “So I’ll say it again, I’m not in the game. In any way” – i don’t in believe you!!!

  • Cloud Air

    david.. no offense but you have to find a diff job

    cheer up bro.. look, i want to make music for video games.. i have no resume

    you however, have work that (no pun intended) speaks for itself

    so at least ur technically doing better than a guy like me

  • Hayter isn’t in it, I prefer to play the game in Japanese. How can we do it ? Or we can’t ?


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