Metal Gear Solid 5: MGO’s Progression And Map Details To Be Revealed Later, No Plans To Remake MGO2

Learn from the past, look to the future.

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It appears that Metal Gear Online may be an actual, viable online game this time around, unlike the last few tries, where it was, at best, a novelty to mess around in, before completely giving up on it. The development of the mode seems to be keeping all the strengths and shortcomings of previous Metal Gear Online modes in mind, meaning we have a chance at getting a Metal Gear multiplayer component which actually has a shot of being in the same ballpark of quality as the single player game modes are.

That said, the developers aren’t clinging too much to the past here, either. For instance, they confirmed that while they refer to Metal Gear Online 2 (the online mode that shipped with Metal Gear Solid 4 on the PS3) when necessary, they are basing the new game mode on Metal Gear Solid as a whole. “We have access to MGO2 when we need it. MGO3 is designed with elements of Metal Gear in mind, but not just MGO2,” they said on the official MGO twitter feed.

They were also asked about whether they plan on remaking the shuttered multiplayer mode, which saw its servers closed down recently, and they confirmed that, at least as of right now, there is no such thing in the developer pipeline: “Our concentration is fully on MGO3 only, we have no plans to rerelease MGO2 or MGO1.”

Finally, they also discussed the maps in the game. Or rather, they refused to discuss them, saying only that they will share details about them at a later date (presumably E3).

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launches later this year on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC.

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  • Well, this is quite exciting, the fact that Metal gear online is viable. I mean, the Metal Gear franchise, in and of itself, it great, and full of magnificent game-play, leaving you wanting more by the end of the game. But Metal ear online, would escalate the franchise further.

    • brokedownsystem

      I hear that MGO1 was really, really good. I should’ve tried it out when I had the chance.

      MGO2 *could’ve* been good if the learning scale wasn’t so hard. Maybe it wasn’t, but I certainly felt that the way controls were configured, it was unfriendly to most casual players of MGO. It certainly in the U.S., this was one of those games where on the surface, you either “got” it or you didn’t. The game was a headshot-fest. And thus, it lead one of the worst online communities I’ve seen to date.

      So, I hope MGO’s able to retain the excitement of MGO2, but without the muscle-memory requirement and tricky understanding of the mechanics in order to be able to have fun with the title.

  • no_fox

    MGO 1&2 are remade at

  • Heavenly_King

    what is MGO2?, I thought there was only 1 and it was the multiplayer of MGS4

    Or the first was the online in MGS3 Subsistence??

    • Alex Coulombe

      Peace Walker has an online mode.
      Subsistence had an online mode.
      Mgs4 had an online mode.

      Technically this should be MGO4

    • brokedownsystem

      MGO1 was the one included with subsistence.

      MGO2 was the one included with MGS4
      MGO3 is the new one.

      The hand-held variants don’t really count in the discussion.

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